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    I threw my budget out the window I got everything I wanted no regrets. : (13 votes)
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    I blew my budget and I regret it. : (4 votes)
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    • Wedding: May 2014

    @Happy Hopeful Bee:  I am in the exact same boat. I went into this thinking “budget- no problem!” But now I’m adding everything up and I’m like WOAH. And we HAVE the money to do it, we just didn’t want to spend it all on the wedding and wanted to concentrate more on spending for the honeymoon.

    Here’s what I decided to not budget/splurge on:

    1- Photographer, IMO pictures are priceless and worth every penny

    2- My dress (partially because my mom loved it too and is helping pay because of that)

    3- Bridesmaids dresses (as in, I’m helping pay because the only one I absolutely love is pretty expensive and I don’t want my friends paying that much to stand up in my wedding)

    Don’t feel bad… you can be budget savvy on some things but splurge on others ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Wedding: October 2013

    i wanted a budget wedding, and my mom who was paying for the wedding did not.  i tried to keep things sane,  but we splurged on some things. 

    i had a wonderful, amazing time and i wouldn’t change a thing.

    but  i also could have had the same amazing time with less money been spent.


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    I went through this EXACT thing.

    When we got engaged, we decided that we really wanted to keep our budget low, maybe around 6k. Once we started adding the guest list together [which is currently over 114 people].. we realized that we really weren’t going to be able to afford the wedding we wanted [which isn’t to say that we want something HUGE and elaborate, but we wanted a night of dinner & dancing & fun].

    We sat down and discussed our finances, and we decided that we are only having 1 wedding, so we should make the most of it – within our means, of course.

    We then bumped out budget to about 22,000 [with rings, honeymoon, pre-parties included], and I feel SO much better about it.

    There were certain things we HAD to have.. great food, a beautiful ceremony location, photography and booze were on the MUST-haves.

    We sort of worked from there. I found a gorgeous ceremony space, with a reception space located within walking distance.. the sacrifice was that the reception space isn’t that great – just a brick building that we’ll have to decorate on our own. But we got a VERY good deal on both [$125 to rent for the ceremony, $375 for the reception space for 3 days]. This was probably my largest save! We are able to put ALOT of money into decorating, food, music, & booze because of this.

    For me I kind of pick & choose based on what is most important for us, and we stick to it. Flowers aren’t super important for us.. so we’ll be getting them from Sam’s Club. I wanted very romantic-type centerpieces, so we ordered about 6 dozen [of each] taper candle holders, tealight holders & vases from the dollar tree. At $1 each we got an awesome deal.

    We will be bringing in a restaurant to cater for us [fazoli’s], and we are doing our own bar.

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    @Happy Hopeful Bee:  I put that I stuck to budget for most things but not all…. But none of these are really accurate for my situation.  I invented an original budget amount when I thought we would be paying entirely by ourselves.  Then my parents offered to pay for some, so my budget basically doubled.  Then I stretched it even a little more from our side.  So, I guess it’s not that I feel I’ve blown my budget… I’ve just changed my budget as I go along ๐Ÿ™‚   But yeah, I filled out a spreadsheet with the newest budget number and it says I should spent $350 on accessories/shoes etc…. And the shoes alone were $300,  earrings over $200, etc.  So those are the splurges where my taste is SO SPECIFIC I just can’t find anything in budget range  that match my style.  My Fiance always says I have expensive taste and naturally gravitate towards the most expensive option before even knowing the prices.

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    Have you considered looking for the dress used? You can even resell it after the wedding to recoup some of the money.

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    • Wedding: July 2014

    My dress budget was about 800 and I currently have a 2k dress sitting in my closet and don’t regret it at all.  I feel more beautiful and confident then I’ve ever felt in my life and to feel that way on my wedding was so worth it to me AND to my fiance.  Other areas I have no problem being budget savvy with, but the dress will be in all the pictures and be one of the things you remember most.

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    @Happy Hopeful Bee:  can you purchase the dress preowned? I have a big budget for my wedding, and then a very small self-imposed budget. If I feel really attached to something, I’ll get it, but I tend to look for it preowned first.

    I suggest you set a max budget that you can comfortably afford, then a self-imposed budget that is much lower. If you splurge on one or two things, you’ll still be okay. For my engagement party, for example, my parents set a max budget of $10k, and I set a self-imposed budget of 5k. We will come in at $8k because I have set aside very generous tips for the catering staff (who will likely work my wedding reception). It would be $7k if I had tipped them less generously, so even though I splurged on somethings and went over budget, I’m still far below my max.

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    The thing busting my budget actually isn’t splurging, it’s all the things we failed to take into consideration! I completely didn’t count on our paper plates, cutlery, etc. costing much, but this past weekend I just spent $300 on it. That wasn’t in the budget. I didn’t consider our bridal party gifts at all… there’s a few hundred more. And we forgot about gluten-free desserts for some of the guests who will be in attendance… there’s another $75. And the tablecloths will be a couple hundred to rent, and I never figured that in. And we mostly have free musicians, being musicians ourselves… but I feel guilty taking advantage of them, and want to give them nice gifts or something, too. Which we never accounted for. Nice gifts, for ten people? There’s another few hundred bucks, at least. And I counted on paying for my dress, but I didn’t count on an undergarment budget (at least $100 there), or accessories (who knew a hairpiece, not even a veil but just a pretty flowery comb, could set me back $70?!), or shoes.

    Maybe I’m just a terrible planner, lol.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t splurge on this item, just because in my experience there’s enough extra stuff to break the budget even without any splurging. Only you know just how much you can afford to stretch, so I might be wrong. Just make sure that if you are splurging on a big-ticket item, that you feel really comfortable with the rest of your budget and aren’t anticipating any surprises.

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    @Happy Hopeful Bee:  I threw my budget out the window I got everything I wanted no regrets.

    Uh yeah, and then some. We started out wanting to stay around $25K and quickly learned that for the wedding of our dreams it was going to cost a great deal more than that. In the end we spent over $75k and considering we certainly could afford it have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. We had an amazing magazine worthy and featured wedding (twice!) that our friends still talk about it. Yeah, no regrets whatsoever!

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    • Wedding: September 2014

    I have a question, how much did you actually budget for your dress? I would only splurge on something if it were perhaps at most 150% of the budget allocated to it (or close to it but nothing like 2x the budget). If you aren’t spending too much more than you budgetted it is easy to live with, but when you go for something 4-5 times more expensive that is when you’ll likely look back and wish you used the money for something else. 

    I myself just took the plunge to go over budget. So far for us everything has come on budget except for FI’s suit and the photographer – but those are expenses I can live with as we do get something out of both in the future. I would never be able to live with splurging on my dress as this is the only time I will ever wear it and it really doesn’t give any future benefit I could allocate the cost to.

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    @Happy Hopeful Bee:  meet in the middle. If you can afford to go over budget just a little without a issue then I say why not, it is just one day….BUT it is one SPECIAL day that will live in pictures for a long time, and your memory. 

    Do not go over too much, and try to be creative with some things to cut cost elsewhere..like flowers….honestly no one really remembers the flowers, just the overall look and feel of the decor. You could do it yourself, it’s really not that hard to arrange a flower bouquet or arrangement. Also for your dress, try looking for pre-owned…or even pre-purchased..some brides have dress regret and sell their never worn dress. Try looking on the bee classifieds, preownedweddingdresses.com (the best one), oncewed.com, stillwhite.com, ebay or craigslist even. This may be a good option to buy preowned/prepurchased/preused dress because you also need to get alterations and you can skip taxes buy purchasing from a non-business (and a veil you can get cheap somewhere)

    Also you could save money buy spending more money purchasing (not renting) your decorations and then reselling. I made a profit (surplus) selling my centerpeices…haha. 


    Keep this in mind also, sometimes I wish (after it was all said and done) that we spent even less money on somethings in our wedding (like less guest) and spent more on our honeymoon….honestly the honeymoon was the best part, and you may want to spend more on upgraded rooms or special fancy dinners….


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