(Closed) What did/will your wedding cost?

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  • Wedding: January 2022

1) 145 people on the guest list, estimating 100 will be there

2) Covington, TN

3) $5K

 We gave ourselves, what we consider, a generous budget. We are going to come in under budget, though. 

My best friend had a wedding for under $1K -with about 40-50 people!

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Helper bee

1) About 150


2) Raleigh, NC


3) around $30K (40K including the honeymoon and rehearsal dinner)

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Ms. Camera –

I was one of those brides you’re referring to.

Yes, everything was paid for – no debt – before the wedding. We paid for it ourselves – and we own a home (although we defnitely have a mortgage on that!). I was an ‘older’ bride (35), so more established than I would have been had I gotten married at 25.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 1969

Ms. Camera and DebbieChicago –

I think it really depends on so many facets of your life that no one magic budget number is "reasonable" or "correct’ for every bride. I mean, career choice, income, parent’s contributions, savings, view on what to do with saved money (investments, savings account, under the mattress….) all come into play

Our NYC wedding budget fell in the average range for our area (~$60k) and we paid for everything ourselves with no debt. We are 25 and I feel we are just as established in the financial sense as most "older" brides. So whereas, age maybe a contributing factor sometimes, it’s not always the case.

 I think this thread has been one of the most helpful ones on WB to give everyone an idea of how much weddings cost in different areas and it also has been great that for the most part brides were not judged for how much they chose to spend or not spend. I hope we can keep it that way.

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1. 100 ppl

2. Waco, TX

3. 22K

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  • Wedding: August 2008

See, this just opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms!  How do two 25-year-olds have $60,000 lying around?!  *sigh*

1.  70 guests
2.  DC
3.  $15,000

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1) 225 guests

2) So. Cal @ Ritz Carlton Hotel Laguna Nigel

3) $92K / $138K if you want to include the ring

No honeymoon and you can imagine why  




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  • Wedding: March 2009

Approx 160-180 guests (inviting 200)

Downtown Chicago

Our goal is under $50K, excluding honeymoon.  It may have to exclude rings too, but we’ll see.

Its more than I ideally want to spend, but taking into consideration our families, friends, what we like, and the idea of having a huge party = more money.  And having it in downtown Chicago too….We don’t regret it one bit though.

We have some help from both our families, and while we’ll incur a little debt,  we’ll have it paid off by the end of the year we get married.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

Lina- I was wondering the same thing.

 To the previous brides, I didn’t mean anything bad by my comments, I was just caught off guard. More power to you if you’re able to celebrate a lavish wedding free and clear. No one should have to go into debt just to have a nice wedding.

I must have chosen the wrong career path.

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MissCamera, I am another one of the Manhattan "phenomenal" cost brides you asked about (hoping to keep it around $125000 for 120 guests), and yes, we are paying for our wedding in cash. I would never go into debt for a wedding. In fact, I wouldn’t even spend the majority of my savings on a wedding. It’s just one day.

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  • Wedding: January 2009

1) I have no earthly idea, estimating around 150ish

2) Central, SC (it’s near Clemson University, if that helps)

3) We’re aiming for 5,500. 

Ok, as for people attending – we’re getting married on a bowl game day, two days afer new years. As my mom pointed out, people could RSVP, but just get worn out over the holidays and not come, plus there’s no telling who will be playing in the bowl game. We do have a wedsite set up, so people can RSVP if they want.

Budget wise, my parents are giving us a set ammount. Whatever we don’t spend on the wedding is given to us in cash, so we’re trying to aim low (if we plan right, the extra covers 3 or 4 months rent). Getting married in a small town no one has heard of doesn’t hurt, either. My amazing cousin-in-law is doing our catering as her wedding gift to us (we pay for food, but not labor/prep/serving), and we’re doing a sandwitch bar that can accomodate any number of people. For the honeymoon my grandparents are giving us a week of timeshare, also as a wedding gift. There’s no way we could pay for the wedding ourselves, as we’re getting married less than a month after we graduate from college. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2008

We just had our wedding on September 6 and here was the final breakdown:

Invited 200 people for a downtown San Francisco wedding at San Francisco City Hall (both ceremony and reception). About 175 people came.

Exclusive of engagemeng+wedding rings and a honeymoon, it was about $120K. It was paid free and clear.

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  • Wedding: September 2009

Total Cost without honeymoon, but including the engagement ring: 

1. 75 Guests

2. @ Real Art Ways in Connecticut

3. A little over $20,000.

My FI’s parents gave us $8,000 plus rehearsal dinner, my mom $1,000 and my sister is giving me my bridal shower.  The rest is up to my Fiance and myself, but we have found ways to cut corners.  Our initlal pricing came in at over $23,500.  We are paying everything by cash and have refused to put anything on a credit card. 

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