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I live in Chicago, and I think you can buy property and maintain a nice lifestyle at 125k for a single person. For a couple maybe a bit more at 150-175k.

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I consider it having enough money to pay for living expenses, with some “fun money” on the side, and still have enough to put into savings. In my mind, you don’t have to be rich to be “well off,” so my definition differs. We are not rich, but we’re well off because we have all those things and we’re happy 🙂

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I live in Pittsburgh, PA

My husband and I combined make anywhere between 120-130k a year depending on his overtime. We are 24 and 29. I would consider us well off for our age group in this area.

30-40 I would think closer to 150k for a couple without children and over 200k for a couple with children. 

40-50 Probably anything over 200k for a couple without children and 250k for a couple with children. 

50+ I would say anything over 250k for a couple regardless of children. 


That’s just my personal opinion. Also, if you have a ton of debt it really won’t matter what you make. You need to live within your means. 

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I think $50,000/year and up is “well off”… I and most of my circle are social workers, so we get the shaft salary-wise while doing a necessary service for society. 

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LoverFace2000:  it’s amazing to me how little social workers make. The position I’m in now is technically a social worker position but since I’m a Registered Nurse they started me out making about 20% more than they pay social workers WHO ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME JOB I AM. seriously I don’t understand it. You all are way underpaid. 

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hihothedairyo:  Just curious, where is this question coming from?

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I’m going to answer a little differently. When I think of someone being welll off I think of them having all of their bills paid, and having more than enough left over. I live in a poor town in Georgia, and DH and I are definitely better off than many in our town and we make about $65-$70k annually.

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I think of it more as net worth because cost of living varies dramatically.  Additionally, some people with lower incomes are great savers, and some with high incomes like living the luxury life.  So income alone doesn’t really tell the story.

To me, well off means you can live off of the interest from investments.  For us, that would be several million to maintain our lifestyle in a high cost of living area.  We’re in our 30’s and about halfway to our goal, but hopefully kids are coming soon which will cut into it. 

To be clear, I don’t mean you need millions to live comfortably, but rather my personal definition of well off means you don’t have to worry about money, ever.  We’re not well off yet but I hope to get there by the time our kids go to college/retirement.


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TiaMP:  If you live near your venue, you are definitely right about that being well off. 

I’m in Georgia. I’m pretty well off for my age (22) because I own my house (which I’m about to turn into a rental property), cars, max out retirement and have a very hefty savings and investments. We graduate next month and I don’t have a job yet, but Fiance will be making about 45k. When I get a job we will be doing pretty well for our age and area. I think being “well off” means not having to stress about your bills and also having disposable income for fun/emergencies. I don’t necessarily base this off income because Future Father-In-Law makes over 120k but we are doing better than him because we make wiser financial decisions. 

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I live in the Deep South, and my husband and I are 27, and we average about 85k. I would consider us well off, but not rich. We pay our bills easily, have a good size savings, and are able to have “fun money” left over. To me, if you don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck, can put money into savings each month, and still have a little extra, then you’re well off regardless of the region you live in. 

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jily:  700 per family seems mlre achievable at least. 

Im in sydney By The Way so things are pricey here too but nowhere near NYC! 

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christabel:  I know NYC is killing me I’m starting to seriously consider relocating…lol

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Age: Hubby and I are 24

Location: Small, low-income town in Wyoming

His salary: $76,900

Mine: $0 (I am in the process of completing my college degree of becoming a Registered Nurse, which up here has a salary of about $65,500.)

Future combined income: A little under $150,000

Major debts: – Mortgage payment $1,100/mo.

– His truck payment $470/mo.

– His student loans $500/mo.

I would consider us middle class. We bought our home, own my car, and I currently have no student loans. We are both from Texas where hubby grew up lower-middle class and I  grew up middle-upper middle class. If/once I complete my degree I would consider us upper-middle class. Before hubby raise we were definitely stuggling to make ends meet at $62,500 for the first year. We are working on paying down debts and hope to continue to live off his salary alone and use mine for savings.

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DH and I live in NJ and make 250k combined. I graduated with over 200k in student loan debt. So I wouldn’t say we’re well off, but we’re ok. To me well off means both people could not work for a year and have enough savings to maintain their lifestyle. I think people with a modest income and savings account could be well off if their expenses were low enough that they could sustain themselves for awhile in the even of an emergency. DH and I would go bust in about 3 months, so we’re definitely not well off.

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I don’t think being well off can be based off salary alone.

I think being well off implies that your salary (whatever it is) covers your bills and allows for a comfortable lifestyle. I think a comfortable lifestyle should allow you to save for retirement and also for other savings goals. You should be able to go on vacation and afford quality things. You should be able to financially handle an emergency.

I work with a lot of people who by a lot of posters’ standards would be very well off (especially in our geographical area), but they have overextended themselves to a point where they can’t put anything away for retirement, they don’t save, they can’t go on vacation, and they totally can’t handle a little hiccup in life. Their quality of life is pretty poor, but it’s by their own doings.

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