(Closed) What do you do with a newborn all day?

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You do your normal routine as much as you can. Sleep when they sleep, eat, clean, go visit people etc.  You can baby wear to having them in a swing to their carrier. For play time depends on the age, starting with tummy time to rolling over to crawling to walking.  Personally I find once they are mobile harder than when my son was a baby. I could put him down in his carrier/swing and he would stay put as to when he got mobile things had to be put up and had to watch for sharp corners hard objects they can topple over/bump into.  My son loved his bouncy jumper.


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Honestly, in the first month or two, all I did was feed baby/change, cuddle baby, take baby grocery shopping and read to baby.  Otherwise I went about my daily tasks while she slept or hung out in her swing.

I don’t remember when I started tummy time, but my Dirty Delete HATED it, so we didn’t do much of that for quite a while either.

I think a lot of it really depends on the baby. Mine was very content to hang out in her swing or cuddle with me and watch whatever I was doing.

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I’m of no help because I’m still TTC, but don’t feel embarassed… I’ve been asking myself the same question at times! I’m curious to see what mamma bees will have to say! 

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If you are going to breastfeed, you will be doing A LOT of that. I seriously felt like all I did for the first month (at least) was breastfeed. I didn’t do very much tummy time in the beginning with Dirty Delete because she really hated it. I would read to Dirty Delete, and show her high contrast toys during “playtime”. My suggestion would be to not overthink things. All you really have to do is follow your baby’s cues. It really does start to come naturally to you.

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I held DS… constantly. He was THAT kind of baby.

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future_mrs_s:  I felt the same way. When they are tiny tiny, all you will do is feed and watch baby sleep. Play for us was chilling on the playmat listening to music. We also had a pack n play with a changer and he LOVED to hang out in the changer and listen to music. A little tummy time here and there. At his 6 month appt he still wasn’t rolling over and we were told 60 min of tummy time a day. For a tiny baby? A few min here and there- he or she is likely going to hate it. Don’t stress. You will fall into a rhythm with the Eat Play Sleep and baby will let you know when things need to be changed up! Oh and he also loved to lie in his crib and watch his high contrast mobile!

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You can sing to him, take him out in the stroller, or rock him in the rocking chair.  If you have him in a seat or playpen, put it somewhere where he can see you and have a mobile.  It’s just about very basic stimulation in the beginning.  You can also play soft classical music if you are looking to stimulate him.  Babies love putting things in their mouth, or gripping things so you can give him a soft safe toy to touch and gum.  I agree with others saying don’t overthink it.  You don’t have to spend every minute on the baby.  Just make it a point to interact with him periodically throughout the day.  As the baby gets older, he will show you what he likes by following things with his eyes, cooing, or laughing.

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To say newborn babies are easily amused would be the understatement of the century! They literally want nothing more than to just look at stuff. Show them a toy — just hold it up and let them look at it — and they’re happy. Put them in a bouncer and face them towards you and then just sit there quietly reading a book, and they’re happy. “I can see Mommy! This is so great!” When they get a little older, you can start placing them in an activity gym (before they even have the ability to reach for the hanging toys), and they will just stare at the toys mesmerized.

It will feel like you need to do all this work to help their brains grow and so on, but really it’s not necessary. They will develop just fine as long as you follow their cues and switch to a different activity if the current one doesn’t work anymore. Maybe they’re not into tummy time when they’re really small, but eventually they’re gonna do it all the time as they work on learning to crawl. It will all be fine.

One of my DD’s favorite things, by the way, was this book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002J4U8L6/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_dp_ss_2?pf_rd_p=1535523722&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B00000J0FW&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=0BK60PZGYA1S0SAEE3X7

It was months before we finally photos in it, because the pages have these black and white designs on them that are very newborn baby friendly. Like, a grid of black squares on a white background. A bunch of black dots. White dots on a black background. Super high contrast pictures that Dirty Delete was all about for several months after being born!

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 I called my dad a few days after my daughter was born to ask what she should be doing. Lol. Turns out newborns eat and sleep pretty much around the clock. Agree with poster above, let them look at stuff. As they get bigger, you will find they enjoy strange things. You’ll know what’s right when the baby gets here. 

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I’m at the same stage as you, 26w 4 d, so obviously I don’t have any experience yet. However, it hadn’t really even occurred to me to play with the baby in the beginning. From what I get from my friends it’s a constant eating/changing/sleeping for the first 1-2 months. All I’m planning so far is to try to sleep when baby sleeps and perhaps get a few things done around the house if baby is content in a sling that I can carry it around in.

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They eat all day.  Like every 2 hours.  You finish breastfeeding and like 30 seconds later it seems like it is time to start again!!!!!!

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I don’t have one of my own yet (at least, not bigger than a poppyseed lol), but when my brothers were infants, we pretty much just stuck them in the moses basket and set them in whatever room my mom was teaching us.  They watched the world go by and seemed pretty happy with it.  Eventually that turned into a blanket with some toys, but in the beginning they just eat and sleep and stare at you; it’s once they start moving that the trouble starts! 😉

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Nothing. Lol. They sleep a ton and eat and that’s really it. With dd I held her or read to her or showed her toys. This time around (I’m 38 weeks) the new guy will just hang out and watch his sister run around. People keep asking me if I’m stressed about having a newborn and a toddler and I’m not. I’m much more worried about this time next year when I have 2 toddlers!

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future_mrs_s:  when my son was a newborn he just slept and ate pretty much. So it was a lot of diapers\bottles\baths. But I would take some time and put on some music and dance with him to change things up. I would sing to him while I was cleaning and he was in his carrier. I also would play piano sometimes, read to him, or just talk to him. I think you’ll just figure it out as you go. Newborns don’t do a whole lot so it’s not so much about entertainment, more about comfort and fulfilling their needs. some stimulation is good though for both of you. After the first few weeks you’ll start to think of things to fill the time. don’t overthink this! it will happen naturally.

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