(Closed) What can go wrong… Will go wrong! My wedding hiccups.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

Oh. My. Goodness.

I just want to give you a hug right now!!

I can’t believe what you went through….

Kudos to you for still being able to focus on what is important; marrying the love of your life!

Soooo many things went “wrong” at my wedding too but I have decided to not dwell on it and move on. My husband and I have a life time ahead of us to make beautiful memories.

Hugs again to you and best wishes to you and your husband!

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Buzzing bee

I had so many wedding hiccups.  This seems to be sort of a trend this month.  I’m thinking July was bad-luck wedding month, sadly =[

We had an air conditioning snafu, too.  Luckily, our venue coordinator took $100 off of the final bill because of it, though =]

I never got to make the slideshow that I envisioned playing overhead while everyone ate their dinners.

My music was an absolute disaster.  iPod weddings are ONLY successful when you designate someone to handle the playlists for you.  I spent the most time working on music, out of the entire wedding planning process.  I don’t think any of it was really heard. 

No one could figure out the bustle on my eBay-bought dress.  The train is now disgusting.

We chose Friday night to get married at a popular venue.  This could only mean one thing: Of course there was a couple having a Saturday wedding there.  Of course they wanted to rehearse their wedding, too.  At the ceremony spot.  While my wedding was being set up.  The cherry on top was, they decided to have their rehearsal PARTY… not just a meager dinner, like us poor folks, but a full-on catered, DJ’ed party… at the hotel next door to our wedding hotel.  Their party was outdoors, poolside.  All I had for wedding music was a boom box.  What music do you think my guests heard?  The beautiful music I spent almost two years selecting carefully, or Cotton-Eyed Joe blaring from the speakers of their party?  Their DJ had zero respect for us.  When I turned to walk back down the aisle with my new husband, I saw their entire wedding party plus DJ staring at us from the pool deck at the other hotel.  They all cheered and clapped and the DJ said on the microphone, “Well, that was just beautiful!”  Well, geez, asshole, think you could’ve halted the music a little bit?  Damn!  This is clearly the thing I am most bitter about.


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  • Wedding: July 2012

Omg fake gas attack Im sorry but I would have had some friends over there with real gas grenades so fast (ok maybe that would land us all in jail). 


My mother in law was the reason for many of my wedding day issues.

BIL showed up an hour and a half late for the rehearsal so the flower girl had no clue what to do and she was shy and the bridesmaid had to walk her down the entire way.

We forgot the hamburger buns for the rehearsal BBQ so my step dad ran to the store

The night before the wedding we spent several hours setting everything up and none of my inlaws even offered to help they just asked us for 2L of wine and took it to there cabin for the evening.

My inlaws also use our groomsmen as a personal babysitter even tho they had brought a sitter with them.

First off they came over to my prep area several times once asking for us to remove a stain from my Father-In-Law shirt and another time giving me there full outfits to steam.

Non Mother-In-Law related I didnt even have the time to steam my own dress entirely.

Mother-In-Law made my hair and makeup lady over 30 minutes late because she was gabbing the entire time she had her makeup done (sit down and shut up will you).

Due to the delay in hair and makeup not only did Mother-In-Law family get a million family pictures but my family didnt get any at all.

Darling Husband didnt tie the dogs leash right so right before I walked down the aisle we realized she had been seriously choking.

The venue did not serve the right salad which no one noticed but the one we had selected was incredible and unique instead of just another ceasar.

I burnt to a crisp to the point I had to take off my dress right after the cake cutting because it hurt and itched so bad so I wore the dressed I was suppose to wear for my rehearsal.

I kept on forgetting our pinata but in the end the timing was great and people had a blast with it.

Our wedding ended up going incredible and to be honest nothign bothered me day of except my Mother-In-Law making my hair and makeup so late. Oh and someone stole the dessert from my lunch.

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OMG, shame! Sometimes you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good 🙂

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

O-M-G, ladies….i am so sorry all of this happened at your wedding day!!! Actually, the only two things that happened weren’t a problem at all! First, DJ (my stepson ) switched the musics that were supposed to be playing while i was going down the aisle and for the ceremony but it actually sounded beautifully anyway! And something was missing from the meat menu..but nobody knew about it except me and my husband and we didn’t even ask the venue because everyone was having a wonderful time!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

Several things went wrong with my wedding also –  some pretty major some not too much – but really, the only people who knew they didn’t happen was me and the people I told.  Just wait, the disappointment will disappear and the good time will be the only memories.

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  • Wedding: April 2013

My wedding is in6 weeks and already everything has gone wrong. I really need a parachute but cant find one anywhere.  Where did you find yours

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

My SIL’s makeup and hair lady was SUPER late, but somehow that did not throw us off schedule. She got married on a boat, and my mom tripped over one of those high thresholds and hurt her knee. Then we were rushing to get off the boat. I left my freaking phone on the bed in the cabin, so it got a free cruise and I got a reprieve from phone calls and texts. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Oh we definately had a few hiccups.  

* my hubby and his 4 groomsmen were scheduled to set up the venue decorations from noon till 2:00 – 2 hours – we figured beforehand that this was plenty of time, we didn’t have too much decorations.  Well…. people started showing up at 1:30 (invite said doors open at 2) … so needless to say, they had to kick out some of the guests because the venue wasn’t even close to being ready.   Also, alot of our DIY stuff didn’t even make it out of the box because there was no time…. i still can’t figure out how they didn’t have time to set it all up… i think my hubby was late getting there, or goofing around, and isn’t telling me.  haha

* I was due to arrive at the venue, and head up to the bridal suite at 1:30, but hubby called to tell us to kill some time because they were running behind etc.   So we went to a bar and had some shots.   Finally, when i was able to get there at 2:00, i couldn’t make it into the venue because most of the guests were arriving, through the same entrance.   I had to sit in the limo for about 15 extra minutes to wait for my coordinator to come and clear people out of the way.

* Our pre ceremony music was on an ipod – which was supposed to start playing at 2:00… i didn’t notice till about 2:30 there was no music at all playing for the guests.  My hubby was supposed to have the ipod already and take care of that, but i realized i had it.  so there was only music for about 15 minutes before the ceremony started.

* I didn’t know till later in the day also that there was technical difficulties with the sound system.   The drummer from the band we had, had to run out and find another mixer to use.  This all happened between 2:00 and 2:30 – right before i discovered the ipod issue.

* I forgot to load our first dance song onto the ipod – so once again, the band leader came to the rescue and youtubed it from his iphone and plugged it in.

* The reception entrance was totally not how it was supposed to be.   My hubby assured me he had told our mc(his uncle) about every little detail… when in fact, he totally forgot to mention the reception entrance to him.   So we all basically walked in to no music, and finally the song started after we were sitting already.

* I forgot to bring my reception shoes with me when i left the hotel room – after about an hour my feet were killing me, and had no shoes to change into… my Bridesmaid or Best Man ran out and found me some flip flops.

* We had a popcorn bar set up for guests from 9pm till whenever.   It was set up beforehand, and was supposed to be covered so guests wouldn’t eat it until it was time.  Hubby forgot to cover it – and guests started eating it as soon as they saw it upon arrival.  It all had to be moved upstairs until 9pm.

* I totally forgot to tell my dad what our father/daughter song was, hahah oops!   he was totally surprised by it

* After the ceremony at the beginning of cocktail hour, the Justice of the Peace was supposed to announce there would be a group photo as well.   Well, it wasn’t announced, and there was no group photo

*both sets of parents forgot their cameras at the hotel! 

Overall though, it was an AMAZING day regardless.  Best time of my life.


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: November 2012

I’m so sorry this happened to you.  Eventually you will feel better and only focus on the special moments.  The venue should have refunded you your money back.  Bless you on your marriage. I’m sure there were beautiful moments of your wedding. Laughing

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