(Closed) What did your contractions feel like?

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Busy bee
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hmmm. this one is a hard one for me because i never actually felt “true” contractions in the beginning. or at least as everyone else describes them.

my back just started hurting pretty bad, and when i took a bath, the pain never went away. then my stomach felt like it had a lot of pressure on it. i went in and was told i was in labor. haha.

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Honey bee
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For me the Pain started in my back and moved along to the front of my stomach (it like slowly crept forward not sure the best way to describe it) and my stomach tightened up and was felt hard. 

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Busy bee
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Too Much Information . . . my contractions felt like indigestion cramps in the beginning.  Intensely bad ones mind you, but indigestion cramps nonethelss.  And I didn’t realize I was in labor until about 3 hours later.  I spent the first 2 hours of my labor in the bathroom where my bowels cleaned themself out.  Then when I realized the cramps weren’t going away and there was no way anything was left in my system I woke Darling Husband up.  I then spent the next hour in a hot shower.  Once my stomach heaved up all of it’s contents after the shower, I started to realize if this wasn’t labor something was definitely wrong and I needed to go to the hospital either way.

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Buzzing bee
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Well, my water broke first and then the contractions started about half an hour later. They felt exactly like menstrual cramps, like a lot books describe. But deeper somehow. I was like, I can handle this but a few hours later when I couldn’t talk through them anymore, I knew it was epidural time:)

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I was induced, but they started out like period cramps intensified. My lower back started to throb and my lower abdominals felt really crampy.They radiated throughout my whole midsection though.



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Sugar bee

My water broke 1st, so I was at the hospital for a while before they started. It started like a period, then when they got intense, it was all in my back. Never felt them up front.

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Buzzing bee
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I had braxton hicks for like two months but they were very similar to the contractions I had while in labor-just nowhere NEAR as painful. They reminded me of waves and all of a sudden would get intensely painful, your stomach gets hard and then they taper off and then start all over again. After my water broke I didn’t have one freaking contraction and I had to be induced because nothing was happening except gushes of water coming out for hours. It was SO annoying.

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Busy bee
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well, for a day or two before i went into labor, my back was sore and i had mild cramps like my period was coming throughout the day and night. they were really inconsistent. my labor began with my water breaking, which didnt hurt at all, just felt like a gurgle of water burst out followed by leaking that wouldn’t stop. my contractions started about 90 minutes later and felt like strong period cramps, and just got more and more intense with time.

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Busy bee
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I had no idea I was in labor lol. It honestly just felt like my son was kind of going crazy inside me, and I couldn’t sit down because he was bouncing around so much I started bouncing around. I just felt extremely uncomfortable like nothing I did made it better. Then I tossed and turned and tossed and turned. It wasn’t until my water broke at 4 in the morning that I went “oooohhhhhhh…..now I get it”. Then I started to feel my body tightening up and stuff – it was so weird and cool.

It is so neat how it is so different for absolutely everybody! Let us know after what it was like for you!!

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Busy bee
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I was induced so I didn’t feel any pain until they broke my water which was about 3 hours after they started the induction. It felt like an intense burning pain very low in my abdomen, like underneath the baby bump. It was like PMS cramps but much, much worse! I always thought the contractions would start off mild and slowly get worse and last longer but mine started out intense and never let up. I couldn’t tell when a contraction started or ended, it was just constant pain. Needless to say I got my epidural as soon as possible!

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Bumble bee

Yeah, like PPs have said, mine started like serious period cramps, coming in waves. Each contraction would start off not too bad at first, then get reeeeeally intense, then taper off. I also felt like I had to go take a poo, but when I’d get to the toilet, even though I had a hint of an urge to “go”, nothing would happen beyond the hint. (That’s the body’s way of saying “push”. Fyi, that was what my docs and nurses told me when it came time to really start bearing down and pushing-“push like you’re taking the biggest poo of your life; it’s the same muscle group doing all the work”)

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Bee Keeper
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Mine felt like period cramps, too.  Since I had been feeling them for the last couple weeks before I actually gave birth, I didn’t realize I was in labor until my water broke, though.  Up until then, I just thought it was false labor, again.

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Blushing bee
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Oh my gosh it was a crazy sereal life experience, I wanted to do it all by myself and i was one of those women that didnt want to be touched. My poor husband he looked like he wanted to cry the pain i went through. I wasnt dialating and they wanted to hurry it up so gave my oxy tosin but the pain was getting soo bad that i said GIVE ME AND EPIDURAL. that was the best thing ever. I heart epidurals.

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Sugar bee

At first I thought mine were just BH but they hurt a bit and it was enough to wake me up, though at first it was more of a discomfort than really pain.  I’m not sure how to describe it because they weren’t like period cramps or indigestion or anything I’d really felt before for me.  It was tightening, maybe twisting feeling.  I could feel my stomach getting harder and I could feel the peak of the contractions.  When I went for my normal appointment I told the Dr. that I was having contractions but they were only hurt for 10 seconds, she was a bit confused and said contractions weren’t just 10 seconds long.  But then when I did the nonstress test I could tell I was only feeling the peak of the contractions because they build and then subside like a wave.   

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