What do you do for a living and why do you like it?

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I’m a pediatric OT in a school district. I love working with children, I enjoy seeing them grow and develop new skills that they were behind on.  I love being able to tell them they have “graduated” OT, whether they are sad (most because it’s usually fun) or over the moon (like the one I most recently discharged).  I basically play with them with a little work thrown in. I also like giving and scoring evaluations for some reason.

That said, it’s important to hear the downside as well!. I hate the beurocracy that surrounds it.  I hate the documentation and paperwork, I hate meetings getting in the way of actual services.  I hate when teachers don’t follow through with what I ask them to do.  I hate when they act super enthusiastic and nothing changes.  I hate when the kids themselves are horrible (rare but happens on occasion).  I hate that I can’t be relied on as a professional to make decisions without jumping through stupid hoops.  Basically at this point I rather hate public schools, actually.  Also nowadays you need a master’s to be an OT, soon to be a doctorate.  Bleah, I’m not into that level of education personally.  I was in the last class through with a BS and I’m so thankful for it.

As to why I chose it, with very little real knowledge, I was going to be a physical therapist.  My bestie’s mother had a rough time with a PT following a mastectomy (yep, that hurts), decided they must all be like that and told me instead to be an OT, which I’d never heard of.  She was right, in my case, though her reasoning is flawed – you get bad lots in all careers.

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I have two jobs. I am a yoga and meditation teacher – I’ve been teaching for several years, but it is very difficult to make this a full-time gig without getting burned out, hence job #2. I’m very conscious of protecting my energy and not burning out, otherwise this affects the experience of my students. I teach in studios and privately. I love it because it is a part of my culture – yoga has been passed down in my family for probably thousands of years… I’ve been learning yoga and meditation since I was a child.

I have a more regular (30hrs/week) job with a career counselling company. I do all the client intake and management. A lot of it is high level counselling and a lot of empathy is needed, since people sometimes come in tears or with aggression and need someone calm to talk to. I would eventually like to transition to becoming a counsellor as a long-term goal, but that likely won’t be for years after I start my family. My dream is to combine my experience being a yoga and meditation teacher with counselling. The company I work for now already uses mindfulness within their practice, so it really aligns with my values.

Since I was a kid, I have always known that I wanted to do something to directly help other people, particularly using my gifts of having a very calm presence and empathetic nature when I meet with others. So I sorted ended up here, but I also had an idea of the path I wanted to go down.

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By the way, if you are a real bleeding heart type, this can be a hard career to get into, as with any healthcare career.  I’ve seen kids with Shaken Baby syndrome, I’ve seen other TBI’s, I’ve seen more drug and alcohol kids than I can count.  Things that are completely avoidable.  I have students with genetic disorders that carry through many members of the family. I’ve had students with parents in jail, sometimes arrested right in front of their faces.  A couple have passed away and I have one on my caseload now that won’t make it out of his 20s most likely.  I probably have worse that I don’t know about.  It is rewarding, but it is also tough.  You kind of have to be the best person you can for the kids and forget all the rest.

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I’m a Director at a language service provider. We provide interpreters, translations, transcriptions to clients all over the country, among other services like captioning, cultural competency, desktop publishing, localization, etc. 

I was a freelance interpreter for about 10 years before joining the agency as a recruiter for other interpreters. I worked my way up in the company (been here almost 5 years). I do consider this my career and while my current role is my most challenging, I love it. 

I studied English lit in college and then entered an interpreter training program, been in this field ever since! 

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I’m a Police Officer in the U.K. It really is my dream job as I can help people, help put away those who commit crime and hurt others and I must confess I do get a buzz from driving fast cars. I’m also fascinated by the people I deal with and although we deal with a lot of mental health incidents which we aren’t really trained for, I enjoy this side of the work as it is a real opportunity to do good and help someone at their lowest point. I do get irritated by the amount of paperwork though, while I understand a certain amount is necessary in order to bring someone to justice, I think it could be condensed as much of it is repetitive and not entirely necessary in my opinion. I also find some of the politics that surround the job to be irritating as this and the world of policing don’t really mix, the U.K government don’t really seem to support their Police Force and have made so many cuts to the budget which is madness.

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sboom :  I’m a corporate recruiter. I love meeting new people and providing opportunities for career changes that really change people’s lives for the better! It’s such a heartwarming experience to hear someone crying over the phone when you tell them they got the job!

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I work in the fashion industry as a technical designer. This basically means I work on the production side of making clothes, make sure they fit properly and are constructed properly when produced. I decided to persue a job in the fashion world when I was 14 or so. I used to cut apart my clothes and stitch them back together as a kid. I started sewing at age 14 and at age 16 got a job doing alterations and sewing at a dry cleaners to help me learn and prepare for my career.

When I was 18 I moved to LA to get my degree in fashion design. I ended up in the technical design world since I’ve always been very construction oriented, as in I used to enjoy putting the clothes together more than actually designing them. I knew from a young age that going to a 4-year university and studying just wasn’t for me. I’m a very hands-on learner and needed a career and education that catered to that. I zone out in about 2 minutes sitting at a desk in a classroom, but I can draft a pattern and sew garments all day long.

I do like my job a lot, the fashion industry is incredibly fast paced and comptetitive but that works just fine for me. It’s fun seeing people wearing things I’ve personally had a hand in creating on a day to day basis. The major negative for me is that fashion is very centered around certain cities. I’ll have a hard time finding a job outside of the big fashion cities, so I’ve basically locked myself into a high cost of living area.

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I do health informatics. I love that I can pivot between bioinformatics and healthcare. I get interested in a lot of different things and was really terrified that I was going to be pidgeon holed into one extreme specialty. I love it, it’s my career.

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I’m a medical transcriptionist for a large hospital. I love it because I work from home. I receive electronic audio files of surgical reports directly from the surgeons, and I type, format and edit these reports before electronically submitting them into the hospital record database. I find my job fascinating, every day is different, and I’m constantly learning. I do find I have to be extremely disciplined working from home because I don’t have a boss standing behind me checking on my productivity. I love setting my own hours and having the flexibility I need to also be a good mom and wife to my boys. I previously worked as a dental assistant for 8 years before going back to school while on maternity leave so I could stay at home with my son. 

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I’m a recruiter for an aerospace company, I’ve worked here for almost 7 years. Started as a sales assistant, was promoted into sales after 6 months, then a year and a half later offered a recruiting position. It’s been full of ups and downs as we’ve gone through a lot of restructures and I’ve worked under some total assholes. The last couple of years have been more stable and I love my team that I get to work for.

I would have to say what I enjoy most is the money that I make, I’m certainly not passionate about what I do but I love my lifestyle that it affords me. Oh and I met my husband here so that’s a plus!

ETA my friend worked here and referrerd me, I was in the service industry before this and had no idea wtf I was going to do with my life.

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I’m a contact Graphic Designer that works exclusively with small companies, individuals, and startups. I do really love it; I get to use my passion and skills to help people reach a higher potential with good visuals at a price they can afford. It is 100% my career, and I’m one of those people that struggles to have downtime when I tend to use any free time as moments to brush up on skills, try new marketing techniques, or shake some hands at a networking event.

What I’m doing now is basically the exact opposite of what I though I’d be doing. I’ve been destined for a creative career since being a young child, but I always thought I’d be making illustrations for a big company in New York. Now I sit at home all day at my computer and sometimes don’t talk to a person the entire time. The industry sort of chose me, really. I put Graphic Design as my major with the intent of changing it later, but I just kind of fell into the nature of the concentration and turned out to be good at it.

I would say the biggest negative of my job choice is that the industry is vastly undervalued. The technology and software are much cheaper to acquire, and now suddenly everyone is an expert in what I do and why should they pay me when their nephew can do this? I’ve had someone look me in the eye and tell me that anybody can do what I do. I’ve had a client try to get me to consult with their young daughter on how to improve my work.

Outside of that, clients can just suck in general sometimes. 🤷🏻‍♀️ They come in hot demanding the moon and are surprised that it will cost more than $50. They need this super important thing right NOW and drag their feet for weeks on edits. Or the worst—they stiff you and disappear. But, I would say for the most part that my clients are nice people that like my work and pay me on time.

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I’m a substitute teacher (by choice), and I love it. I work full time due to having French which is an asset in my board, so it’s not really “casual” work. No paperwork, no marking, no report cards or staff meetings. I get to do what I love (teach, of course!) but still have the luxury of a job I can “clock out of” at the end of the day. I don’t have to bring home work with me, it’s a relatively short work day (6-7 hours), the pay is really good, and I have weekends, holidays, and summers off. Sometimes I miss the bond of having an actual classroom of my own with my own students, but I’m usually at the same couple of schools anyways so I get to develop a relationship with many of those kids! I’m 100 times happier and less stressed than when I was teaching “full time”. 

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I’m a secondary school science teacher.

It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I sat in high school chemistry and biology myself. I considered other careers during my undergrad but always came back to teaching so I got my B.Ed after my B.ScH

I love working with young people everyday. No one laughs at work as much as teachers! It’s never boring, I move around lots, and get to have such interesting conversations. 

Other factors I appreciate: autonomy in what I do, not having anyone breathing down my back, pretty good pay (the average teacher makes 83-93k where I live) and benefits, amazing colleagues. 🙂

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