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You didn’t do anything wrong.  Some police officers are just… like that.  There really isn’t much you need to do to provoke them. 

I don’t have too much experience with being pulled over by the police (although I’ve had my share of negative run ins… NYC can be crazy).  I do remember when I was driving to school, I had literally just broken up with my BF and I was crying (turned out to be useless tears cuz I went right back, anyway) so I didn’t realize I had been speeding.  The officer pulled me over, eventually gave me a ticket and had no sympathy for me.  I guess he probably sees people fake crying when they get pulled over but that was harsh.  Ah well, I got the ticket reduced.. sucka!  Lol.

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I hate getting pulled over, even tho I’ve never really bad a terrible experience (only one jerky cop, but whatever), but I get sooooo flustered too! I always start freaking out that I will get arrested (even though I’ve never done anything illegal, and my worst offense is speeding), and I try to be as respectful as possible. I am all about the “yes, sir..no, sir”

The funniest was when I was in high school, my dad took care of my car for me (registered it, etc.). One day, he said my car had to get *inspected*, but he was busy, so I took it to get inspected. Apparently, the registration was expired, but the mechanic didn’t tell me – and I was CLUELESS.

The day after I got it *inspected* (this is an important distinction lol), I got pulled over. Cop asks me if I knew my car’s *registration* was expired. I pointed at the inspection stick and said (honestly shocked) “but that’s impossible, sir! I just got this sticker yesterday!”. The cop busted out laughing, told me that was my inspection, not my registration, and then had me hand him the registration and he showed me where it was indeed expired.

He let me off without a warning, and I went and got my car REGISTERED the next day! LOL

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I’m going to agree with everything that lemilie said…my Fiance is a cop and he pretty much would reiterate everything she said.

It’s odd that he’s a police officer because cops make me SO nervous!!  I’ve been in the car when he’s been pulled over and I always get so freaked out.  He laughs at me all the time because of it.

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I once got pulled over, put in the back of the cop car, had my vehicle searched (in a manner I later learned was totally illegal (thanks law school)), interrogated, had back up called…because DMV, when registering my new license plates, had typed my number in wrong. It was off like a 6 where the 7 should have been kind of thing. Slip of the finger.

It took like 2 hours, they never apologized, accused me of drinking (it was 8 in the morning!), and said they thought I was a license plate counterfitor (sp?).


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When I was 18, I was driving at night on a highway and someone was following me really closely, to the point where it was messing with my vision. I had a bad feeling it was a cop, and after he followed me for several minutes, I was trying to see in my rearview mirror if he was a cop and I must have gone onto the shoulder a little bit. As soon as I did, the flashing lights came on. The cop asked me when was the last time I had a drink. I said, truthfully, Thanksgiving. (It was April. :)) He ran me through all kinds of sobriety tests, making me touch my nose, stand on one foot, etc. Then he said he “guesssed” I was safe to drive and asked where I was going. I was on my way to work. (Had my uniform on and everything.) He said that maybe he’d call and make sure I got there safely – but the tone of his voice implied that it wasn’t my safety he was concerned about, it sounded like he didn’t believe me. I guess they never called, though.

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I’m always afraid when a cop gets behind me too! I always try think about every little thing that I could possibly be doing wrong that would make him want to pull me over.


A few weeks ago a cop followed me from off campus and pulled me over right in the middle of campus. Turns out I had a brake light out. He didn’t give me a ticket, but I had to sit in the middle of campus looking like an ass with a cop car behind me for a good ten minutes.

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I’ve been given 2 tickets. Yes, I do speed sometimes, but a couple of times there was someone in front of me, so it wasn’t JUST me.

When dealing with the police, I talk as little as possible. If they ask me something, I’ll answer, but I don’t give up extra information. Truthfully, I get out my license and registration and sit and wait for them to go to their car and look up my information & bring my ticket back. I’ve only gotten two warnings and that was years after I have gotten 2 tickets.

I don’t care what anyone says. My educator license plate in the state of GA is a magnet for the police. I’ve had friends tell me the same!lol

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alright, since i work in law enforcement and my FH is a cop and so is half my family – i feel the need to defend cops ….

while yes there are some cops out there with power trips, honestly sometimes the person being pulled over has an attitude.

i cant tell you how many times i have had someone either a) be totally rude and try to tell me how WRONG i am (sorry i know what the law is) b) try and talk me out of writing the ticket or c) either try and get out of the car, cuss me out, or otherwise act squirrelly while im trying to do my job.

sometimes people have to remember that cops on traffic stops are doing the most dangerous thing they do on a daily basis. they have no idea what they are walking into, and they have no idea of the mindset of the person they are talking to. a traffic stop can turn bad in a second. VERY bad.

so help out the officer, and when you get pulled over, follow these simple rules.

a) pull over immediately in the first safe area you see, be it a shoulder or parking lot, if you arent near something, you can always put your flashers on, slow down to a very low speed like 10mph and proceed to a safe place (especially important if you get pulled by an unmarked vehicle in a deserted locale

b) when you are waiting for the officer to approach your vehicle, DO NOT make any weird movements in the car, no reaching for your purse, no digging in the glovebox, no moving around – they cant tell ifyou are looking for your license or a gun. if you have an interior light, feel free to flick that on so they can see you.

c) wait for the officer to talk to YOU, and listen. follow all their directions. if they tell you to remain in the vehicle, do it. just because the person has to go back to their car, does not mean you are automatically getting a ticket – sometimes it takes time for your registration informaton to come back to them, and they also have to run your license info away from the car.

d) cops hate it when people tell them “dont you have something better to do?” or anything along those lines. they pulled you over for a reason. if by chance you feel that reason is unjustified, fine, save it for court and justify it there, the judge can dismiss it, arguing with a cop will get you nowhere. and will discredit you in court.

e) if you were wrong just say it. if you believe you were in the right, say it, but Politely!!!! and once. if they dont change their mind then, they wont after you repeat it fifty times.

f) if you feel the officer was inappropriate (because again, there are bad apples everywhere) call their department and voice your complaints.

in the end, realize that the officer that ispulling you over is in a very unique position, and dealing with a difficult driver hightens that situation 🙂

*stepping off soapbox*

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