(Closed) What “Click” were you in back in highschool??

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Busy bee
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I was a mutt. I had friends in all different groups. 

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Bee Keeper

I was in the clique of people who just didn’t fit in anywhere else.  I was involved in everything and had no time to hang out.  I feel bad because most of my HS social life was just DOING what I was doing (orchestra, cheerleading, soccer, science club, choir, etc).  With all the practices, rehearsals, meets, and games I literally had ZERO time to “hang out” except between classes or during classes/activities.

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Busy bee
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Pretty much a clique floater for most of my highschool years. My senior year I finally had a group of friends I hung out with more regularly, but was still a click floater. I fit in most with the more smart/preppy kids, but they were not the boring/nerds type. My two closest friends were valedictorians. I also was friends with the runners(crosscountry, track) since we bonded so much as teammates, I guess. I also had a ton of Guy friends in highschool! I also tended to hangout with people from different gradelevels, mostly younger. I really disliked my OWN grade.

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Helper bee
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I don’t think I was in a click. I was just a weird girl but now that just makes me so much more interesting and fun than all of those clones back in school.

If my old class mates saw me… hummm…  I guess they may be surprised to see that I married my high school sweetheart.   

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Bumble bee
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I went to 5 different high schools due to moves and hung out with the first group of people who invited me to lunch during my first period class as the new girl.

Freshman year,  I hung out with the braniacs.

Next school, I hung out with the rocker/partiers. (good thing I moved b/f things got worse)

Next school, the boy crazy gossipper girls. (yuck!)

Next school,  the emo bathroom girls. (yikes)

Last school…Jr. and Senior year- the jock, friendly/social co-ed group.

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Sugar bee

I played clarinet for marching band/concert band/pep band, played tennis, participated in academic extra-curricular clubs, and had a very busy life.  I cannot say I was in a certain clique.  I had a couple of really close friends but never really labelled myself b/c I was in a bunch of different groups.  I was an overachiever, but apparently did not live up to what was expected of me.

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Helper bee
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Oh, this is fun!  I changed groups a few times a year.  From goth to punk to “skater” to prep.  I had a great experience in highschool and had a lot of wonderful friends, so I can’t complain.  There were definitely times I was a mean girl, though. 🙁

My SO was a nerd.  He was in band, and was just… different.  I joke with him even now that he’s like a 60 year old trapped in a 30 year old’s body.  That pretty much sums him up.  LOL. 🙂

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Bee Keeper
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I split my time about 50/50 with the stoners and the band geeks.

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ooo I love this thread! Like some PPs I also didn’t really fit in with a clique. I was in a special honors program, but I also played varsity tennis and hung out with lots of different people- smart kids, cool kids, burn out kids. I also had a core group of girlfriends that I am still friends with today. I loved high school!!

I think people would be surprised to find out that I am marrying my boyfriend from senior year…. I kind of dated around for the first three years of high school lol otherwise I am the same!

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Helper bee
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I was in band and chior, but I didn’t really fit in with the other musical kids in my highschool. I was friends with a group of 4 other girls in highschool, and there were another 2 girls who hung out with us a lot.

We weren’t popular, thats for sure. I guess you could have called us the good girls, and one teacher once described us as “churchy” hehe. We went to youth group together every friday night. We were all kind of different, too. There was me, who was into music, S who was artsy, T who wanted to be a mommy since she was 10, L and B who were skater girls… Also, we mostly just kept to ourselves. I was the only one out of us all that ever had a boyfriend in highschool (he was part of the skater/emo crowd) and that wasn’t until grade 12.

I think some people from my highschool would be suprised to see me now. I dress more girly than I did, and I’m not with an emo guy. I do still usually wear my hair the same way (ponytail) though…

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Helper bee
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I was a band nerd! Played the trumpet in the marching band and all the other music classes :”]]

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Bee Keeper
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I would say I was classified as a “preppy” kid…I was involved in clubs and on a dance team. I’ve always been an outgoing and happy person 🙂 Didn’t change much in college…just switched to a sorority and other clubs. Now? Retail mangement…so I guess outgoing and fun is STILL with me, not that I think it’s a bad thing.

Funny how it seemed SO important back then, now? not so much! at all!

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Busy bee
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I was mainly in the goth/punk/skater/stonerish group, but I floated around. I got along with all groups of people and was never really consider an “outsider” or “antisocial” but my dress style and taste in music landed me into that clique.

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Busy bee
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I was friends with alot of different people in different groups, and had one close friend that floated with me.  Around mid-grade 9, alot of my friends started going to raves and taking lots of ecstasy, which put me off so i was a bit of a loner for 1/2 that year.  In grade 10 i regrouped and mostly hung out with the smart kids and stoners (which at my school, believe it or not, were mostly the same kids!).  I was into dabbling in a pretty heavy way, but against anything chemical.  Seems kinda silly now!

My major difference from everyone at my school is that i went to a summer camp which basically took over my life.  I went there for a month every summer til i was 15, and then worked there full time all summer from the time i was 16 til i was 20.  ALL of my best friends now are former camp friends (10 years on!).  It was nice, cause if things got rough at school, i could always spend my weekends with my camp friends. 

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