What did you need to accept you were pregnant? *TEST PICS INCLUDED, HELP*

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Omg, congrats!!! These are all positive. It might take 2 days to notice a significant difference in the lines. I got “pregnant” on a digital at 9DPO in the evening.


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MrsMeowton :  I never used a digital.  I like to see the lines getting darker.  As far as when I am convinced I am pregnant, it it usually when two tests have shown a faint line.  As far as when I am convinced I am going to have a baby, it is when I heard the baby cry at delivery.  

I am 19 weeks with my third pregnancy (first was a miscarriage, second was my daughter).  I sometimes feel the baby move, and I am still like “oh wow, maybe there really is a baby in there.”  I can’t tell if I’m just weird or if my first miscarriage messed with my head.

What’s clear is that you are pregnant right now.  So you may as well tell the people whom you would tell regardless.  Sometimes I have waited until there was a heartbeat on an ultrasound, just because its fun to tell people with photos!

ETA Congrats on this pregnancy!  Four years is a really long time to wait and you deserve to enjoy it.  I’ve gotten positives on 8dpo, 12 dpo, and 10 dpo for my pregnancies, so there is a lot of variation there.  If you want to see an obvious difference in tests, only compare ones that are like 3 days apart.  Tests do get darker, but not noticeably so each day.

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Hey, obv I have been following your progress on August POAS thread but I didn’t want to read and dash.

I can;t imagine how conflicted you must feel, 4 years is a long time so to see this must be super like woah. BUT remember you did test early! Super early! We are all guilty of it but really it’s advised not to do so until 14 days or missed period, whichever comes first! I reckon in a few days time you’ll get that strong line and even a pregnant on a digital! Who knows, you might JUST have implanted on 8DPO! Try not to worry, you are pregnant! Congratulations are in order! 🙂 

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I’m the same as pearlrose. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage and when I managed to get pregnant again I took two tests about 3 days apart at 10 DPO and 13 DPO. 10 DPO was visible but not strong, 13 DPO was pretty strong. 

For me it was diffrent though because it wasn’t that I didn’t “believe” I was pregnant, it was that I didn’t trust the pregnancy would result in a baby. I started to feel the excitement when I had a 7 week ultrasound and saw a heartbeat, I began to breathe a bit at 12 weeks when I saw a baby-looking(ish) figure on the ultrasound, and I felt myself get truly excited this past weekend when I hit 24 weeks. 

Given it’s 4 years without a positive test for you I can totally understand that you don’t believe the pregnancy tests. I think getting blood drawn and seeing your HCG levels double will help! Hearing the words out of a trusted profeessional often carries more weight then lines on a plastic stick 😀

Congrats on the BFP (because those tests are DEFINITELY positive) I’m keeping EVERYTHING crossed for you for a smooth, healthy and easy pregnancy!!

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MrsMeowton :  Hey Bee, congrats on those lines, I defiently see a progression in darkening! I too just tested and have even fainter lines than you so I understand your anxiousness. Please let us know how this works out for you! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this is it 🙂

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They are lines! Congrats! a digital might give you peace of mind? Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you

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I think most people think they’re going to get darker much faster than they typically do. As people with fertility issues I think we all start testing so early that it takes them a little while to really build up those hcg levels. I don’t have pictures of mine anymore but I was obsessed with the color on them. I tested positive on frer at 9dpo with a super faint line. It was 17dpo before it had a decently dark line, nearly 6 weeks before it stole the control line color. But they were all positive and I’m 39 weeks now. 

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MrsMeowton :  those all look great! Huge congratulations! I think for myself it will definitely take a positive digital, and then a positive blood test will seal the deal enough to share with my mom and sister who I would want to tell right away, long before announcing publicly.

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MrsMeowton :  hold out a few more days and I’m sure everything will be fine.

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MrsMeowton :  I’m currently almost 7 weeks pregnant and even with really strong symptoms and an U/S, I have to admit, it’s pretty anticlimatic.  

We don’t want to tell the world until after 12 weeks and although I feel sick, I don’t feel pregnant.  

I don’t think it’s going to feel “real” to me until I have a bump and can feel the bean moving around.  It definitely doesn’t feel real to my Dh yet. 

Congratulations!  You are pregnant.  That is enough, for today.  Wishing you a sticky baby and a healthy pregnancy! 

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Just following along and crossing my fingers for you! The signs all look amazing. Good luck!

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