(Closed) What did you do differently the month you got your BFP? Part II

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That was one of my all time favourite threads, but it honestly made me crazy and try all these extra things.  

I guess you could say that when I got my BFP, I had messed up with my temping and thought I already O’d.  We stopped BDing as often.  Stopped trying because I thought I was in TWW. 

So here’s a vote for ‘not trying’ working. 🙂

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We used pre-seed one of the nights we had sex. I don’t know if that was what did it, though, because it was only used once out of like 4 or 5 times during those few days. 

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Let me start by what I did NOT do: put my legs up in the air, pre-seed, any dietary things…

What was different: I had the HSG test (where they put dye through your tubes to see them on x-ray), we had sex the day of O and the day before.  I think that’s about it.

What felt different during the TWW.  Major cramping day 7 and 8 along w/ spotting.  I always spot, but never that early and never with cramping.  Also I was EXHAUSTED (I can’t capitalize it big enough) on Day 7 (went to bed at 8:30) and pretty tired every day since.


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I stopped trying.

We were supposed to start testing with the fertility specialist, and I was resigned to not being able to do it on our own.

I stopped checking CM, stopped charting symptoms, didn’t do OPK’s, stopped enforcing the every second day sex rule. No legs in the air, no waiting to go to the bathroom after sex, skipped the pre-seed.

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The only thing that we really did differently this month was BD every other day from day 8 until after I got the smiley on my CBE ovulation test (day 15).  This month, that ended up being the afternoon before I got my CBE smiley and the morning afterwards.  We didn’t BD the day I had the smiley because we were not together that day. During past months, we missed a day or two of every other.  I think the key here was having enough stuff up there when I O’d.

Here’s what I had been doing for a few months:  CBE digital ovulation test, taking mucinex from days 12-after O, stay in bed for 10 minutes after BD.

Here’s what was different about my TWW:  I was pretty convinced it didn’t happen this month and therefore was quite pessimistic during the TWW.  Crampy from 5DPO on (not abnormal for me).  Constipated 6-7 DPO (abrnomal for me).  Gassy and crampy on 11DPO.  The only thing that I felt was a “subjutive” symptom was on 9DPO I felt some pretty intense cramps that lasted for about 10 seconds each and was accompanied by low back pain and tingling/chills down my leg.  I thought it could be implantation and I couldn’t ignore it.

Good luck!

PS – FWIW, my doc told me that the legs in the air thing does not make a difference!

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I had an HSG and a million ultrasounds, but I wasn’t supposed to grow anything at all on my own and we were about to start clomid. 

Why I think I may have grown my own egg- I gained about 7 lbs per the doctor’s orders, I took maca root and red raspberry lead capsules x2 a day and coincidentally before ovulation I also drank green tea. 

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Pretty much the same for me. 🙂 It immediately made me think of the ladies on here who said to “not stress and it’ll happen when it happens”.
To me, it was the most annoying thing ever. Easy to say not to stress when you’re not TTC! But really, it held true for me.

The month of our BFP my battery died on my BBT. It took forEVER to find the batteries so I had no temps for like 10 days. My OPKs didn’t register a positive. Family was in town for 2 weeks straight so not a lot of time for BDing. But we DID BD.

Somehow, some way we BD at the right time and got a BFP!

What cued me to test was that my cycle was lasting longer than they typically do, not the longest but longer than usual. And I had sore boobs for a full day straight which is not normal for me. Usually I’ll have sore boobs fleetingly before a period but not constantly.

Everyone’s completely different so don’t read too much into our symptoms!

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Like a lot of the ladies above mentioned, I had been going through testing with an infertility specialist and was about to start Clomid when I ovulated on my own and got my precious BFP when we weren’t expecting it. 🙂

What was different that month: we were expecting to start Clomid so I stopped charting, was not using ovulation predictors, did not put my legs up in the air, and was generally stress free during the time. We happened to randomly BD every other day even though we weren’t timing anything. Also, I have PCOS so I had lost some weight in the months before my BFP and also started to take Metformin 2 months before which helped regulate my cycles.

I totally did not expect to ovulate on my own so during the TWW I was not expecting to see a BFP at the end of my wait at all! The only symptom that I felt was being more tired than usual so I was sure that it did not happen and then I got the best surprise of my life!!!

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Did anyone have normal pms signs or was it totally different or none at all

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firedancer76:  I had absolutely no pms symptoms at all which is what gave it away for me. I wasn’t moody and wasn’t craving chocolate every two minutes. I knew something was up. 


We weren’t trying per se, but we weren’t doing anything to prevent it either. I got pregnant the second cycle off BCP. I went to the bathroom right after and even showered. Today I’m 5W6D. Eeek. FX for a sticky baby. 

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