(Closed) What did you do/ have you done to help yourself until the 1st OBGYN appt?

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I am actually not going to see an OB until week 15-20 so I understand hehe, my GP is great though!

For nausea bring snacks with you. Have saltine crackers by your bed. I found I felt better by eating. I typically snack on oranges. Get a good bra with soft fabric, support and no underwire. My boobs have already gone from a D to an E cup and I am only 10 weeks. It felt really good to get the proper sized bra. For back pain I have a little pillow (I work in an office) that I put at the small of my back (a lumbar pillow) and one of those magic bean things that you microwave and heats up. I don’t have issues with my sleep so I’m not sure about there. I have not found much helps with bloat but wearing items that don’t press on your belly helps relieve a lot of pressure and will make you more comfortable. Also staying away from pop helps.

I did a lot of research into the different aspects of delivery – take a look at birth plans and it will tell you what is generally available and go from there. What to Expect actually has a really great labour section that talks about different positions and the standard procedures.

Good luck and congrats!

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Definitely wear comfortable clothes and go easy on yourself. If you can nap definitely d that since you’re not sleeping well at. Night.  I found warm (not hot) baths would sooth my back.  As for the boobs I’m sorry to say at 12 weeks 4 days one still bother me… 

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rittenhousenewbee:  First, I am not the end all be all of pregnancy information, I can tell you that right now!!  However, with that said, at almost 15 weeks with our first, my motto is this:

There is NO normal in pregnancy.

What works for some, may not work for you, and visa versa.  And, in my kindest opinion, reading books has not helped me at all.  It has stressed me out, so I stopped.  I – in many ways – tried to accept the lack of control I have in this process, embraced controlling what I can, and learned to trust my body.  Stess and anxiety really take a toll on me personally, so I have to try to remain calm!!

So, here is what helped me ๐Ÿ™‚

Nausea:  Ginger Ale settled me down.  As did, oddly enough, sucky sugary candy:  Jolly Ranchers especially.  I quickly learned that when I felt nauseas 9 out of 10 times my body needed food at that moment – even if thinking about it made me worse.

Sore boobs:  Mine have NOT stopped being sore, so I have learned to wear good bras and accept it ๐Ÿ™  I plan to ask my doc at my next appointment if being sore for this long  is ‘normal’, but at the same time I can attest I am not in pain…just tender and annoyed.

Bloat:  Until I had a little bump, it was bloat…every day…getting worse as the day went on. I just wore my looser pants, and jumped into PJs when I got home from work.  By the time I went to bed, I swear I looked 6 months pregnant on some days.  

Back Ache:  I did not have this symptom, but I also kept up (as best as I can) my normal workout routine. I swear it has helped me curb so many symptoms…extreme exhaustion, aches/pains, vomiting, etc.  (My personal diagnosis anyways!).

NOT sleeping:  I actually did ask my doc this the first appt, because I was concerned that ‘everyone else’ slept thru their first trimester, according to the insight I was told.  They would sleep from the time they got home from work til the next morning, and there I was…up EVERY 30 minutes peeing.  My doc said some women immediately start not sleeping thru the night, due to bladders, or anxiety, aches, etc.  Her RX “Get used to it”.  She said I may get a reprieve in my 2nd trimester, but so far, I have NOT!  We shall see ๐Ÿ™‚  

Birthing plan:  Do whatever makes you comfortable, and/or sleep at night. There is nothing wrong with havine one now or later, or never at all.  I always tell my husband that we bank on not having our child until month 10, but in the real world, we could have it at month 7 or 8 (obviously, we pray for a full term!!).  Our nursery will be done by month 6, because I am an over preparer/’what if’ kind of person, BUT if keeps me calm!!!  

ONE THING ALL NEW MOM’s CAN AGREE UPON:   This is the craziest, life altering, most beautiful, and probably the scariest journey we will ever be on!!  You got this!!

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Pregnacy is hard work. The only advice I can give it to take it one day at a time, drink lots of water which I really wasn’t very good at, and try not to stress or worry too much. Stress isn’t good for you or baby.

For eating I just made sure to fully cook everything and I try to limit only one cup a day of a caffineated beverage wheither it be soda or coffee. But don’t be afraid to call your doctor if you have a question about anything and ask for help when you need it. Good luck. 

Oh I didn’t bother with a birth plan. I knew for a fact that I wanted an epiderdural and I know for a fact that this baby was going to come out of me either by pushing or by a c-section. I had an emergency c-section. I wish I would have been more prepared for that experience. 

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rittenhousenewbee: I’m 11 weeks pregnant, so here’s my advice:

  1. Try not to play the “what if” game. A lot of the scary stuff you read about is super rare. Honestly, just avoid reading about complications unless you’re actually having a complication. Doesn’t do you any good. I’ve heard the “What to Expect” book is particularly bad about raising unnessesary worries. Try “Panic Free Pregnancy” instead.
  2. If you have real concerns, call the OB, even if you haven’t had your first appointment yet. They answered some questions that I had before I’d come in for my first appt. 
  3. Go ahead and read up on labor choices. I did and it helped me in choosing my OB. But, again, read about the “normal” things, not all the problems that can happen. Because, honestly, if something really bad happens, you’re just going to do whatever the doctors say, regarless. 
  4. For the nauseau – try lots of small snacks. Also, SeaBands (those bracelet things that you wear to avoid motionsickness) are totally harmless and can really help. Vitamin B6 is also safe and can help, but I don’t remember the exact dosing – I had to cut my pills in quarters that I take up to three times a day. Your OB should be able to give you dosing over the phone. Giner (ale or candy) can also help.
  5. I don’t know of anything to help the sore boobs except telling your partner to leave them alone! 
  6. Sleep: I started going to bed a lot earlier. Like at least an hour earlier than usual, sometimes 2. 

But, really, just try to realize that this is a totally normal process. Millions of women are going throug pregnancy every day. You can’t let yourself get stressed out about every possible thing that could go wrong. Do what you can to keep yourself healthy, but realize that some things are simply out of your control. Most of the time, things go just fine!

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Unfortunately, NOTHING helped with my first trimester symptoms. Ginger, crackers, sea bands, vitamin B, protein snacks every hour — none of that worked. Just try to take as good care of yourself as you can and let yourself rest when you can. 

As for deciding on the “delivery process,” what do you mean? 

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If you’re interested in reading, I really recommend Expecting Better by Emily Oster.  It puts a lot of the internet freak-out fear things into perspective and is a great book to read early on.  It really helped me to curb a lot of those fears and be more relaxed and secure about my pregnancy.

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