(Closed) What do you do that peeves your SO? What does your SO do that peeves you?

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Helper bee
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I HATE that he cracks his teeth, when he bites the fork, and when he tries to drink out of my straw/cup, when he touches my food, when he leaves his socks everywhere, and when he lets my towels touch the floor. I have a problem with germs, in case you haven’t noticed lol 

His pet peeve is that I complain or point these things out, but I have to. I have a real issue with them. It’s not just to be difficult.  There are way more, but I would need a lot more space. 

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Worker bee

I hate how he leaves his dishes out and doesn’t do them for days. He doesn’t like that I bite my nails, but I’m trying to stop!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I really and truly don’t have any pet peeves about him, and I’m not sure if he has any about me!  I’ll have to ask him, lol. 

But he’s perfect in my eyes – maybe ’cause we’re not married yet.  😉 

Edit:  Also we’ve only been together for one year, maybe that makes a difference.  Ask me in five years, haha!

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Sugar bee
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I won’t say that I HATE it but it really bugs me when he files his nails. He will file for a good thirty minutes and it drives me crazy. I also can’t stand how he eats, he takes the biggest bites in the world and can’t chew with his mouth closed. I HATE when people smack or talk with their mouth full.

He would probably say it drives him crazy that I don’t wipe off the bathroom sink after I wash my face (water ends up on it) or that I don’t wash dishes RIGHT after I use them. He’s a little OCD about things.

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Bumble bee

Oh man. How much time do you have? hehe

I’m kidding. I love him to pieces, but the guy has got quite a few quirks that irk me.

-He has this thing about everything being exact. He’s a scientist, so he’s very methodical and literal, while I’m very expressive and I tend to exaggerate and embellish, which bothers him sometimes. 

-He doesn’t smile in pictures and it drives me up a wall. He has such a pretty smile, but every picture we have together, I’m beaming, and he looks like someone just ran over his dog.

-He’s OCD about his car to the point where it’s like…”Am I allowed to breathe on it, babe? No? Ok, I’ll just go breathe on my own car, then.” haha

Think Dharma and Greg. That’s us. haha




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Sugar Beekeeper

My Darling Husband hates the fact that I am always late, seriously always. With so much on my plate between work, home and volleyball it is hard to always stay on track…especially if something social is thrown into the mix. I don’t do it to be rude but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I hate, hate! the fact that he procrastinates and then forgets whatever it is that he should do. He has the worst memory. Case in point; Sunday we left his mother’s house exactly 1.5 miles from our home and he said to me that he was going to stop for gas at the Chevron station that is on the corner (you can’t miss it and must drive right past it) by our home. We were in seperate cars so I said I would see him at home. Within that 1.5 miles between his mother’s house and ours he forgot entirely about getting gas. It wasn’t until I walked in the house and said “weren’t you going to get gas” that he even realized what had happened. I laughed so hard I nearly peed as that pretty much sums up what I deal with on a daily basis.


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Honey bee
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Darling Husband is a man-child. He leaves a mess every time he gets a snack; he never remembers where he put his things; and worst of all, he DEMANDS that I get up when he gets up. If Darling Husband is awake, everyone must be awake. One time I was napping on the couch while we watched a movie and he woke me up. Because he wanted me to watch the movie with him. It didn’t count if my eyes were closed. I know he just wants to hang out with me, but jeez, can’t a woman get some SLEEP around here???!

Of course, I wouldn’t want him any other way Wink

It drives him crazy that I never want to leave as early as him for things. Like, if we decide to leave at 10:15 for something, it will be 10am and he’ll be yelling at me to hurry up because we have to leave. I’m like, dude, I still have 15 minutes!

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Sugar bee
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I get annoyed when he snores and constantly cracks his knuckles… he gets annoyed when I leave piles of clothes around the apartment and when I call him cute. Lol.

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Helper bee
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@BellaDee:  at a very young age I developed a great sensitivity to metal. My mom used to think I would skip the spoons and forks while washing dishes just to be lazy, but as the years passed and the sensitivity grew, they saw it was a real problem. It gives me toothaches when I hear metal scraping, I get goosebumps, and even when I touch it, it makes me feel weird. I don’t use metal forks.  I used disposables  for a long time, but a couple years ago my sister got me some plastic camping silverware. Even the scraping of hard plastic hurts my teeth sometimes.  Everyone knows to watch their teeth with forks around me, but restaurants are horrible sometimes. sorry, went a little off topic here lol 

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Helper bee
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@Sunfire:  I’ve been with my guy for over eight years. The first four he was perfect and did no wrong in my eyes.  That didn’t last long haha don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome, but not perfect. 

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Buzzing bee
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I am very particular about how our house is kept and he does little things that irk me (like leaving food on a plate and putting it in the sink), but the main one is that he always takes off his dirty socks, rolls them up and puts them in his dirty jeans pocket before they go in the wash.  It doesn’t make sense! I just don’t get it!  

Fiance hates it when I file my nails.  He says the noise makes his teeth hurt?  (He doesn’t seem to mind it when I give him his weekly manly mani)

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Busy bee
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I drive him crazy because I can’t ever tell him what I want to eat. He always wants me to pick dinner.

He makes me nutty when he lays on the bed or couch with his shoes on! Gross – I don’t know where the shoes have been. 

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