What do you do with once worn clothes?

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Sugar bee
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I only ever re-wear pants or jeans if I didn’t wear them for very long the day before. I usually will lay them across a chair if I plan to wear them the next day, but most of my clothes get washed after each wear.

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Sugar bee
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You can get different amounts of wear between washes for certain items, so it really depends. Obviously socks and underwear are one and done, but I don’t know anyone who washes their bras after one wear, for example. Same with jeans and most pants for me anyways. As a rule, unless something drips or spills on my pants, I can get a lot of use out of them before I decide they need to be freshened up. With tops, I tend to layer a lot (especially in the winter months) so I wear a different cami/undershirt daily but don’t necessarily have to wash the blouses and sweaters or blazers that I wear over them every time unless they don’t pass the sniff check or they become dirty. When I come home, I usually change into my “comfy clothes” right away and assess what to do with the clothes I wore for the day ex. hang outside of my closet to get some air before going back in or laundry bin. 

ETA: I also have a system that helps me keep track of clothes that I’ve worn already but haven’t re-washed. My closet is very organized ex. blazers in one section, work dresses in another, short sleeve tops, long sleeve, etc. so I have a specific section where I put the clothes I’ve worn as that helps me to not repeat outfits often and I know to go right to that section and see what needs to be thrown in the wash on laundry days. 

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Bumble bee

Your clothes will last twice as long if you dont wash them after each use. 

I dont store them separately. Dh puts his in a separate drawer. 

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Busy bee
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I wash everything after one use, except bras, which I’ll generally get maybe 3 wears from, unless it’s been a really hot day or I’ve been exercising, in which case they go in the wash.

I never wear trousers, only skirts and dresses. I’m sure sometimes the skirts could go a couple of days, but I just can’t get over the idea that I’m putting on clothes which aren’t clean…

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Buzzing bee
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Similar to ladyvictoria, I’ll hang them up in our room for a bit to air and then put them back in the wardrobe.

Clothes last so much longer if you don’t wash after every wash and they definitely don’t get dirty that quickly (obviously there are exceptions, like underwear, that go in the laundry basket after one wear)

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Bumble bee

I have hanging cubicles for my clothes (other than jackets), I just started folding my clothes Marie Kondo style lol, at the front of the cubicles, there’s usually some space (especially the top 2-3 cubicles, which I’ll fold my worn but not to be washed clothes and put there. 


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Busy bee

Gym clothes, hiking clothes, socks, underwear, and my scrubs get worn once and washed. Business casual clothing, jeans, sweaters, tops, etc get worn twice before washing, unless I get the clothing dirty or spill something on it. My closet is organized by color, so the twice-worn clothes go back in the closet with the others. I wash everything in warm water, and dry on permanent press. I don’t dry clean anything except for my wool pea coats. My cashmere sweaters get hand washed in Woolite. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

lauralaura123 :  I either drape over the footboard or hang them on a hanger to just air out for the night and then put them away in the morning. My husband strews them everywhere and drives me crazy  If it isn’t clean enough to be out away then put it in the hamper. 

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Busy bee
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Tops, I wash whether or not I wore them only 1 hour or the whole day because I freaken sweat haha. But other than that fleece, trousers, jeggings etc I wash whem needed, usually after a couple times. 

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Bumble bee
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I just put them back in the closet. If something gets visibly dirty or smelly then I wash it. Obviously I wash underwear and socks and athletic clothes after each wear.

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Helper bee
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On days I work from home I tend to wear the same thing, so I just leave things in the bathroom and put them on the next day. If it’s not something I plan to wear the next day it goes back in the dresser. My husband seems to wash everything, including jeans, after one wear, which screams waste of laundry to me. 

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Bee Keeper
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I don’t sweat so I don’t wash all my clothes every day, usually I rewear jumpers, trousers and dresses and wash things like underwear and blouses every wear. If I’m washing it then it goes in the laundry basket and if not it goes back in the wardrobe.

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Helper bee

Lol usually the bed, sometimes the floor.

I wash clothes once a week. Socks and underwear I wear once and then wash. My work shirts get worn once and then washed, because they usually smell by the end of the day. I own and wear one pair of jeans that I wash weekly, so usually five uses. T-shirts and yoga pants get washed when they smell, which is usually once a week. And because I’m down to one sports bra, I wash that once a week too – yes, it’s gross, but I can’t find another one I like and I work out at least 5 days a week, so…

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