(Closed) What do you dislike about your SO’s exes?

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Busy bee
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I don’t really know what she did that rubbed off on him as I didn’t really know him when they were together. I do credit her with making him be a better person though. Their relationship was rocky from what I know, he worked on the issues he had with her and he’s better for me because of it.

I don’t dislike her at all really, she’s really nice. I think we’d probably be friends if the opportunity ever presented itself.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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The way I’ve dealt with it is to gently remind him, “I’m not her, honey, that’s not going to happen again.” 

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Helper bee
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blahhhhhh. bf was engaged to most recent ex.  ex’s family persuaded her to call the wedding off (religious differences). she broke off the engagement via text message.  needless to say, he was pretty damaged. and is terrified/reluctant to meet my family.  it drives me crazy.  

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Sugar bee
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She was cray cray; she threw a fit if everything did not go her way. She would scream at him , hit him, and just stop talking to him and when he would ask what was wrong she wouldnrelay anything.

This made him overly passive, and when we do fight he apologizes even if I’m theknee that started it.  He’s gotten a lot better though sincewe’ve been together.

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Worker bee
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She was very controlling and got very upset if he did anything without her. For the first few months we were together he kept asking my permission to do totally ordinary things (like go to the local shop) lol.

She also hated his family (who are amazing) and used to freak out whenever he talked to another woman (including the ladies in his office) I would understand if he was some sort of player or something but he’s just not!

He kept worrying that I was secretly freaking out about him doing things and just not telling him I was upset. It took him ages to realise that actually I was fine with it and she had just been a little weird!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I don’t really know them too well, nor have they ever bothered me. I know one of them didn’t get along with his mother. I’m really grateful for no ex drama in my marriage.


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Honey bee
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He showed me a myspace message she sent him out of the blue when we first started dating. That I was very young (I am 7 years younger then he is, which isn’t a big deal but whatever), but she was happy for him and whatever. I thought that was alittle rude, but he just responded along the lines of yes she is young and that was that.  

I asked him what it is her business that I was young.

Then he told me about their relationship. She argued about every single little thing, that she would hush him when watching Lost,that she cheated on him, and that she has an extremely large forehead(haha….). But he did not know why she sent that message, other then she may have stalked my profile and was jealous.

We never brought her up again after that.

I can tell that him being cheated on slightly rubbed off on him. He tends to peek at who I am texting or what I am doing on the computer, he would ask me about a couple of the guys that are my facebook friends. Other then that he is not terribly needy or controlling. I never gave him a reason not to trust me, but I was cheated on too so I get how it is….

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Buzzing bee
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Fiance was married for 6 months (woo…) before me. Blech, I’m not a fan of her. Thankfully they haven’t spoken in years.

She made Fiance kind of misogynistic. He just really doesn’t like women as a whole. He treats me like a princess, so I’m not complaining. He just has NO tolerance for any form of bull. On the rare occasions we do argue, it’s pretty bad. I have no room to “be a woman” and be slightly dramatic. 

It’s only happened 3 times, but he’s called me her name in the heat of an argument. Not intentionally- it just slips out. He says it’s from arguing with her so much. 

I pretty much just wish she didn’t exist…


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Sugar bee
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@the_future_mrs:  Don’t you just love when you’re called the ex’s name? Has happened to me once or twice during an arguement and I just freeze. He knows its bad when he realizes what happened.

I am in the ‘hate the ex’ party as well. She really isn’t that awful, I Just hate the thought of my fiance with another woman…trying to have a family. ugh. Makes me feel sick. They don’t talk any more though, thank goodness!

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Honey bee
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This is a weird question for me to answer.  We were in the same grade (me & his ex).  Her locker was right next to mine in HS & they dated for about 7 years before he left her.

Truthfully, I don’t remember her a whole lot.  She has lied about me or made up lies since he & I got together (we’re now married) which has rubbed me the wrong way.  But I guess I don’t have anything bad to say about her other than that.

We were friends when they were together & he would say stuff about her, but I always was like that is not my business you need to go handle it with her.  And it’s still not.  He has said some stuff about her, but I guarantee dude was not a peach when he was with her & I’m the type of person who has to see for myself.

Although there was that one time she logged on his cell phone bill, found my number and called me 8 months after we were dating…. haha!


ETA: She was very jealous… I am not.  Which made him think there was something wrong with me.  Boys!!

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Sugar bee
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Fiance doesn’t have an ex, so I feel like I got off easy Laughing

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Bee Keeper
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Ha. This is going to sound WAY more awful than it is, but that they were dating when I met Darling Husband. They had this dramatic on-again-off-again thing going for like 2 years, when Darling Husband and I met we were sophmores in college and the ex was a junior in HS (yes, my Darling Husband was a cradle robber!) they started dating when she was a fish and he was a senoir in HS. So immature and dramatic was the name of the game. The week before we met, they got back “on-again” after something stupid and petty on both their parts, but she was “sooooo innn luuuvvvvvvvv” with him. But then we met, they broke up like 4 days later, and all is well 🙂 She actually was really nice the one time we have met, and obviously wasn’t too heart broken because she had a new (and her age!) boyfriend like 2 weeks later. It’s a story no one but a few of our best friends (and now the whole Hive) knows.  All that to say, I think him staying with a girl younger than him, not that it was that many years difference but where the age gap was-from HS to college, made him not have to grow up because this girl was used to immature guys in school so he could still be a dumb HS boy if he wanted. He has grown up maturity wise a lot since we met though.

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Honey Beekeeper
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There is nothing that I dislike about DH’s exes.  I really don’t know any of them and we have no ex drama so what is there to dislike?!?

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Honey bee
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@MrsCarnival:  Same here. Everytime I read posts about exes causing problems, I am so grateful that Fiance doesn’t have any.

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