(Closed) What did you name your pet/pets and why?

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  • poll: Did you name your pet? What did you pick? (choose all that apply)
    My pet already had a name, and I kept it. : (59 votes)
    15 %
    My pet had a name, but I changed it. : (113 votes)
    28 %
    I named my pet after a movie/tv character. : (107 votes)
    27 %
    I named my pet after an athlete. : (23 votes)
    6 %
    I named my pet after a literary character. : (43 votes)
    11 %
    I named my pet after a family member/friend. : (6 votes)
    2 %
    I chose an "object" as a name for my pet (think Boots, Mittens, Harley etc) : (17 votes)
    4 %
    I chose a name from a baby names book/website. : (29 votes)
    7 %
    I named my pet after a previous pet I had. : (3 votes)
    1 %
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    Our dog is Buddy.  He was supposed to be a foster dog, and I don’t believe in changing a foster dog’s name only to have them be renamed by their adoptive family.  But his name was Bud.  Which to me, sounds like a beer.  I figured Buddy was close enough to sound better than Bud, but not confuse him terribly.  Then WE ended up adopting him and by then we didn’t feel we should change his name.  It fits though…he loves EVERYBODY and is everyone’s buddy. 

    My first cat was named Duke.  As a kid, I wanted a white cat with blue eyes named Duchess like the Disney movie “Aristocats” but when we found my kitten, it was a boy, so we named him Duke instead of Duchess. 

    Our current kitty is Minx.  She is another foster failure.  She was at the pound with a litter of weaned kittens, and they thought she was pregnant again.  We named her Minx ( Noun; A pert, impudent, or flirtatious girl), because if she had just had kittens and was pregnant again…well, flirtatious was a lot nicer than “slutty.” Laughing  She ended up not being pregnant, (and is now fixed so no more kittens for her!), but the name stuck.

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    @KatieBklyn:  Pickles’ name was inspired by a friend of mine’s cat, whose name was Pancakes.

    Pickles is a cute name!  It reminds me of “The Fire Cat”, one of my favorite books as a kid!

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    My cat is a very fluffly Maine Coon and when we adopted her from the shelter her name was Bushy (yuck!) so we changed it to Isabelle (hence my username!). It took us a while to think of it. It just fit her cute and sweet face I guess πŸ™‚

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    Here’s my cat Marlo. We named her after a character on the HBO show “The Wire”. It was our favorite show.

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    I checked both “historical figure” and other.. because I’m not quite sure what they fall under.. Our kittens are Zeus and Posiedon.. and my bird is Jayd (I forgot to check object.. But I suppose the spelling would make it other)




    Still trying to find a picture of Jayd.. Will post it when I find it πŸ™‚

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    @Batsygirl:  When I was a baby my Grama had a dog named Gidget!  I *LOVE* that you have a dog with the same name πŸ™‚

    Our kitty was named after a literary character: Lyra from the Golden Compass.  We plan on getting a corgi puppy one day and naming him Pan πŸ˜€

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    @MrsNerdy:  Oh gosh, what a cutie. I love Corgis.

    We have a tux called Murphy, who was called Stephanie at the shelter (her litter was Full House characters). I told them what I was changing it to, and the lady was like, “…You know she’s a girl, right?” Um, yeah, Murphy is the name of a FEMALE character from The Dresden Files (albeit her last name, but it’s what everyone calls her). Also? Stephanie is a stupid name for a cat. She definitely knows and responds to her name, haha.

    The big black kitty is called Mister, previously Moonshine at the shelter. This is, honestly, probably his third or fourth name (he was at the shelter as a kitten, adopted, and then brought back a couple of years later), but he seems to like his name and knows it. Mister is the main character’s big boy cat in The Dresden Files.

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    Here’s my Jayd!


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    I have a mix of names in my zoo.

    My cat’s name is Chloe. I rescued her as a kitten and she just looked like a Chloe.

    I have a lab/pit mix who was named Lady by the rescue. I hated the name but she already knew it as her own. I’ve grown to like it but she still often gets called “Ladybug” instead of just “Lady.

    The jack russel mix was named by exFI. She’s Lucy. It just fits.

    Then the pit/boxer’s name is Lily. We named her together. We’re weren’t going for anything specific but “Lily” kept coming back up in conversation. The day we brought her home, we tried calling her by a few of the names we were considering and she immediately came to “Lily” so it stuck.

    I also have a tiny fish who is about half an inch long. His name is Jaws. He currently lives in a great big tank all by himself. He used to share the tank with about 15 other fish. Then he killed them all. Seriously, it was like he went on a rampage. I’m now convinced that fish is going to live forever.

    There’s also Henry. He’s a kissing fish (that lives in a different tank). He’s named after Henry Kissinger because..well, he’s a kissing fish.

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    My dog is named Loki. Loki is the Norse God of Mischief. He certainly lives up to his name πŸ™‚

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    This is Elwood. He has been my husband’s cat for 12 years now. My husband named him Elwood after Elwood Blues from the Blues Brothers. It’s even cuter because my husband’s name is Jacob (i.e. Jake and Elwood Blues). πŸ™‚

    The kitty below is Klunk. He’s actually named after the stray cat that Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle) adopted in a one shot of the orignal comic books. My husband suggested the name of Klunk and explained where it came from to me and actually, the name is absolutely perfect. Something about the name suits Klunk’s silly/crazy personality so well. πŸ™‚

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    I actually had to choose four of those options! 

    Kloe (German shepherd / yellow lab) — She already had a name when Paul adopted her last December. I admit that it’s not my favorite name ever… but I also admit that the idea of a “ditzy Kloe” suits her SO well. She is…single-minded. Ball. That’s all. Ever. When we played fetch with her at the humane society, I really thought she was just excited to be out of her run. But the ball never, ever stops. I know I’ve posted this picture before, but we don’t have many pictures of her. She ALWAYS moves at the last moment and just ends up a blur.


    Rigby was named PollyAnna when we got her. It worked because she was a little ragamuffing orphan thing, but for her personality, it didn’t work at all. We spent days coming up with her name. It started as a joke. I mentioned Pushing Daisies and Ned’s dog Digby. I had wanted to name a dog that way back before the show came out and before I even got Cosmo. Then, in the show, Olive Snook got a pig and named it Pigby. So we joked about calling her Dogby. It cracked us up every time, and we still call her that on ocassion, but we eventually morphed it into Rigby. She’s the unassuming evil mastermind of the house. If we were to be found dead in our beds with carefully administered poison gas that left no trace, she’d have been the one to do it. Not that she’s mean. She just has this “the cogs are turning” thing about her, but this totally adorable innocent thoughtful face so you’re never quite sure what’s going on in there. But it’s probably an evil plan to take over the world.


    Fawkes was named for Fawkes the Phoenix in, surprise surprise, Harry Potter. I had the name picked out before I got him, so I never expected I’d actually USE the name (I never use the name I’m dying to use because it never fits) but it worked for him. Even more so, it worked as he got older because his hair grew in long (like plumage) and red and gold (like the Phoenix). However, he’s not remotely as regal as Fawkes the Phoenix. He’s just a big old spaz. And completely neurotic. And WEIRD. Yesterday, Paul was sitting on the counter and Fawkes had his front paws in Paul’s lap. I was petting him (the dog, not the fiancé) and when my hand rested behind his neck, he threw his head back, leveraging himself against my hand, and brought his legs up off the floor and all of a sudden he was sitting in Paul’s lap. Like, in a matter of seconds, without jumping, just using his neck and stomach muscles. Freaking dog. It’s not secret that I have TONS of pictures of him. He’s got so much personality and has always loved having his photo taken. At the vet, they take a picture for the file, and the guy walked in and pulled out the camera and Fawkes when from whining like a baby to striking a pose the moment he saw it. 


    Cosmo was named for a movie character — Cosmo Brown in Singin’ in the Rain. He started out as a rambunctious jokester, but he has grown up into a sweet, cuddly, totally amazing dog. Oh, I’ve got stories about this one. He is STILL a hyperactive weirdo, but he definitely grew up and became an amazing big brother. It’s hard not to have a million pictures of him and Fawkes. I’ve had them since they were babies, and when it was just Cosmo or just Cosmo and Fawkes. It is MUCH harder to get a photo op with all four in the house because if one of them sees you point a camera, they’re all on you for attention right away! So I’m really not biased (I totally am), I just have TONS of pictures from when they were puppies / growing up before Kloe and Rigby!

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