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We’ve decided on a kids free wedding ourselves. I personally don’t want kids running around at the ceremony (specially when our venue for ceremony/reception is surrounded by water) or screaming/crying during ceremony/reception. I’ve seen kids screaming/crying during both and I don’t enjoy being a guest at someone’s wedding where I can’t hear anything but that. Also a lot of our friends have children and its a night out for them where they can go out, have fun, drink at an open bar and not have to worry about watching their children. Sure they’ll have to get up in the morning with their kids but thats their call. I’ve had a few friends say ” I’m glad its a kids free event so I can have a night out since I haven’t had one in forever”. 

To each their own if you choose to have kids at the wedding or not! Some people find them problomatic and some people enjoy children. Its up to the bride and groom on their special day. 

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Kids misbehaving is not the kids fault it’s the parent’s fault. I guess there are a lot of unattentive parents out there for so many people to have problems with kids. 

I’ve been to at least 10 weddings in my life and I have never seen a problem with kids. Adults is another story (a man and a woman standing up during dinner, procedding to makeout in front of everyone…yeah…)

Some people may also want kind of a ‘club’ atmosphere during their reception, in which case I guess I could understand why they wouldn’t want kids. There are no kids at a club and the music lyrics can be more ‘adult’.

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Bad kids = bad parenting

I’ve always had a blast with my nieces and nephews at weddings (and everywhere else). My siblings don’t let them misbehave and if they do, a stop is immediately put to it.

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They can hog the floor, running around, so no else gets much of the dance floor.  They can put sticky fingers on nice dresses.  They can spill sticky sodas on floor.  But whatever, it doesnt matter.  If bride/groom doesnt want them, they dont get invited.

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Nothing but possibly looking cuter/outshinning the bride. That’s why I always thought most brides had problems with kids at a reception! 

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Kids are not the problems, the parents are. I’ve seen one too many “first dance” “cake cutting” and toasting photos where some kid is standing right in front of the B&G, completely ruining the photo. I’m pretty sure I saw pictures someone posted of some random little girl doing this on the bee about a year ago when I first signed up.  I don’t blame the kid because they want to know what the fuss is all about, plus they don’t understand why they’re not the center of attention and many will act out because of it. Hell, my inner child wants to be right at the front of the line too when the B&G cut the cake but I know better. Another fear is that someone will not be watching their 4 year old who will dig their hands into my cake before we get a chance to cut it or they touch food on the buffet instead of waiting for a parent, I’ve been to weddings where it’s happened before.


Another reason is that a screaming child, throwing tantrums can put a damper on the party for other guests. It’s sort of like being in a movie theater or sitting right next to someone in a restaurant with a kid who is screaming at the top of their lungs, many times one of the parents will take the child outside to let them calm down and then bring them back in but others just ignore it and just let it escalate. This doesn’t mean I won’t have children at my wedding, I’ve got a 4 year old niece and a 5 year old cousin who I want to be there but I know their parents will keep them in line. As for other guests, most of my friends don’t have kids and those that do prefer to get a baby sitter because going to a wedding is a perfect excuse for a night away. 


Here’s the post I was talking about


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Whoever on here said that brides don’t invite kids because she is afraid of them looking cuter than her is just ludacris. That made me laugh. Not every person getting married is some bridezilla crazy girl. I am still the same person I always am, I am just planning an event. 

I love my little cousins to death. They are fun to be around and really add to parties. I don’t feel children prohibit fun or even think they’d cause major problems for me on my wedding day, I don’t worry about fingers in the cake or anything like that, and honestly if it happened, I’d just laugh and move on, it isn’t the end of the world, just swing the cake around for photos and dont eat that part.

However, I am from a huge family and when we originally made the list, we had almost 40 children under the age of 15 on it. I enjoy them all very much and pretty much all are well behaved. It wasn’t easy for me to decide to not have them at my wedding, but it the end it was better overall. 

Reasons being:

-I wanted the parents to just have a fun night without worrying about their kids! When parents can cut loose, drink and dance and have a good time with other adults without worries, is a memorable night in my books. 

-That brings me to this, alcohol. People drink at weddings, why is this still considered a very child friendly event? Would you bring your kids to a bar on Saturday night? 

-Having 40 children is seriously…ALOT. and we can’t pick and choose, that would be rude and against all etiquette standards for the most part. Imagine 40 kids between ages 0-15 on the dancefloor. They would take over. And could very well discourage the adults from dancing themsevles. I mean 40 kids is a freaking child’s bithday party in itself. Don’t think they will misbehave, mostly because their parents won’t let them. But, its just too many. 

-We saved a lot of money instantly cutting 40 from the list. Leaving room for other people we would like to invite. Sorry to say, but really, its an easy way to get your numbers where you want them. 

-Spending ONE night away from your kids is OK, you will not die. Geez. I don’t get why some parents are SO offended when their kids aren’t invited to a wedding. Do you bring your kids to happy hour with you and adult coworkers after work?  Are you mad that your coworkers didnt invite your children to happy hour with you? Do you get offended when your boss says, “Hey would you and your husband like to join me and my wife for dinner this Friday?” Do you honestly get pissed that he didnt’ invite your kids?  If your neighbors were having an adult halloween party and invited you and your husband to come over, would you refuse to go because they didnt invite your kids? umm…probably not. And if so, you’re nutso. So, why the exception here? It’s an adult event that you are invited to, period. Just like little Sammy age 9 down the street didn’t invite you and your husband to his damn bithday party, he invited your child, why? because its a kid party. 

-I just think it will be more enjoyable overall for the adults and for myself personally. And its MY wedding, so there. 

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Don’t know. Remember dancing like crazy with my sister at a wedding as a kid. Someone came over and told us to get off the floor. Still don’t know what problem we were creating.

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They do this.




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