Stress and anxiety

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Talk to a friend. 

Get some sunshine.

Go for a walk. 

Hit the gym or a circuit workout- CHEAH!

Pet my cat.

Cry into my cats fur.

Smell my cat. 

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When I get stressed, I pet my dog or take her for a walk,  or talk it out with a sister. Or I try to change whatever has me stressed,  I was stressed about work last month,  so I put in to change teams.  Just trying to do something makes me less stressed. 

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When i get stressed… Its usually because i feel out of control. So… I make lists. Things that need done like housework or projects at work. It helps me to visualize and prioritize things… Even if I don’t complete them right away. 

I go for a walk… Play with my kids. Ive found that doing my nails serves a few purposes. 1. I keep up on my nails since we are engaged, but 2. It takes a lot of focus to do them. So i kind of lose all the anxiety for a while.

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I take a boxing class for stress! It really does help to hit something! I also go for a hike (my favorite – being out in nature and seeing all the beauty really does help me), walk the dog, do yoga, or just generally workout when I am stressed/depressed. 

If I’m really in a funk I try something new that sounds really interesting (how I started the boxing class!). A new workout class, a new restaurant, a cooking class, a new hike, just something different to give me a new experience (almost always with friends or SO). It usually gives me the confidence to shake out of my rut. 

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MrsGirlyGirl :  I suffer from ptsd (from my daughters death)

in the beginning it was terrible I had an older son who was about 2 and I used to wake up completely panicked and shake him to wake him .. 

I started this thing counting I would count as far as I could and if i still felt the beed to wake him I at least was that much calmer 😉

 I still suffer from anxiety and panic attacks I almost had one yesterday I now remind myself that I am fine and I know that this is a panic attack and I am not dying (because sometimes it feels like it) sometimes this works and other times not so much.

bed time is the hardest for me so I put the kids to bed then I start my routine I get myself ready thinking about all the positive things that we accomplished today and any other good things that happened. Then I meditate and after that if I still feel slightly uneasy I will do breathing exercises.:

anxiety and depression and panic attack are crappy and even though I have gone to counseling support groups and talk openly about thing it still rears it’s ugly head at very inconvenient times..

I hope you find something that helps and you are able to get it under control sending virtual hugs 🤗 



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Therapy. Relaxing music. Limiting caffeine. Trying to get some exercise each day, even if it is just a walk. Attending church. Staying hydrated. I also take a low dose medication.

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In addition to what has been said by others, I strongly recommend a type of therapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). It’s a lot to explain, but I would google it.  The four core components are mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation.  You can find a lot of resources about it online. It helps change your perceptions so you do not jump to conclusions, teaches positive coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety, and rather than just focusing on the “why” things are happening (like psychotherapy), it focuses on concrete steps you can take to live your best life in the moment. 

Journaling in an email to myself always helps me identify my emotions, process them, and move on with a plan.  My therapist strongly recommends builing support systems (friends family), which has been a struggle for me all my life, but it has helped.

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I think when I was struggling the most, I found it incredibly relaxing writing lists. Writing lists anywhere from my favorite colors to my favorite movies to my favorite places to eat to everything else… I also would do very reptitive things- cross-hatching on a piece of paper, counting bathroom tiles, anything to take my mind off of my anxiety at the time (especially during attacks). The essential oil diffuser was great- as long as it doesn’t get too strong! I had no idea how many drops to put in it so I put about 20 in and it was so strong it actually triggered an anxiety attack (for some completely unknown reason). I also saw a therapist and started taking Prozac, which has really helped! Since my attacks were the worst, I have been able to ween myself off of prozac, only starting to take it when I have a stressful ordeal coming up (like purchasing our new home). My anxiety attacks have dwindled and even though I still have swings of depression, that seems better, as well.  

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Smelling my dogs. It’s weird, like sniffing baby heads. They smell so good to me. And I also try to spend some time just cuddling with them or playing fetch everyday. Take them for a nice walk. 

I’m also on lexapro (anti depressant) for my anxiety. This has worked wonders, but it took a while for me to find the right medication and dosage. Lots of doctors appointments. 

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thesecondwife :  My dogs are stinky no matter how much I bathe them. UGH lol. 

I took lexapro but the plan was to get off of it after a year. I waited 1.5 years. But it did work and the panic attacks no longer happen even though I may be SUPER anxious. Depression is out the window. Yeah I feel sad but its more… normal I think? But point is… lexapro works great and you do have an option to get off of it when ready. 

I watch or listen to ASMR videos on Youtube. Go for a walk and try to take deep breaths. Or sometimes just going to bed and laying down in a dark room and trying to watch TV helps take my mind elsewhere. 

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I too am on a relatively low dose of Lexapro for anxiety.  It really does work, and I have no side effects.  

Other than that… I read, take walks, watch the ducks in the lake near my house, find fun projects to do at my house with no time pressure… I have orchids and like to garden.  

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I am highly anxiety prone myself. I always thought I would be a victim to it or have to rely on meds, but I’ve recently found some natural things that have helped A LOT.

Getting a cat, if you don’t have one already. Seriously, I have practically no heart palpitations since getting her (like nearly a year ago). I used to get quite severe palpitations from anxiety that I had to get checked for, but since I got a cat they come very infrequently (usually around period time when my nervous system is going haywire), and usually are very mild. There are studies that talk about the positive effects of having a pet on stress. And cats are a good one cause they aren’t as stressful as dogs lol.

Another thing is making sure I have a solid routine going. I’ve always been notoriously lousy with my routines. Always been a massive night owl, so would go to sleep at 10pm, or 4am, or anywhere in between. Making sure I have a consistent wind down routine at night which involves no bright lights after 9:30, and curling up under some blankets on the couch with some herbal tea and a book have seriously helped me there. Also, scented candles. Mmmmm.

YOGA! I always thought yoga was quack until I decided to try giving it a go. I honestly love it now. It makes you feel more confident because you’re like “hey I can do that thing I couldn’t do last week!” which is nice because it gives you little goals that you can achieve and for me that helps my feelings of inadequecy or stress. Like yeah, I did this thing! And of course it does the typical yoga things of forcing you to breathe deeply and mindfully and focus on the movements and breath, which helps to direct your thoughts better. Yoga classes are expensive, but I’ve been following a YouTube channel called Yoga with Adriene so I can just do it at home and it’s honestly just great. I find her bedtime yoga videos also help with stress and winding down for the day to help a consistent routine.

And yes, exercise. I’ve always hated it, but recently learned to love it. If you find the right exercise that gels with you then it can honestly really help when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Case in point, yesterday I was having a bit of a stress meltdown with feelings of intense inadequecy and the tears just wouldn’t stop. So I got down, did some slow mindful Yoga, then hopped up and threw on my High Intensity yoga (BUTI Yoga too be exact), and by the end of it I felt way more in control and not so much a slave to my emotions. Them endorphins are fab y’all.

Anyway I hope some of these suggestions by myself and others can help you! Anxiety and depression majorly suck, but there absolutely are ways to manage it and take the power back for yourself! Good luck 🙂

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It depends what is stressing me out. If it’s a task that seems too big, I break it down to smaller, easy to accomplish tasks. I’ll think “the house is a mess and everything needs to be cleaned!” which is overwhelming. So every day I will do one or two smaller things, load the dishwasher, vacuum, or do a load of laundry. 

Sometimes I just need to find a way to turn off the spiraling thoughts in my head, especially before bed. I often listen to podcasts as it gives me something to focus on. 

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I have some really bad bouts of anxiety, to the point I get shaky and feel like puking. What helps me is doing something mundane and working with my hands. Not sure why, maybe it is about focusing on something small.

Sometimes I color, I’ve tried to crochet, and yesterday I discovered that priming our master bedroom in our new house really helped a particularly bad episode. But obviously I can’t paint rooms all the time.

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