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@courtneyjo21:  I’m sorry that you are going through all of this. We are in the 11th cycle of TTC, so I can relate. We’ve been under the care of an RE since cycle 9. May I ask if you have tried temping and/or OPK’s? Silly question I know, but I just want to be sure that you have nothing else to try before seeking medical help…. You know?

Also, I know how that feeling of being scared that it is “real.” And you know, sometimes you just have to…face it, cry about it, and tackle it. Whether it be with meds, or whatever.

You have us ladies to vent on, cry with, and be angry about your fertility struggles with.

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@courtneyjo21:  Sometimes you can be ovulating, but just not with enough “pizzazz.” Follicles not mature enough when they are released, not enough fluid in the follicle, not a strong enough burst, etc. We think that is what is going on with me.

I have regular cycles too ( ish, here’s the link to my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/totesmahgoats ). It may not be “just” bad luck, but unexplained fertility issues is a very, very common cause of IF, and sometimes medications can really help those with unexplained issues.

My insurance allows me to see whoever I want when I want (PPO), so I did not need a referral. I personally think there are a lot of good OBGYN’s out there, and a lot that can help people with fertility issues, but if you want someone who REALLY understands the female reproductive system and how to work with it, consider going to an RE. I fell upon my RE in kind of an interesting way… It’s kind of a long story, but here goes.

Some lab tests and symptoms had pointed me in the direction of PCOS, as that is something I was casually diagnosed with a long time ago. I work at a large clinic with many, many specialists. One of them is, what I thought at the time, an OB/GYN, who specializes in hormones and is retired but is sooo good at what he does, he works one afternoon every two weeks just managing PCOS and menopause. All of my doctor friends yield to him for hormone advice, so I asked his nurse if I should try to get a referral to him, and she made me an appointment right there. It turns out, he is a reproductive endocrinologist and has been doing IVF/IUI/infertility for 30 some odd years. He was the leader of infertility of the northstate before he retired. He told me that I didn’t have PCOS.

It started with blood work during the middle of my cycle and halfway through my luteal phase. My LH was super low (6.7 when it should have been 7.8-70), which lead him to believe anovulation/weak ovulation. I then had a PCT (post coital test) where my husband and I had intercourse an hour before my appointment, and he took a swab of my CM and looked at under the microscope. That showed that I don’t have a “semen allergy” (not like a red, itchy vagina allergy, but one where the woman develops antibodies to the husband’s semen, inhibiting the semen to come up into the uterus) but that I don’t retain much sperm. We then got a semen analysis on my husband. I then had an endometrial biopsy during my LP, which showed that there was a 6 day variance in between my endometrium and my cycle. Anything >2 days is consider “out of phase.” It confirmed that I had a luteal phase defect.

I remember that feeling of “Wow, I really have an issue. A diagnosable issue.” And yes, it was painful, and I cried, and it was all sooo overwhelming…but we get through it! =) Consider joining the 6 month and up thread or the 1 year and up thread, they are a great source of support in times like these. =)

I was prescribed Clomid and had a mid-cycle ultrasound (to check follicle size/maturation), and then was to start Prometrium aftter O which is a type of Progesterone supplementation. We were told to have intercourse for the three days after my u/s. Unfortunately, that cycle was a bust. We are half TTC/half NTNT now, and I follow-up with him this week to see what out next step is.

For me personally, my RE thinks I will need IUI… so it’s no surpise. But that’s because of hubby’s semen more than me (very boderline morphology, high pH). Our issues combined lead him to think IUI is the best option for us, last I talked to him. I’m going to try to convince him to let me do another cycle or two of Clomid, though 😉

Anyway, I’m totally rambling. I hope that you were able to gain something out my insanely long ramble of a post. Don’t hesitate to PM me if you have more questions if you don’t want to ask them on here.

What kind of insurance do you have? Do you know if you have infertility coverage? I suppose that would be the way to get started.

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@courtneyjo21:  i totally can relate to your post – every time I thought about seeing a specialist I would think “oh but i’ve just ovulated, we’ll see what happens this time”… only to end up another month along with nothing to show for it.

We’ve been TTC for 14 months now – i’ve had irregular cycles the whole time (28-47 days) and hubby had a low sperm analysis, but a follow up was fine. Has your hubby had one?? It’s an easy way to rule out 50% of the possible problems!!

I’ve been seeing a naturopath, who I think is magical, and is getting my cycles back in order. She’s also treating hubby at the same time to get him healthier. After the first month I saw my first ever BFP, but that only lasted a day. Still, it was my first piece of proof that this MIGHT happen.

I’ve also seen an OBGYN finally, and she sent me for a ton of blood tests, which I haven’t got back yet. She’s suggested Clomid to see if it can help with more regular ovulation, but I’m keen to keep trying the natural route for a couple more cycles, for now.

The lovely Chuck has also given you AWESOME advice (of course – she’s amazing). Please feel free to join us in the 6 month and 1 year threads if you wish – there is amazing support in both of those threads.

All the very best 🙂

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I think it’s definitely worth seeing a doctor about. Even men and women who appear healthy can have undiagnosed, treatable issues that can inhibit you from getting pregnant.

For me, it was an easy decision because my cycle never returned to normal after birth control. I tried for about 6 months to see if I could get it back with diet and exercise, but though my period returned, it remained irregular and my OB confirmed I was not ovulating or not ovulating strongly enough. In the end, we did a couple rounds of injectable medicine (to increase the number of eggs I released) and IUI, which I am thankful for, because it turned out my husband’s #s were borderline after first having a normal semen analysis.

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You can always wait a bit longer. In Canada, the doc won’t even entertain you if you haven’t TTC’d for TWO years. Or you can get some pre-liminary checks done. I got some check ups done even when I had NO PLANS to TTC. This was a cpl yrs ago. I got an ovarian ultrasound and some blood tests etc. Hubby did not get anything done though. And in his defense, he wasn’t the one concerned at all that he might have a low count.

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@courtneyjo21:  They typically say (in the US) to see someone after 12 months of trying with no success.  Like @ChuckNorris:  it could be something almost miss-able.  Or, not to freak you out or scare you, it could be your husband.  I had issues and after seeing my reproductive doctor and him ordering a semen analysis, he discovered my husband had no semen in his ejaculate.  So, it could be your husband.  A lot of time women just think that it’s them.  BUt, just because a man can ejaculate, doesn’t mean everything is ok. 

Seeing someone may make it more “real” but it will also help solve any potential problems that could be there.  Putting that off will just lead to more BFN’s and more frustration.

I’m wishing you guys the absolute best of luck and hope that it’s just taking a while.  After taking 2.5 years and lots of meds and procedures to get me pregnant, I always wish for the best for everyone else!

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I’m just now seeing this thread for some reason, but I just wanted to pop in and say I’m wishing you the best.

I think all the other wonderful ladies have already covered what I would’ve said. 

I agree with making that appointment as soon as you can and getting your hubby’s SA done. Very important.

I hope you are able to find a great doctor and you get that BFP very soon!

Good luck to you and while your waiting for that lovely bfp, please join us on the 6+/1+ threads! We’d love to have you there.

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