What diet do you follow?? (POLL)

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  • poll: Which diet do you follow?
    None : (58 votes)
    39 %
    Keto : (23 votes)
    15 %
    Plant-based : (3 votes)
    2 %
    Vegetarian : (13 votes)
    9 %
    Vegan : (11 votes)
    7 %
    High carb-low fat : (0 votes)
    Tracking macros : (11 votes)
    7 %
    Other (please comment) : (30 votes)
    20 %
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    brideandblue :  I do intermittent fasting with a 10-hour eating window, 14 hour fasting period.  I also try to consume no more than around 1500 calories per day derived mostly from vegetables and protein and some complex carbs unless I’m on vacation, going out for a meal, drinking with friends, etc.  The only beverages I consume are water, one cup of coffee per day, and occasionally alcohol.  All of this comes naturally to me, I don’t have to force myself.  I think the key is to find what is sustainable long-term for you.

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    I’m mostly plant based. I’m fully vegetarian at home (with many vegan dishes) and only eat meat if I am out at a restaurant or a guest. Overall I probably only eat meat once a month. I don’t drink milk or eat much cheese but I do have yoghurt and eat eggs once a week. I try to buy local as much as possible and eat things with a lower carbon footprint. 

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    I don’t follow any of those but I do make the majority of my foods from scratch.  I don’t do super carb heavy very often (like, I don’t make pasta every week) but I don’t do low carb either.  I also try to make sure I am making veggies and eating those a lot.  I try to do more protein based for breakfast.  

    So I might do a breakfast bake with some potatoes, eggs, ham, peppers and eat that every morning for breakfast at work.  I do a variety for dinner and eat leftovers for lunch.  I try to do some veggie based meals like sheet pan meals (meats and veggies with sauce).  I also do lots of beans (bean subscription lol).  So I try to do mostly protein, veggies, beans, grains (maybe rice or quinoa).  I do eat cheese but I don’t eat cheese heavy things.  I limit pasta (mostly because I don’t find it satisfying as the hours go on).  I don’t drink milk (though my kids do)

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    I’m an intermittent faster, which I don’t see as an option. But it’s not so much a diet. It’s more of a control thing over snacking needlessly late at night, which is a common cause of weight gain. 

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    I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist and 5 lbs in the past 1.5 months from just eating better and going to the gym 2-3x a week. A typical day of eating for me is a homemade green smoothie for breakfast, fresh fruit for a snack, and then some combo of lean meat/fish and veggies for lunch and for dinner, sometimes with rice.

    Honestly, I’m extremely wary of diets like low/no carb and intermittent fasting. I’ve heard they can be damaging long-term for your metabolism, and a lot of people (anecdotally, I’m not a doctor) gain weight back once they stop their restrictive diets. In light of this, I just try to cook at home more often instead of eating out, and don’t drive myself crazy tracking macros and all this other stuff. Speaking personally, no carb is not sustainable for me for the rest of my life, so instead I just do what I can to eat more mindfully overall. It’s been working so far, I feel great, and I still am eating food I enjoy. I think the diet/lifestyle change that is best for you is the one you can do for the rest of your life to promote your personal health.

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    I’m a mostly plant-based pescetarian. I try to eat high protein/moderate fat/low carb, but I’m definitely not keto.

    I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, so I naturally eat very little sugar. Salty foods are my weakness, so I have to closely watch my sodium intake.

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    Im 45. I have been working out and watching what i eat consistently for 28 years! I have been basically the same weight for my entire life. I don’t really follow a diet, but I did paleo for a while and loved it and still tend to eat lower carb, lower fat, higher protein. I try very hard to avoid processed foods. Paleo was great for me and I was super lean.

    Unfortunately this year I’ve noticed a bit of a change, Im starting menopause and I have some fat/cellulite when I never did before so it’s been very hard on me mentally. I would have to be SUPER strict with my diet to be as lean as I used to be, and I just dont care as much anymore.  

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    I do low carb/ low sugar/ high fiber and half the week pescatarian/vegitarian diet

    so kinda like Keto but not high fat, and I don’t check ketosis or anything like that. 

    I lost 40 pounds by doing low carb/low sugar and of course I have cheat days! 

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    I am restarting WW as I had luck with it in the past (lost 40 lbs) – I am at my highest weight right now so I’m hoping the new version works as well as the old one, or better. It’s fairly flexible and doesn’t eliminate food groups, which I like. Calorie counting stresses me out more than tracking points for some reason.

    I have done Whole30 in the past and felt amazing/lost 20 lbs in a month, but it’s hard to sustain as it’s extremely difficult to eat out, etc – and I spent a ton of time cooking and doing dishes. I will likely do another round once we get settled in our new house though, I absolutely loved it. I would consider switching to an 80% paleo diet at goal or something.

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    I’m gluten free, any form of gluten kills my gut so I try to avoid it as much as possible but I still eat bread, pasta daily all gf and a lot of rice and potato so my diet is very carb heavy in that sense however I don’t like fried food or junk food (chips, candy, icecream, sugary drinks etc) so I think that’s how I’ve maintained my weight (134lbs, 5ft7.) I eat a LOT of cheese.. lol

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    Another vegetarian here but I try to limit my dairy as well because my body does better without it (although I LOVE cheese 🙁 ). I do eat eggs sometimes. But most of the time, my diet is would really fall into the vegan category. It’s primarily based on my ethical beliefs but I really don’t like much meat anyway. When I did eat it, it was only chicken, turkey, occasionally bacon. I have never eaten lamb, veal, duck, other pork, etc. And I’m allergic to shellfish and cannot stand any kind of seafood whatsoever. So being a vegetarian just makes sense for me on all levels and these days, it is definitely a lot easier than it was 20 years ago. 

    I do pilates mat and reformer religiously as well as barre classes. 

    The biggest change in my body happened when I cut way down on the dairy and the alcohol. I started with the 21 Day Fix Extreme to lose 10-15 lbs (I’m 5’6″ and was about 145 lbs.). But I ended up losing about 30 or so lbs. and have kept it off for 5 years now (I fluctuate between 115-118 lbs.). 

    Oh, and I’m old! LOL. I’m 51 but my body is in better shape than it was when I was in my 30s!

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    I need a plan that I can do forever. Anything else just results in more weight gain months or years down the road. 

    I’ve been trying to make some healthier choices (eating steel cut oats for breakfast 4-5 days a week, but I can choose whatever I want within reason), choosing broiled fish and veggies sometimes when I eat out), while also allowing myself to enjoy any of my favorites in moderation. I count calories, but not exactly the way most people do it. I count not only to help make sure I don’t eat too much, but more so that I don’t eat too few. My strategy is basically to eat reasonably but also to eat as many calories as I can while still slowly and gradually losing weight. I’ve lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks.

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