What didn’t go as planned on your wedding day?

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A toddler cried at the top of his voice until 2minutes before the ‘I do’ when the parents finally!!!! took him out with banging door.

His parents left before cutting the cake to give his brother a lift and didn’t say a proper goodbye to my grandmother – that was the last time they saw here before she died.


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  • Wedding: November 2014

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kirstenslove :  Ours was a little funny thing that still makes me giggle. I had paid extra to have bear wedding cake toppers made. The bakery assured me my inspiration photo was no problem at all. I didn’t see my cake until the reception and I totally cracked up at the bears we got vrs the inspiration pics. 




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  • Wedding: May 2014

My hairdresser no showed.  We were all waiting at my mom’s house, and it was after the time she needed to be there (approximately 4 hours away from the wedding).  I sent her a message and she confirmed she wasn’t coming (some BS excuse about thinking I didn’t need her, because she’d cancelled the trial).

SO, I didn’t panic, despite my mom freaking out about how she’d wanted her hair done too (first I heard of that, right while I’m trying to figure things out).  I just figured I’d do my own hair and it’d be good enough.  My SIL (who was one of my bridesmaids) told me in no uncertain terms that I was NOT doing my own wedding hair, got on the phone and found myself, my 3 bridesmaids, and my mom all appointments at a couple of salons in town who did a great job, and we were all back at the house, dressed and to the church on time.

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kirstenslove :  no tent… we got married in the desert, rain was not in our plans but it turned out to be a wet year. Our reception was in a little lodge that was once a restaurant with a nice big covered porch so not a big deal. The ceremony was outside and had the delay.  My husband’s brothers mopped everything up.  Also we couldn’t do pictures in the aspens nearby because of the rain.

It’s funny, as I read responses they call to mind other little things that I suppose went wrong but I just don’t think of it that way. Things like how my dress could have fit better or the best man gave me the wrong ring. They are just funny little things about the day that I didn’t consider problems. I could make quite the list really, if I wanted to ruin my memories!

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  • Wedding: May 2014

Oh, and more, and my officiant (an older cousin of mine who I was flower girl for and is now a pastor), was pretty nervous performing the ceremony, and asked me if I’d take *husband’s name* to be my wife.

We had a giggle, I corrected him, and the ceremony continued.

My ring bearer tripped on a concrete curb hours before the ceremony and skinned his nose.  His mom was horrified and thought we wouldn’t want him in pictures.  He’s a 4 year old boy, these things happen, and it wound up looking way worse the next day.

My husband was in charge of packing the men’s accessories, and he forgot the ties.  He and my brother (one of the groomsmen) had to race out to buy new ties (an hour away from our venue), but they made it back in time for their barber shop visit for hot shaves.

I was ill day of.  I’m not sure what it was, some kind of gastro bug, but I could barely eat anything, which was unfortunate as the bulk of my budget had gone to food, and the chef who cooked our wedding feast was incredible.  This led to some pregnancy speculation amongst chatty family members, but alas when a child was not produced within 9 months I’m sure they all forgot.

Nothing drastic, everything manageable.  I think if you expect a thing or two to go awry you’ll be able to handle almost anything.

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We just got married this past Saturday (still can’t believe it 😍) and all day I waited for something to go wrong and it never happened! There were a couple hiccups, but nothing that made the day stressful. I had a ball gown with a very long train and we never got around to bustling it, but that was fine by me. I didn’t want to lose the 20 minutes it would have taken anyway. We spent more time on pictures than expected, so we had less time on the dance floor. Overall it was perfect and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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  • Wedding: September 2017

Only two small things. One, the sound system cut out a bit during the ceremony, which bummed me out because I wrote most of it and thought it was super romantic and that everyone in the back should be able to hear it 🙂

The second was that we incorporated a couple Jewish traditions into the wedding, like stomping the glass, because I’m half Jewish and my husband really wanted to smash the glass, lol. I wrote up a little explanation for our officiant (who is not Jewish) to read at the end of the ceremony, to explain it to those of our guests not familiar with the meaning, but forgot to coach him on how to pronounce a couple of words, which he then completely butchered – not his fault and not surprising! It was a late addition to the ceremony and I should have double checked that he knew the words.

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My hair took way longer than anticipated and I ended up having about 20 minutes to do my full makeup. I had someone doing my eyes, someone painting my nails and me trying to squeeze into the dress at the same time. I basically just about managed to throw everything on, grap my bouqet and run downstairs to the ceremony location. 

But actually, it was all totally fine. I’d still say the day was beyond perfect. 

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  • Wedding: January 2018

My Brother-In-Law was our DJ and we had given him a disc with the special songs we wanted played at certain points (walking into reception, father-daughter dance, first dance etc), unfortunately our first dance song didn’t play! He had to improvise and choose another song he had available, we were a bit confused for a few seconds, but laughed it off. A few months later we had a get together at our place and my Brother-In-Law played the song for us and we danced in front of our family lol. 

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  • Wedding: September 2018

LOL, very little went wrong that really mattered!

My fingers had swollen up and my HB couldn’t get my ring on my finger. It made for a lot of very amusing photos.

One of the people giving a speech at the reception was so nervous that they got my HB’s name wrong (they said my Step-Dad’s name instead) :-S They were so mortified but we just thought it was funny.

My bustle broke about 2 minutes into the dancing so I just wore the dress down all night.

My bridesmaid (who lives far from me) had been really uncommunicative about her dress (which she’d chosen herself and I’d ordered online for her using measurements I’d taken 6 months beforehand). She never sent me a photo of herself in the dress, just told me that it fitted fine. Turns out on the day, it did NOT fit fine – it was strapless and wouldn’t even stay up! She’d lost loads of weight and it was at least 2 sizes too big around the chest! So there was lots of last minute sewing going on. Why she didn’t tell me in advance that it was too big so we could have alterations done I do not know. I suspect she didn’t actually bother trying it on before the day (eye-roll). But she looked fine after the last minute alterations and the dress didn’t fall down!

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  • Wedding: June 2018

Three things:

1. We got married in front of big tall windows, and our photographer suggested we put some kind of translucent curtain up right behind us to filter the light. I ordered a pipe-and-drape frame that went up to 12 feet high so it would go right to the ceiling, then purchased 100 bucks worth of heavy but translucent fabric with a nice drape to it and had my mum’s friend make a giant curtain to go on it.  Day-of, the rental company dropped off a pipe and drape stand that only went 8 feet high. The giant, lovely curtain was way too long to work, but the rental company had dropped off a cheap gauzy 8 foot curtain (that I hadn’t ordered), so that got set up instead. So, in all our ceremony photos we are in front of this ugly cheap white curtain that only goes eight feet high, and there’s a weird bar above us a couple feet above our heads, and then you can see the rest of the windows above it. It looks pretty stupid.

2. We planned to have cocktail hour on the rooftop patio of the venue, with the rooftop bar open. For some reason, our venue contact made a note that although we were having cocktail hour up there, we specifically did NOT want the rooftop bar open (??? why would we ask that???) so everyone was told to go to the roof but the only bar open was downstairs. This meant I was NOT HAPPY for the first five minutes of our reception… but the caterers were total pros and came up with the emergency solution of passed beer, wine and bubbly on the roof which was in fact lovely and eliminated the annoyance of bar line-ups altogether. At the weddings we’ve been to since we’ve been like “hmm, don’t you wish they had passed drinks?  Everyone should do that!”.

3. Our caterer just didn’t place the order for the kids’ meal we’d selected. There was no food for the kids. The co-ordinator dealt with it and got one of the kids’ dads to make a run across the street for pizza! I was embarassed about this one when I found out (my awesome DOC kept it a secret from me until the next day), but honestly all the kids are really picky and several may not have touched their kids’ meal anyway and were happier with pizza. 

These were all annoying (particularly because I’d been a super organized bride and nothing was an oversight on my part!) but none ruined my day or made the wedding less awesome. I kept telling myself “you knew something would go wrong, if this is all that does go wrong you’re so lucky, none of this really matters”. 

And the upside was that our caterer took full responsibility for all three screwups (although I think #1 was more the rental company and #2 was more the venue, but the caterer arguably should have caught and fixed these). They are an amazing company that obviously cares a lot about maintaining their great reputation, and their generous resolution was to refund us almost a thousand bucks and offer us a free dinner for six!  So that was great news for our budget, and we had this delicious, fun dinner out in their tasting room with some of our best friends this summer.  I’m still very mildly peeved when i see the pictures of that stupid curtain, but really I’m over it and loved my wedding :). 


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We had a few things, the weather was all over the place, my hairdresser was actually super bad at up-dos and I ended up doing my own hair, the cake arrived too early (it was a frozen cake), I had fake eyelashes done and they were too much hahha, some issues with music (we made our own playlists), lastly my mom was upset after the whole event that there weren’t enough pictures of just us. Oh well I still had the most amazing day of my life. 

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First, my hair took longer than expected. I wish I had more time to just hang out in my dress with my bridesmaids before the ceremony. After my hair I just had to quickly do makeup, get changed, chug a glass (or two or three) of champagne and run out the door. 

Also, the officiant did great until the last moment right before she announced us husband and wife. She told a story about how when women are pregnant in an African Villiage she visited the community sings a life song for the baby and went on and on about that… it was very awkward. I was not pregnant and the story had no ties to a wedding ceremony BUT if those are the worst things that happened, it was overall an excellent day!! 

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There were some minor things, but the biggest thing happened during our vows. We got married on a yacht on a lake. I said my vows first, and as DH is reading his vows, a boat blaring Demi Lovato came up on us, cruising slowly. Guests were gesturing at the boat to cut the music but they ignored it until they got far enough away to see me standing there in a white dress and realized they were interrupting a wedding (we think). We had to pause for the boat to pass because the music was so loud. We laughed about it then (and now), especially when we looked the song up and realized it was a breakup song. I tell DH if we had started on time instead of 7 minutes late, it wouldn’t have been an issue, but better his vows were interrupted than mine 😂

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DJ was not the best.. the music she played was just blah and when we asked her to play something more current she went with early 2000s… The music was also initially too loud during our ceremony so everyone JUMPED when my entrance song started

Officiant announced us MR AND MRS HIS FIRSTLASTNAME after I specifically stated I wanted it to be our first names and then DH’s last name

The bustle on my dress ripped out early on in the evening so I was carrying around my huge train all night. Wasn’t a huge deal but my dress was wrecked by the end of it all. It got stepped on a lot. 

Very few people signed our wedding guest book.

Otherwise it was perfect! 

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