(Closed) What do you do to make your DH/DW feel like they are the most amazing man/woman?

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Busy bee

I make him his absolute favorite food (that takes a lot of work to make but he LOVES it), have a special day in which we go to a “man store” together for him… I think it depends on the guy. But what makes him feel the most special is when I really make an effort to not criticize or push him in any way, but show him respect and appreciation in everything I do. And when he sees that I’m very happy, and it’s all because of him. Men really aren’t that high maintenance!

ETA: Taking a special night dedicated to intimacy can also work wonders for that

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@squeak:  I agree with this. Ever since we started showing appreciation and gratitude towards the other, things have been amazing. 

I will also buy his fav junk stuff at the store, do his laundry, give him a massage after a particularly hard day at work, and the newest thing I’ve added to my repertoire…cooking in my apron ONLY! Yeah, I have to be careful what Im making, cuz I get pulled away pretty quickly πŸ˜‰

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I don’t just tell Fiance that I love him, I also tell him how much I appreciate all he does for us, and I tell him quite often that I know how hard he works. I think he likes to hear it. Recognizing his effort I guess.  

I will also suprise him with his favorite candy, or if there is an event going on in town I will surprise him with tickets. 

A few weeks ago he jokingly (I think!) said “You should make me an easter basket this year.”  LOL. um… okay….

But I DID!  He just got back from being on the road, so I got everything the day before he got back so I had time to hide it.  I put a motocross magazine in there, his cologne he ran out of, a gift card to the pretzel place in the mall (because we cant ever walk by without him getting one), and a kite.  Yes, a kite.  He mentioned wanting one once, and I have a pretty good memory.  He is going to be so surpised. LOL.  Or he will think I am retarded for doing it.   oh! I also put in his favorite candy!  =)

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Letting him sleep in on the weekends!  My nature would be to wake up and start the day, get him helping me on a craft or home improvement project, or even to just lay in bed and talk to each other.  But the man loves to sleep in!  So he knows it takes a lot of reigning in my instincts to let him sleep and I think it makes him feel good.  Also even though we are not super religious, I try to go as traditional as possible for our holidays without making myself crazy.  I know he really appreciates this.

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Little things are important to me and I try to compliment Darling Husband on things he feels insecure about. For example, while he doesn’t stress over it, I know he doesn’t comsider himself good looking and his parents sometimes rib him about how dark his skin is, so I’m always reminding him of how handsome and sexy he is.

I also tell him how much I’m proud of him, how lucky I am to get him, etc.

I like to draw as a hobby so one time I sketched a doodle on a piece of note paper of us kissing and our heads formed a heart shape. I stuffed it in the pocket of his uniform so he’d find it at work later but he caught me before he left for work. He could not stop smiling. he even framed it and used it as the opening image in our wedding slideshow.

We also worked together waiting tables so one time I stole his orderpad and wrote some mushy little note on it not that he discovered next time he had a customer. He ripped it off and stapled it to the top of his order pad so he could always look at it when he used it.

Am thinking of leaving a surprise picture in his phone for the next time he checks his gallery but idk what yet.

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@misskarianne:  I make an easter basket every year for my SO! lol 


I am constantly telling my SO how proud/how much I love him, but I also love to spoil him…

We don’t live together so sometimes i’ll wake up super early and bring him his favorite coffee before work, i’ll make his lunch for the next day and include a little note, I’m always buying him new clothes or anything else i stumble apon that i think he should have, our schools are next door to each other so i’ll often sneak over to his and put a note on his car, i’ve even called up to the bar when his friends are out and bought their first round of beer’s, i’ve had beer baskets delivered when i’m away specifically on the night of his favorite tv show…

 He loves all the little touches and often brags about them to his friends πŸ™‚ 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I like to surprise him with either breakfast in bed or just having breakfast ready when he wakes up on the weekends. I too need to get better about doing things “just because” so that he knows I’m thinking about him. Maybe that will get the ball rolling for him too! I think I’m going to get some Post-it notes and write messages for him to see on the bathroom mirror before work. In college I used to leave notes on his car before he would go to school and he always liked that

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Busy bee
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I think it’s the little things that matter the most. I’ve been with my fiance for years aned LOVES it when I cook especially his favorite foods. After our wedding I’m planning on a “man cave” in our basement (Flat screen TV, bar, darts, poker table, beer fridge) Can’t wait, he’s going to love it.

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I tell him all the time what a wonderful person/ husband/ future father he is. I support him and praise him whenever he tells me his grade from an exam, assignment, how he reacted to a situation. That’s way more than his family ever did and I feel like I need to make up for it. That’s really the best thing that I could ever do for him…I do everything else like cook his meals, clean after him, etc..but he was way more insecure about himself before I came into the picture. It’s nice to see him like himself:)

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We’re not married yet, but a couple of weeks ago I gave him flowers for no reason and he loved that.  I cook his favorite meals and give plenty of back rubs.  We also frequently email or text each other throughout our days.  I tell him every day how much I love him and how blessed I know I am for him being in my life.  Another thing is I do is keep tuned into how he’s feeling physically and if I can tell he’s getting a little tired/weary I’ll say, “Honey, why don’t you kick back and check out the game.  I’ll bring you a beer and finish up with this.”  He likes that the most, lol.

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Busy bee
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I’m not married yet, but I do little things for FH too. I buy him cards that say exactly what I’m not able to put into words and I will MAIL it to him to get during the week (I only see him on the weekends currently). Who doesn’t like mail that’s NOT a bill. I stay there on Friday nights and will get the kids up and make breakfast for them and let him sleep in. He is a single dad and has to do it alone every day, so I can help since I’m already up. I also will leave him notes on the house alarm cover (so he sees it when he sets the alarm if he stays over). I see them scattered around his house and on his dresser Laughing

Hmmmm wonder what I’ll do when we get to see each other daily? Probably leave him a note to go to happy hour with friends!

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Bumble bee
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@mmr66:  this is the first time we have spent easter together (all the other times he has been gone!)  so I’m actually pretty excited.

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I pack his lunch every morning before work. I always write little notes in it about how much I love him and appreciate his hard work. I also try to surprise him with fun things for us to do together, or for him to do with his friends. I really try to encourage him to see his friends or have them over as much as possible. It’s fun for me to hear them having a good time together and I know he appreicates the guy time πŸ™‚

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My Fiance loves it when I get up early with him before he leaves and make him pancakes πŸ™‚ I don’t do it all the time, haha, so its a special treat. 

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