(Closed) What did you do pregnant that you 'weren't supposed to'?

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I have one cup of coffee a day, which my midwife said was fine. But I’ve been terrible on the food front. I had alfalfa sprouts yesterday and realized AFTER that I shouldn’t have had them. And deli meat….I have never had such cravings for sandwiches until now!!

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Sugar bee
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I’m not pregnant or even planning to be for several years, but this is so interesting to me for some reason. Haha. Commenting to follow!

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Busy bee
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I have a cup of coffee each day. I also eat my eggs runny and my steak medium rare. And as long as it’s pasteurized, I’m going to eat any kind of cheese I can get my hands on.

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Not pregnant, but I think I’ll probably do most of the things you aren’t “supposed” to do, like a glass of wine and raw cookie dough. Most of the risks are just so low. And you can’t control for everything. And you can drive yourself crazy trying to be the perfect mom to be.

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I’m 9 weeks….

I’ve had turkey cold cuts, I don’t care!!!!

I also plan to have soft serve frozen yogurt when it gets warmer, because it’s seriously the best thing ever…and there’s worse things to worry about.

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I’ve had caffeine (I only drink about 1 keurig cup a day), but not that much of it.

Semi-runny eggs (I like mine over-medium)

deli meats (unheated)

medium-rare steaks

a little wine (1/2 a glass over an hour-2 hours) on the holidays

raw cookie dough (once or twice)

unpastuerized juice (at a fair)


I didn’t know I was pregnant until after 8 weeks so I was drinking before then (in Vegas too).  Obviously would not have chosen to do this!

I exercise but I don’t consider it high-intensity.  I’ve been working out so long I know how to not push myself but I don’t pay attention to that 140 bpm thing (my Dr. told me not too listen to it anyway).  I’ve tracked mine out of interest and I workout around 150-155bpm.  But I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself very much.  Staying under 140 is ridiculous.

I don’t think it matters how much sex you have either.  Never heard that one.

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Bumble bee
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Wine. I have a glass of wine here and there. It helped me mellow out after a particularly hard day. My doctor said alcohol comsumption that minut will not affect anything. 

I also drank soda once a week to keep the headaches at bay. 

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Have a cup of coffee everyday (half caf) and sometimes caffeinated tea in the afternoon. my midwife said as long as I’m under 200mg I’m fine. And I’m planning on enjoying a small glass of wine to celebrate the beginning of the second trimester on valentines day. Oh and I’ve eaten blue cheese a handful of times.

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I’m 21 weeks. I drink 12 oz of coffee per day sometimes a tad more. it’s not on the no list anymore. I sometimes have turkey sandwiches untoasted, I eat unpasteurized cheese once in awhile, I eat my egg’s however the hell I want. I ate a good amt of cookie dough today while making cookies. I’ve had a sip of beer or wine here and there. Hmmm… I’m sure there are other things. Oh, I don’t ruin my steak by eating it well done. Gross

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Sugar bee
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@lealorali:  oh dear, what haven’t I done? I’ve skied 3 to 6 days per week since I got my BFP, although it is a key part of my job. My husband and I went out for sushi (my roll was cooked though haha) and frozen yogurt to celebrate hearing our baby’s heart beat for the first time. I eat runny eggs and lunch meat And drink iced tea (caffeine gasp!). I carry heavy stuff and exercise hard. I’m just not super worried about it. I am careful, though, and do not exceed my limits/comfort zone.




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Busy bee
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I caved and asked for a steak medium instead of well-done. No regrets. I also had a couple mouthfuls of raw cookie dough and soft serve. OH! and there was a 3-4 day span that I COMPLETELY forgot to take my prenatal.

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Helper bee

I like how it’s so unjudgemental here.  I remember when I posted that I drank a small glass of champagne at 9 MONTHS PREGNANT with my first pregnancy on another forum, and people lost it and wouldn’t talk to me anymore.


My doctor said after 8 weeks it was fine to have wine here and there.


I still eat coldcuts and don’t heat them.


I have eaten sashimi a couple times (not at all lately, though)

Oh, and a cup of coffee a day.




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Sugar bee
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ive had the odd glass of wine, didnt give up caffeine, have eaten cold cuts, runny eggs etc but neither my doctor nor i consider them a problem so i guess ive done nothing im  not supposed to (by our standards though not by many other pregnant womens standards i suppose!). Ive avoided anything i think really risky like sushi, esp given i dint live near the ocean at all

 People in threads like thid also end up “confessing” to a soda or a coffee a day…and its a big fat so what.  rhe studies show its fine up to 200mg of caffeine so its not a risky action at all

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