(Closed) What do you do when people say incredibly #*%$ing stupid things to you?

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@iarebridezilla:  I kinda have the same sense of humor with you and this has happened to me.


You clearly have to choose who is worth replying to and who is not. If you try to please all the people or try to explain every basic thing to every one of them you are totally lost. So try to be nice and patient where it matters (work for example) and let people think what they want about you when it comes to facebook or blogs or the internet. Plus it is almost certain that when someone is really stupid ( not someone you are just not compatible with, but someone really stupid) there is no point arguing with them. They will drag you down to how they like making arguments. 🙂

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I ask them to elaborate so I have something to laugh my ass off about and make fun of.

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@iarebridezilla:  Maybe they were subtly trying to tell you that it wasn’t as funny as you thought?  I don’t know, just wondering.

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@iarebridezilla:  I am by no means stupid, however, my first instinct is to take everything literally. I also tend to respond before the back of my brain finally gets around to thinking about it for a few minutes and realize that it’s most likely a joke. And then I’m facepalming over my own literal reaction to something that was a joke.

Some of us just simply don’t get it for a few minutes. We just don’t have that humor hard-wired.

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@iarebridezilla:  ugh I hear you.  I am exactly the same way, except, instead of saying something, I have a look of complete disgust on my face.  Like I just smelled decaying meat.  It’s involuntary, I swear.  

There is this other teacher at my school who is such a moron that it’s hard for me to be in the same room as him.  

Some gems:

-he is reading Hatchet to his class (why he is reading a 5th grade level book to 8th graders is beyond me, honestly) and it’s the part where the pilot has the heart attack.  He’s reading: “The pilot winces…. no, wait, that’s not a word…. wiiiinn- … huh.  Winked? Yup, winked.”

Like the pilot is trying to get his flirt on while having a life-ending heart attack.

-my coworker’s mom came in to teach our kids about colonial games.  She had a make-shift costume and totally rocked it. She wore a flowery dress, with a clearly faked “bonnet” It was obvious that she was wearing it over her clothes.  He walks by and says to another co worker “I didn’t know her parent’s are Amish” 




I’m on this committee with him, and he thinks if he speaks louder, he’s right.  It kills me.  

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@iarebridezilla:  Yes especially online things can become really ridiculous. And in the end the other person will say to you ”I didn’t get your joke, you didn’t get mine so why are you being such a bitch?”. It’s easy to become the bad one in a situation especially when the other person can’t know your tone or your opinions or whatever. So why give them the chance to make you the bad one? You just sigh and move on 🙂

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@nadnuk:  ME TOO! I am just like that. I am very smart but my brain seems to take a few seconds longer than everyone else’s to comprehend things like that. So I am likely to do one of those incredibly stupid literal things. I’ve slowly learned that when someone says something totally unlikely or bizarre, they are probably joking and I should laugh even if I’m actually thinking, “what???!!!! Really????!!! Is that true?!”

Aaaand then my sense of humor is kind of weird and understated, and I’m serious most of the time, so when I joke people think I’m serious and look at me strangely. Urk. Foot in Mouth

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@iarebridezilla:  I get this a lot too..but just because we were blessed with rapier like wits, does not mean we’re entitled to humiliate the people who run at average speed…which is frustrating, because in my life…there are three, 3 people that I can actually run at my normal witty speed with and not have to slow down, re-explain, cite a reference or repeat myself to…its our burden.

The way you let someone know they just jumped the shark on one of your jokes is all in the facial expressions, because all people are acutely aware of non verbal signals…so it spares everyone’s feelings.

So when someone says something so monumentally off base in reaction to one of my cracks…they kind of start to look like this to me…..


So then I just make a face similar to this one…..

And its all over, they get that they missed it, and there’s no reason to beat things to death because they just didn’t get it….

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When that happens I just sort of stare at them dead eyed, and then move on. I’ve learned that sometimes there is just no reasoning with idiots.

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@iarebridezilla:  Lol I like Nona99’s faces. I often do that.

I like to joke about my unborn child a lot because my God, I need to have a sense of humor while growing a baby, especially when you got the Mother-In-Law I do, and some people just don’t find humor, which is fine, but they will chatsize me and be like, “OMG I really hope you’re not going to call him that” or “I hope you’re joking because if you would truly do that, blah blah blah.”

I tend to look at them really stupid because it should be pretty obvious that I am not going to walk around and call me child, “Little junior sonabitch.” (apparently Family Guy isn’t funny anymore)

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