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I lived and worked in over 20 states, towns in all sizes. You know probably what I know, Omaha is the biggest small town in the country. People are generally pleasant and helpful and your never more than 2 steps removed from anyone. I always come home to Omaha, even though there have been many offers to move. You just can’t find elsewhere what we have here. A good art scene, a great music scene, we are a tech hub, low unemployment, great restaurants, well laid out, fairly politically neutral, good shopping, fair housing prices, low cost of living, and you’re never more than 20 minutes from everything. Like I said above, I lived and worked all over the country and I have yet to find any town that gives to quality of living so much as Omaha does. It was voted the best city to be young, broke, and single in because of all the things I listed. 

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I there are very few things I love about the town I grew up in on the South Shore of MA. I would never consider moving back. The things I love are more just about nostalgia for being a kid, nothing particularly special about it. 

I went to college in Boston, which is a wonderful city. It got rough to live there post-college because most of my friends were moving away and its too expensive to purchase property in the areas we wanted to live in. We would potentially move back if we had high-paying jobs at a university or hospital.

I love Madison, where we live now and purchased our home. It’s affordable, has great food/arts/culture, an overall “youthful” vibe but a lot of people decide to settle down here and stay for a long while! We live in a super-walkable area and I absolutely love never having to drive! We live across the street from one of the lakes and it’s easy to bike out to the countryside for peace and quiet. We’ve made tons of great friends here and while we’re far from family we feel very supported and loved by the community we’ve made. 


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I’m from a town of about 1500. I didn’t experience that whole “everyone knows everyone” thing (especially since our school district was HUGE–my graduating class has 300 students), but I LOVED our tiny local places. We had two general stores that were family owned and awesome. They knew everyone who came in, displayed baby pictures of people’s kids, etc. We used to stop at one every morning and get a donut, and every Friday, the owner would get me a paper bag of gummi worms, mostly filled with the red and clear ones (my favorites). Another one had the best slushies and the best ice cream. One had awesome pizza. There was a tiny diner that we’d go to sometimes, too. 

My gradma taught at the elementary school and my mom, aunts, and uncle all attended school there, so most teachers knew me/my family.

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I’m 22 and moved probably 25 times and lived in 5 (soon to be 6) different states in all parts of the country. For the first 15 years of my life I lived in Wisconsin and I am so glad I grew up there. The town I lived in the longest there (I still ahve family there) is one of the safest and fastest growing areas in the country. It has a great economy and one of the largest malls in the country! So it was really nice being a teenager there. The schools were great too. I also love the hospitality of the midwest and how friendly everyone is. Only negative was the weather. Negative temperatures are no fun. I also lived in Minnesota for a couple years as a kid and the part of the state we were in had even harsher temps in the winter. 

I lived in California for 6 years from 16-22 and Washington state for a bit. Honestly, nothing compares to California. The economy blows and the cost of living is high, but there’s something about the state. I don’t know what it is – it’s just a feeling I get whenever I’m there and I love it. It’s a gorgeous area and there’s a lot of amazing culture and all the major cities are so unique and the weather is amazing. I probably would not want to live there again but it has a special place in my heart 🙂 Washington state is gorgeous and I love visiting up there (my dad lived there until last month) but I would never want to live there again. I’m super sensitive to my environment and all the rain made me ridiculously depressed. 

I live in Virginia now and I’m not too big of a fan. The history is awesome, and the beach is great, but I just don’t feel at home here. Not a huge east coast fan. We are moving to Austin, Texas next month and that will be our home for at least the next few years 🙂 We love the area so I think we’ll be happy there. 

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That all my family lives there.  Also the outdoors here are world class.

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I grew up in a tiny community/town where no one locks their doors and everyone knows everyone. I miss that feeling of being able to just go to the shops and see everyone you know, or being able to drop by anyone’s house at any time and just walk in.
Pretty much everyone was related, too, so there was a huge family/community feel to everything that happened – if you ever needed a hand with something, someone would be willing to help out. If something bad happened (death in the family, farm troubles, etc.) people would come from all over to make sure you were doing okay. I remember when my sister’s horse was put down and one of the neighbours gave her their old horse. It also worked for community projects, too. The primary school there (one of the oldest in the state) never hired anyone to tend the grounds – anyone who wasn’t busy would go there to prune trees, mow the lawns, etc.
There were so many community events, too. Every Christmas there is a big party in the streets, the whole community comes out to help! It’s only 1-200 people, but it’s pretty much everyone that lives in the area.

On top of all that, it’s a very isolated place – barely any mobile phone service or internet, and it’s way up in the mountains, so it’s beautiful for bushwalking, camping, horseriding, kayaking, and so on.

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@outgoingcutie15:  and @tksjewelry: I live in Omaha now, and I love it.  I’ve been here for almost 4 years now, and I definitely appreciate it for all of the reasons @tksjewelry listed … Especially the music scene.  So many of my favorite bands have toured here, and The Slowdown is one of my favorite places in town.

As for where I grew up/went to high school … Eh.  I lived in the suburbs, but there was a very small town mentality there that I really didn’t subscribe to.  I still like going back to visit family and any friends that still live in the area, but it’s nothing special.  I guess the thing I miss most is one of the parks I used to frequent.  It’s not that there aren’t nice parks in Omaha … It’s just that I have a lot of fond memories in that particular park.

I also went to college in a really small town.  It was really cool, though, because the town is right in the middle of all of this awesome historical stuff (including Antietam National Battlefield), super liberal/hippy friendly (I loved that!), and home to a lot of really cool local shops along their main street (which was less than a minute’s walk from my dorm).  It was also only 1.5 hours from both D.C. and Baltimore, and about 4 hours (give or take) from New York City … So it was really easy to get away to a bigger city for concerts, shopping, etc.  I really miss that area a lot.  If my fiance and I ever move, we’ll probably end up somewhere in that general area of the country … Or in Seattle, just because I love it so much.  Smile

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I am from the Cleveland area and I can show you what I love about it in one picture. This is the view from the rooftop of the apartment where Darling Husband and I lived right after we got marrried. The apartment cost us $685 month… it was the tiniest apartment in the building, but it was a luxury apartment building right on the lake!!!


I don’t think there’s anywhere else in the country where you can live like that, for that price. The food scene is amazing, the theatre district (Playhouse Square) is amazing – I’m talking major Broadway shows like Wicked, and if you buy a season pass it works out to be about $15 per show for 7 shows.

I could go on and on, I am very pro-Cleveland, and the amazing thing is most of the young people here are excited about the city too! We’ve got that Rust Belt Chic thing going on 😉

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I’m from Portsmouth, New Husband, which is an awesome town in the seacoast area of New Husband.  It’s sort of grown with me…when I was a teenager, there were a lot of cool stores for teenagers downtown.  Now, the stores have turned more adult, but there are a ton of restaurants and bars.  The doll store I loved when I was little is now a bar that also sells books…um hello that’s awesome!  

I went to undergrad and graduate school near Philadelphia, where I lived for about 10 years after leaving Portsmouth…and I love Philadelphia.  The restaurants and bars are amazing, you can walk anywhere, it’s easy to go to the movies…et cetera. 

Now I live in Central Pennsylvania.  The biggest changes are that the restaurants here aren’t as good and the people are super conservative instead of being normal liberal.  And racist.  But it’s not that bad, I guess.

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