(Closed) What did you name your pet/pets and why?

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    My pet already had a name, and I kept it.

    My pet had a name, but I changed it.

    I named my pet after a movie/tv character.

    I named my pet after an athlete.

    I named my pet after a literary character.

    I named my pet after a family member/friend.

    I chose an "object" as a name for my pet (think Boots, Mittens, Harley etc)

    I chose a name from a baby names book/website.

    I named my pet after a previous pet I had.

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     We named our dogs Maya (black boxer/lab mix) and Max (chocolate lab).

    Photo: Max and Maya. Looks like they are going to be friends :)

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    Named my dog Sofi – had quite a drive to go pick her up (6+ hours) I went with my older sister – my sister told me a few weeks before we were on our way that she came up with her pups name on her way to pick the pup up.  So before our mini roadtrip I concluded I would name my puppy Mocha or Cocoa – while we were driving to go get her a song came on that I’ve been obsessed with – the song is called “Sofi needs a ladder” so then it clicked and she was SOFI!

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    Named my cat Tiberius, after Star Trek and the roman emperor.



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    I dont have any pictures of my pets on here but I have 2 cats and 3 dogs!


    Cats: Crosley  was the name of the Cincinnatti Reds stadium a few names back and my husband is a huge Reds fan.

    my other cat is Comiskey… which was the Chicago White Sox stadium’s name before it was US Cellular that it is now! Im a DIE hard Sox fan! LoL


    Dogs: Doobie is my sheltie spitz mix that my daughter named when she was a little over a year old

    Eaton is my Chihuahua Yorkie Maltese mix that I named from Tobias Eaton (The main male character in Veronica Roth’s YA Dystopian novel Divergent  — my FAV book ever)

    and our newest baby is Dodge like the truck! LoL He is a 6wk old Poodle Yorkie Shih Tzu

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    I have three Golden Retievers. Hunter was a rescue. He was kicked so much buy previous owner that his back leg doesn’t work so well anymore. keeps his name and hopefully showed him what love is…possibly showed me too :).

    Myles…because I had to fly miles and miles to get him.

    Fergus…it was cool name and he sure does fit it.

    and soon to be my little girl golden…Fiona. Her daddy is prince charming Henry so she is princess Fiona.

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    I have 4 rabbits, which are all named after Detroit Redwings players- yes, I know I may have an issue πŸ™‚ (or former players): Hank (Zetterberg), Pav (Datsyuk), Hoss (Hossa) and Franz (Franzen). My cat is neamed Motley (like Motley Crue, or just a general motley character) cause when we found him he was just a few months old, living on the mean streets of Flint, MI, so I thought he needed a tough name to keep him strong. It worked- he’s such a little punk now:)

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    Bailey is a popular pet name! But that’s not why I named her that. My mom and I drove from NC up to VA to get her one night (she was listed on Craigslist, ha!) Anyway, when we got her she was itty bitty and covered in fleas and scabs and just a hot mess. I call the vet the next morning to take her in to get fixed up and they asked what her name was. I hadn’t even started to think of names, so I had to tell them something. I had been grading papers and the name on the top of the stack was Bailey, so that’s what I told the vet, assuming I coulchina he it later if I found something I liked More. I didn’t, and bailey was her name-o! Here she is! She’s gone from a 3.7lb flea ball living off of cat food to a playful 21lb healthy girl! 

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    I named my dog Splash because I had picked that name out years before I actually got him when I was OBSESSED with dogs and different breeds but I was allergic. I read about a Whippet named Splash in my American Girl magazine around 8 or 9 years old and decided if I was able to ever get a dog, I’d name it Splash. When I was 13, I had a checkup with my allergist/immunologist and I asked to have skin testing for dogs since I was getting a ton of other skin testing done again so he humored me and to my surprise and everyone’s, really, I had no reaction. I asked if it meant I could have a dog now and he said I could but suggested a small breed and said that terriers or a poodle would be best since I was allergic and less allergenic breeds are best choice for me. He’s a Toy Fox Terrier and he’s now 14 years old. πŸ™‚ He’s still goofy and loves to run and be wild, but now he also likes nap times a lot more.



    This is Splash striking is not so handsome pose, more of his “I’m a dork but you love me still,” pose.

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    Cool thread! We have three furbabies. Dakota is our almost 6 y/o bichon/chihuahua mix. My mom rescued his momma when she was running the street and when she brought her home the next door neighbor’s chihuahua broke through the fence and we figured out she was in heat but it was too late. She had a litter of three pups that all stayed in the family. I was actually pregnant with my son at the time and my ex husband and I originally wanted to name the baby Dakota but had changed our minds. I still really liked the name so we named our new puppy Dakota. He goes by Kota or Beaks (he literally pecks me when he’s excited like he’s a birds). Tucker is our 4 year old chihuahua. He was the runt of the litter (my sister’s dog’s puppy) and when he would run and play with his siblings he’d always end up falling, tucking and rolling so my daughter named him Tucker. We call him Tucky Baby though because he’s the smallest still and is SUCH a baby. Our last baby is Cooper. He’s our almost 3 y/o English Bulldog. DH got him when we were first dating. On our first date we talked about how we both always wanted a bully. Well a guy he works with told him about a breeder friend of his had a litter of pups that were looking for homes. We went out to see them, saw his little nugget butt and fell in love. DH named him Cooper because he loves The Big Bang Theory. He had some other connections to the name, but the BBT connection is most important to us πŸ™‚




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    I have a spotted miniature dachshund that I named Lilly after my favorite brand Lilly Pulitzer and also the most adorable blonde 3 three year old I used to babysit πŸ™‚

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    Our first dog was originally named Stacey when we got her from the shelter. We dogsit a dog named Penelope and we love her and her name. We didn’t want to straight up use the name, so we chose Penny instead!



    Our next baby only had a number when she was at the shelter. My fiancé is a huge comic book geek and had been wanting to name a pet after a character. Because of her markings (harlequin), we named her Harley Quinn after the DC character.


    And this past December we took in a stray kitten. Because of his color, we had to name this little baby Gandalf (from The Hobbit and LOTR)!  Sorry, the picture is a little dark and blurry.


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    My baby girl’s name is Kona.  I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I was watching one of Bravo’s Real Housewives shows and the daughter of one of the housewives had a huge dog named Kona.  Then and there, I decided that if I ever had a large female dog, I would name her Kona.  So when Fiance and I decided to get me a puppy, we decided to go with another boxer.  He already has a boxer named Kyla and she’s awesome πŸ™‚  I wanted a brindle boxer and as it turns out, she looked just like a little Kona coffee bean!  I’ve been head over heels for this wacky little girl since day 1!


    My Kona bean when she was a puppy!


    Hers is all grown up now!

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    Our furbaby originally was named “Love” which we quickly decided we did NOT like.  When we were trying to figure out what name to give her, we looked at baby name sites but did not like any other those names (we were stuck on G for some reason) and finally in a random moment, I was like, “Galaxy!” and Nerd agreed.

    So her full name is Galaxy Alexandra H*-B*. (H*-B* is our last names, we hyphenated it for her.)

    Here she is (with the top of Nerd’s deodorant in her mouth):


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    With my cat Squirrel I thought he was a she. So I named “her” Emily. It was a name I gave all of my childhood baby dolls. lol I nicknamed “her” Squirrel because of his tail, and the fact he could climb things like a squirrel. Once I found out she was a he Squirrel became his name. lol

    Jax I didn’t name. When I got him I still lived with my mom, and her and my step dad named him. Obviously he chose me to be his fur mom. πŸ™‚ So when I left Jax came with me. And of course he kept his name.

    Doe Doe came from me and my mom. She named him a really long name (that I cannot remember) that started out with a D and had Doe in it. When I finally took him home once he was old enough, I named him Doe Doe because the other name was way to much. lol

    Sophie came from our local shelter. I named her seriously after 2 minutes of seeing her. She was just a Sophie. I never liked the name before. Never even thought of the name before. I don’t know where it came from. But she is Sophie! πŸ™‚

    Molly also came from our local shelter. My husband and I were planning on adopting. So we started thinking about names. I liked Molly (it is a name I have always liked), and he liked Maxwell. When he surprised me on Valentines day with Molly I was excited to see she was a girl. I really wanted to use that name. πŸ™‚ And the best part is it fits her perfectly!

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    First dog is my cute mutt πŸ™‚ my little brothers insisted on lillipup (a pokemon Lol ) so I decided Lily for short.

    Second dog we had was a Puppy miniature schnauzer saltand pepper color so I named him Ash πŸ™‚ ( he was stolen from my SOs backyard though :c)

    Third is Eevee πŸ™‚ Also a pokemon Lol. She was a beautiful American Eskimo. She reminded me of a Fox (vulpes) which reminded me of a pokemon which led me to Eevee because I just thought the name fit her better. Sadly she passed away last year.

    Fourth is Luna. She was almost full grown when we got her, and covered in fleas (her previous owners didn’t want her anymore) . She was already named Luna when we got her and we decided we liked that name for her so we kept it. She resembled Eevee a lot, but with darker coloring that made her look like a mini wolf. 

    Fifth is the youngest, our baby boy Theo (my icon). He looks almost exactly like Eevee, after all he is her younger brother. The main difference though,is how chunky he is. He reminded me a lot of the chipmunk from Alvin and the chipmunks, hence the name Theodore πŸ™‚

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