(Closed) What do you call your grandparents, what will your parents be called?

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@allyfally:  I call mine Nan or nanny, and pop or poppy, but my Darling Husband culture calls theirs Nonna and Nonno! So I have no idea what it will end up :s

We live in canada and Im canadian, but I have a feeling his family is gonna “hijack” a lot of what our future kids will say because my parents live on the east coast (7 hour plane ride away) and his family lives in the same city as us. I do think it would be really weird for my family to hear nonna and nonno just because its not what they’re used to. Maybe that will be how we can teach them to differentiate between them lol…. call each set diff names.

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@allyfally:  I call them all Grandma {first name} / Grandpa {first name}


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I called my paternal grandparents Grandpa and Grandma LastName, and I called my maternal grandparents Grandpa FirstName and Grandma HisFirstName (so for example, Grandpa John and Grandma John). My other cousins all had different names for my grandparents.

My daughter calls my parents Nanny and Grampy – this wasn’t what my mom had wanted to go by but that’s what came about as my daughter learned to speak. She calls my husband’s parents by their first names (my husband also calls his grandparents by their first names).


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I called my maternal grandparents Grammy and Poppy (Poppy is deceased now but Grammy is living).

I call my paternal grandparents Grandmom and Grandpop (also both living!)

I even had a great grandmother when I was little that I called Great Grandmom (original!  haha).

My dad and stepmom already have a grandson by one of my stepbrothers and they are called Pop-pop and Grammy.  I’m a little sensitive about it because we already have a living Grammy on my mom’s side but our kid will just call them both Grammy I guess.

My mom is still undecided…she might go with Bubbe (Yiddish) but it makes her think of her own grandmothers and she feels old.

My in-laws already have grandkids and they are called Saba (Hebrew) and Grandma.

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My mom’s family is German so we call my grandparents Oma (grandma) and Opa (Grandpa).  My dad’s family we just call Grandma and Grandpa.  My brother already has kids so my mom is a grandma. My brothers kids call my grandparents (their great grandparents) Omi (great grandma) and Opa (grandpa).  They call my parents Oma and my dad Grandpa (my dad is mexican so he doesn’t like being called Opa although my nephew calls him that).

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My father’s parents are Nanna S

(her last name) and Poppy B— 

My mother’s parents are Nan M

and Poppy I– 

It will be a very long time before my Fiance and I decide to have children, but my mother wants to be called Nan and my father wishes to be called either Pa or Poppa

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I had a Granny and Papa and a Nana and Poppie.  I know I want my kids to call one of their grandpas “Bapu” but I dont know which one.  

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I had Grannie and Papaw

and Nana and Papaw Lastname

but my aunt and her husband are called Mimi (me-me) and Boppy by their grand kids, which I love!

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We just called my grandparents grandma/grandpa on both sides.  That is how my son will call his grandparents just grandma/grandpa.

It drives me nuts that my SIL lets her 4 year old call grandpa: Grandpa first name and grandma first name. 

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My paternal grandparends were always Momaw & Popaw. For some reason they always just felt “old” like grandparents…lol. I think because they were “old” (for their generation, my grandmother was already at least 30 when they got married) when they had kids….they really were grandparent ages when we came along.

My maternal grandmother was always Nana, which eventually got shortned to Nan. She was really young when she had my mom, so she was always a really young grandma.

My maternal great-grandparents, who were more like grandparents, were Grandmama and Grandaddy.


I’ll probably let our parents pick what they want to be called. We both have divorced parents, so we’ll have 4 sets of grandparents. I will most likely produce the first grandkid on both sides so they can all duke it out over who gets what name.

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My mom’s parents are Grandma and Poppa. My dad’s parents were Nana and Grandpa (both deceased… Grandpa before I was born, Nana shortly thereafter). My fiance has always called his grandparents Grandma and Grandpa. So I imagine we will call his parents the same and mine will be Nana and Poppa.

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I’m mixed but my family is culturally Chinese, so I call my grandparents exactly what their titles are in Cantonese (we have specific words for maternal and paternal grandparents).  So my maternal grandparents are (roughly phonetically translated) Paw Paw (grandma) and Gung Gung (grandpa).  My paternal grandparents are Maa Maa (grandma) and Yeh Yeh (grandpa).

Therefore, my kids will be calling my mom Paw Paw, and my SO’s mom Baka (he’s Serbian).  Easy peasy! 🙂

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My maternal grandmother was Nana.  My paternal gradmother (passed away just before I was born) was Grandma.  My maternal grandfather was Grandad.  My paternal grandfather was Grandpa.  I had great grandparents as well, so 2 Great Nanas and a Great Papa (all on my mum’s side.) 

FI’s parents have 8 grandkids already.  His mum is Gran.  His dad is Gdad (grandad).  My mum will be a Nana.  My dad will either be Grandpa or Pops.  There used to be this little kid in the neighbourhood who loved my Dad, instead of calling him Mr. Whatever or his first name (my parents always ask little kids to call them by their first names) he called my dad Pops.  The kid and his mum moved away a few years later, but his nickname stuck.  I call him Pops a lot now too. 

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I only had Maternal Greandparents growing up and I called them Nana and Tat. Its our shortened form for the Inuktitut  Anaanatsiaq or Ataatatsiaq but I don’t think any of the grandkids would have been able to say that. I would like to call my mom Nana.

My SO calls his paternal grand parents Baba and Grandpa and his maternal Grandma (she passed away the night of our first date so I never met her) so I imagine his parents will just be Grandma and Grandpa not sure what we will call their spouses as they are divorced and remarried but thats a bridge we can cross when we get there.

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My grandparents are Mimi and Papa/ Pompom Lolo and Pompom Lola. 

—I couldn’t say grandma and grandpa when I was little so I said pompom. We added Lolo and Lola (the filipino word for grandma/grandpa because my grandparents were missionaries in the Philippines for 30 years) My family ended up moving to the Philippines 3 years ago for the same reason. I was talking to a filipino friend about my grandparents, Pompom Lolo and Lola and he started laughing and told me “pompom” is an old tagalog term for prostitute. So I have been calling my grandparents Prostitute grandma and prostiture grandpa since I was little. Whoops!!

My parents are Gramps and Gigi. I don’t have a clue what FI’s parents will be. Probably just Grandma and Grandpa. 

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