(Closed) What do these names make you think of?

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@sept22insf:  Elliot – great name. Strong. Classic. Eli is a great short form and a little more fun and Elliot is a great professional name.

Roland – sounds like a very handsome name for a sexy Black guy. Either that or an 80 year old white man with hair coming out his ears.

Alton – Hmmm, interesting. Could grow on me. Sounds like a rich snobby frat boy though.


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@sept22insf:  Roland makes me think of Roland Orzabal from Tears For Fears. Love him!

Aaannnnd, I just totally dated myself.

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Roland reminds me of the dwarf/troll from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Series

I love Elliot and Raleigh.

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@MrsMaskatoBe:  LOL! That’s what I think of Roland too!! It’s the first image that came to mind but I could remember from where until I scrolled down. I kept thinking “Why am I imagining a dwarf?!”

Elliot makes me think of a big black dog for some reason. :S I don’t imagine a person… I have no idea why

Alton instantly makes me think of Alton Brown from Food network. So kind of brainy & direct.

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Elliot: The rhyming name -game that isn’t so nice.

Roland: Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ (I know a Roland, he is very nice)

Alton: I think of the word altar.

Sorry these names don’t do it for me, but if I had to pick one it would be Roland.

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@nearlymarriedlass:  Yes. Exactly – I wanted to say that about Elliot but was too shy to do so. But that is the first thing that comes to mind; not sure why. Ugh. I like names like Maverick, Theodore, or Alexander. Just personal preference.

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@sept22insf:  Elliot makes me think of ET, and I’m afraid of ET. I can hear him saying “El-eee-ot” in my head and it creeps me out!

Roland makes me think of a a guy I know who has that name but everyone calls him “Alex”. I’m guessing it’s because he doesn’t like his real name very much.

Alton makes me think of the food network guy.

Raleigh reminds me of Raleigh NC, which is where I live, so that would be a no for me. I also think it sounds a bit too feminine.

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Elliott – pop culture associations: E.T., Eliot Spitzer, Elliott Gould, George Eliot, Billy Elliot, spelling: there are multiple common ways of spelling the name, so don’t be offended when other people spell it incorrectly/ general associations: could be first or last name, sounds British, sounds unique without being odd, sounds like a name for a Caucasian boy, sounds middle to upper class, sounds neither like a young boy nor an old man

Roland – associations: the Spanish name Rolando/ general: sounds like a last name as a first name, sounds formal as a first name, sounds European but can’t place the origin, sounds like a proud, distinctive name, sounds like a place RO-land, doesn’t have a physical association for me

Alton – pop culture: Alton Brown, Alton Towers/ general: there are a lot of towns named Alton, particularly British, Al-ton, sounds a little uppity, sounds like a smart kid

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@MrsEagleEye:  exactly what i thought of these names.

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I think they’re pretentious. Except Elliott, which in England is pretty chavvy (at least, I live in a very chavvy place and there are lots of chavs called Elliott).

Alton to me isn’t a person’s name, it’s a place (Alton Towers- a theme park in the UK). But if I met a person called Alton, I would think it’s pretentious and one of those hipster names-that-went-out-of-fashion-in-1900-that-we’re-bringing-back.

Raleigh isn’t a person’s name, it’s a surname. It seems very American to have surnames as first names. Obviously you are American so maybe it isn’t so weird for you to use it, but in the UK it would be considered really, really weird.

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