What didn’t go as planned on your wedding day?

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  • Wedding: September 2018

My hairdresser put my veil in wrong – covering up my headpiece instead of underneath it. I’m mostly annoyed at myself for not checking it! And my mum didn’t get her lipstick on by the makeup artist – she was supposed to go back and then didn’t.

My venue didn’t provide non-alcoholic alternative drinks for my friends who are Mormon. I had specifically arranged drinks for them and my pregnant cousin, and they didn’t bring them out. That one was particularly frustrating!

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  • Wedding: February 2018 - UK

Our decorators messed us around. Basically, some of their services were included in the package from our venue, and we paid for some additional things, including a backdrop. On the day, they denied that we’d asked for chair bows, and they set the room up facing the wrong direction. I mentioned it to our rep at the venue, and they told her they could rearrange the room but we’d have to pay extra.

Luckily I had a copy of my contract on my phone, so I showed the rep and she got it sorted. The decorators had all the bows in the exact shade of teal that we’d chosen, so they’d obviously brought them for a reason and were just trying to pull a fast one. It’s a minor thing but I was so annoyed because they’d agreed to all these details and then tried to get more money out of me on the morning of my wedding! I’ve noticed that the venue are now using a different supplier…

We also had our DOC go awol during the speeches, so at the end there was an awkward few minutes where nobody knew what to do, but we got it sorted.

Both were really minor dramas, I was prepared for something to go wrong and it certainly didn’t ruin the day! I am still irritated about the decorators though, I was really laid back throughout the whole planning process, I didn’t want to be the woman arguing over chair bows!

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  • Wedding: April 2018

I had a cake not show up. The caterers said it wasn’t on their list, I was ready to get my phone and show them the work order when my DOC took over and it showed up 30 minutes later. 

Somehow I did not plan out where I would wait before the ceremony. I was dodging guests as they arrived. Whoooops. 

But that was it. The cake would have been a huge deal had it not been taken care of because I was SO DAMN excited for it. But it was handled and I didn’t care. 


Oh! things  I couldn’t control. It was stunning weather leading up to the wedding. Day of? 40. It was so cold. My bridal party knew how much I really wanted my outside pictures at these two locations and they just sucked it up (I was offering to move everything inside. We made back up plans.) 

At the wedding a guest decided to take a table cloth off a table and use it as a sled for the youngest kids around the dance floor. I was SO PISSED. WHO DOES THAT!? (their kids also kept running around us screaming during a very special surprise song and dance I set up for my husband.) 

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I had nothing but issues with my mother planning my wedding, I wanted sleeves on my dress or a bolero jacket knowing being the end of winter it might be cold, my mum said it wouldn’t suit the dress and would look funny in photos, to keep her happy (we were having so many arguments I was over it) I went without and it was cold, wearing a balero jacket in photos probably wouldn’t have looked as bad as being so cold I was blue!

I have a fanily classic car undergoing restoration, the business assured me he could have it done in 3 months having a year to do it he could easily have it ready for the wedding taking his word I gave him the job, 10 days out from my wedding he casually mentions the engine doesn’t run, pushing for answers he reveals he’s not long finished the paint, the interior wasn’t done, has no electrics and no brakes, my dream of making my entrance in the family classic was ruined.

My reception was completely ruined by everyone going into the reception an hour early to get out of the cold so the 5 hour liquor package started early so by the time the speeches rolled around my venue were clearing the wine glasses off the table, we then did the father daughter dance… My mum wouldn’t even let me have that, while I lined up to dance with Dad she grabbed my husband to dance with her at the same time, when it came to the mother son dance she then grabbed my confused father in law to dance before I indicated I dance with him all our guests were scratching their heads why my mum was dancing during the father daughter dance and why I was dancing during the mother son dance it felt really awkward and then since the alcohol had dried up early everyone was leaving early, me and my groom were slated to leave at 10pm, it was all over by 9.30pm was weird dreaming of leaving being well wished by a line of our friends and family instead grabbed my bouquet off the table and walked out of an empty room, just didn’t feel like a wedding reception, felt like nobody wanted to be there.

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  • Wedding: November 2019

emilyjoanna :  Oooof Bee, you’re better than me because if the photographer lost the family photos I’d probably lose my shit. Ha! You have the best attitude!

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  • Wedding: July 2018

Some of the ones that stick out in my mind the most:

1. Our minister said my husband’s name wrong – he flipped his first and middle names (my husband goes by his middle name). I could be a little more forgiving of it if he hadn’t known him since he was 3. Now it’s in our wedding video forever. Luckily he wrote his name correctly on our marriage certificate.

2. I walked down the aisle to a string quartet playing “Moon River.” I had made it clear to pretty much everyone involved that there would be around a 15-20 second intro before the doors opened and I came down the aisle. At our initial meeting, the minister pretty much blew me off when I tried to explain it to him, then on our wedding day tried to act like I didn’t tell him and he was worried I wasn’t coming. He also didn’t tell people to stand for me, probably because he blew me off when I was trying to prepare him. 

3. We had to do our exit twice because the first time around our videographer was nowhere to be found. I also wish someone would have told me to put my shoes back on for our exit, because we just got our pictures back and while they still look good, I just think I could’ve looked a little more put together. (But in reality my feet were so swollen by the end of the night I don’t think I could’ve gotten them back on even if I’d wanted to.)


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We had a few little blips, but I didn’t really care and still had a wonderful time. 

– Awkward pause after the ceremony waiting for the recessional music to start

– The caterer overcharged us by $650 and I didn’t notice till the next day because my husband had signed off on it without paying much attention. They did refund us the difference but it was unfortunate. I also thought the food was much blander than at our tasting and was overall a little disappointed by the catering – it was fine, but not great, and they forgot some dips/sauces they had promised. 

– Our cake partially fell apart while the baker was transporting it. We did get a refund and cake was low priority for me so I didn’t care much, but I was surprised at how unprofessional it was. 

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  • Wedding: October 2017

I had a lot of little things happen and even though I’m happy to have married my best friend and all that, some things still bother me almost a year later. Overall it was a beautiful day and I had an amazing time. But here’s my list/rant. 

1. My dress had a crease across my abdomen and that’s alllll I see when I look at my pictures. I paid almost $3000 so I’m upset it wasn’t perfect. 

2. When I walked down the aisle I noticed my 1 year old son was dressed in a jogging pants and not his suit. My mother in law insisted on bringing him to the ceremony but forgot his suit. She sent her sister back to her house to get it but that was 30 minutes away do she missed the ceremony.

3. My mother in law and my husband’s aunt’s, uncles and cousins were late and held up me walking down the aisle. They stayed literally a 5 minute walk away from the venue and I’m waiting to walk down the aisle and I see them all walking slowly and laughing their way to the ceremony. Never got a sorry and I know my husband is still bothered by that.

4. When we finished our ceremony I had my uncle play his bagpipes. I was really looking forward to that and he was far enough away do it wasn’t too loud. Well my officiant told my dad, step mom and my uncle’s wife that someone should shoot that guy. Referring to my uncle. 

5. I didn’t have a receiving line and I had a sweet heart table with my husband and two sons. Well I didn’t get a chance to make the rounds and thank our guests for coming and over the course of the night I didn’t even get to talk to some people. I still feel horrible about it. 

6. The speeches were…..interesting. My maid of honors speech was full of inside jokes and at the end she told me to ‘suck it’ Triple H style and walked off. She was upset with me because I didn’t hug her but she went back to her table before I could. My bridesman talked a lot about how much he loved me which is nice but to outside people it sounded like he was IN love with me and then he talked about how my husband is such a great guy because he dated me “even though I had a kid”. My husband’s groomsman talked about how he tried really hard not to like me when I was dating his friend. 

7. My sister’s speech. This is probably the one thing that bothers me the most. She made a video for her speech and it was 31 MINUTES LONG. It had almost all my Facebook pictures and so many random ones of when I was an awkward teen, it had pictures of my cat, mentioned how i dont drive, mentioned how i played guitar hero (like ten years ago?)people were in it that I haven’t hung out with in years and my husband’s ex! Ughh people were getting so bored and would just get up and hangout outside. The speeches were already 30 minutes too long so with the video we were an hour behind schedule. 

8. Since everything was running so late i scraped my speech and was so nervous that all I said was I love my family and now I want to party. I’m still so embarrassed about that part. 

9. I ran out of time to get night time shots with my photographer because of the speeches. She takes amazing shots so I’m upset I missed out.

10. I forgot to bring my overnight bag to the cottage we were staying at. I’m lucky that the cottage was still on the same property as the venue but I slept (let’s be real passed out) in my wedding dress and had no clothes when I woke up. My Maid/Matron of Honor noticed and she brought it to me in the morning since she stayed in another cottage close by Thank God. 

So if I have any advice it would be to tell everyone doing a speech to keep it short and sweet!!!!!  I didn’t think I had to say it but 30 minutes for a speech is never Ok! Haha

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I forgot my petticoat, but luckily someone ran back to the house and brought it to me just in time. Other than that, the only other mess up (that I’m aware of) was the reception music. I didn’t hire a DJ and instead asked my brother to take care of working the sound and announcements. I had spent hours selecting music I’d like and even put them in an order that’d flow nicely. All he had to do was hit play, and pause/lower the volume now and then to make announcements, and switch the playlist when it was time to dance. I showed him how to select a playlist, and which one to select for which time. Apparently, things got switched up and my dad had to be the one to set up the music in the reception hall, and since I hadn’t given him the tutorial, he hit the “play all” button…so all the music had been playing out of order and included all the dance songs as well. Obviously not the end of the world, and I doubt anyone else noticed…but at the time I was a bit disappointed since I had spent so much time working on that, lol. 

Not to mention a few technical difficulties, and my brother forgot what my BM’s (his cousin) name was when he was announcing her entrance…but I don’t fault him for any of that, he’s never done it before and I was grateful that he took on that role for us.  Considering how nervous he was, he did a really great job 🙂 

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  • Wedding: October 2016

Our photographer had a medical emergency and could not make it. We hired her becuase she does really unique pictures that are different than anything I’ve ever seen. Her husband, who was her second shooter, was there with someone filling in. I love our pictures, but I follow her on instagram and my heart aches when I see some of her pictures – they are so neat.

Our caterer forgot to put champagne at the bar. I kept thinking that I wanted something but couldn’t put my finger on it, I realized it at 4am the next day.

Don’t worry about things going wrong. No one knows exactly what you planned or what you envisioned, so really, people won’t notice when things go wrong. There is a point where the best thing to do is give up control and just go with the flow. I did that the day before and I had a blast at my wedding.

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  • Wedding: March 2021 - Kauai, HI

emilyjoanna :  lol @ your Mother-In-Law hahaha

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  • Wedding: March 2017

Our officiant was very drunk and his speech was quite slurred. At least he pronounced the “I now pronounce you as man and wife” clearly. 

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  • Wedding: March 2021 - Kauai, HI

I had a few things go along at my last wedding. My hairdresser told me to glue in this eyelet material into my tiara so she be able to pin it to my hair.  I bought the stuff, but forgot to do it and lost it. Then I slept terrible the night before the wedding like I didn’t finish my homework.  

She did the best she could but that thing was moving around all night. I would have had the gorgeous picture of my then Husband dipping me outside in front of the church but it looks ackward as I couldn’t tilt my head back for fear of losing that headpiece!  

My mother in law added her own flair to the centerpieces and it looked like a rummage sale.

 Our ceremony was outside and I’d asked my Father-In-Law repeatedly to remove these big ugly green headphones hanging on a tree in the aisle but he forgot and they are in every ceremony photo.  I had a good laugh over that. 

Our DJ played all the polka music I didn’t ask for then apologized to me for not playing enough polka.  I was like I hate polka….

I slipped and fell while dancing as I stepping on my dress and wiped out.  Of course there’s a picture of that.  

My husband was helping his friends the caterers and wasn’t outside of the kitchen for much of the reception.  I danced to my favorite love song with my cousin. Still love him for doing that!

the speeches stunk.  My sister, the Maid/Matron of Honor didn’t even make one.  And the speech by the best man was basically “it’s time to eat, congratulations!”  My parents didn’t speak either.  I gave a quick thank you speech and that was it.

the officiant also said bacon during the service.  I forget the context but remember thinking “did you just talk about bacon during my wedding?”

But the wedding was still thoroughly enjoyable!

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