(Closed) What do you do yourself versus pay to get done? What does it cost monthly?

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  • poll: In terms of "beauty treatments," I...

    Do most things myself

    Pay to have most things done

    Do everything myself

    Pay to have everything done

    Don't do any

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    I guess I’m pretty low maintenance. I usually don’t do anything to my nails, but if I did I do it at home except for like, 5 times in my life. I pluck my brows, wax my bikini myself, and laser my armpits. I had my legs waxed once for a vacation and I plan to do it again for the wedding/honeymoon because it was AWESOME. I cut my own bangs because I don’t go to a salon that often, and I get my hair cut 3-4 times a year because I’m too lazy to go more often. That’s it for beauty maintenance. I don’t dye my hair, do spa stuff or anything else. 

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    @MrsPanda99:  The best blackhead/pore treatment/toner I’ve found is actually a DIY job.  It’s mostly witch hazel, with a little bit of tea trea oil.  I keep it in a small bottle and shake it before each use since the oil floats to the top.

    I get my hair cut (at the cheapest place I’ve found that can actually do a good job, after having bad luck at chain cheap cut places), but I color it myself.  I like to treat myself to occassional mani/pedis, but mainly because they do a better job with cuticles/dead skin than I can do myself.  If I need a wax (which I’ll only do before a vacation or something), I’ll get that done too after making the mistake of trying it myself.  My eyebrow hairs stopped growing in shortly after I started plucking 🙂

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    i do it all myself now.  hair cuts, waxing, nails, pedicures, all me.

    my dh gives excellent massages so i got that covered too.

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    I think I do everything myself except cut my hair…. but I’ve been cutting back on that lately anyway (last haircut was in April).

    I use at-home acne treatments, pluck my eyebrows, shave the usual areas (wax scares me), and I paint my own nails (maybe once every 2 months). I don’t get facials/massages or anything like that unless I receive a gift card. I don’t color my hair either. I might get a mani or pedi once a year maybe but for the most part I like to save my money for other fun things.

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    I get my hair cut and colored professionally every 6-8 weeks (by a friend, so she gives me discounts). 

    I get massages once per month to help cut down on migraines (which I have now so that reasoning is moot)

    I don’t do my nails or get them done, I use drugstore makeup, and take care of my own body hair (shaving, plucking)

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    lol same, I try to paint my nails but get them all over my fingers. What is sugaring ? I do as much as I can myself. Eyebrows, nails, shaving legs and all that. Though I used to dye my hair myself I’m trying to quit lol. I used to dye my hair “fun” colours 5x a year and am cutting way back and going to let someone who actually knows what they’re doing take care of it. Also I can’t cut my.own hair of course. Though I’m low maintenance I like the occasional hair styling/ mani for special occasions.

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    I get my hair dyed/sometimes highlighted (depends on my mood or the amount of money I have), sometimes mani/pedi (I used to this more in NY, it was actually cheaper there than in SC), I get my eyebrows threaded (they’re really bushy otherwise), I get everything lasered (face, underarms, brazilian, full leg). I used to get regular facials, for about a year, but I didn’t really notice much of a difference – I just do a lot of at home treatments now.

    Hair – usually around $150-200 every 2-3 months (although, this time I’ve gone 4, but it’s really getting out of hand)

    Eyebrows – $15 after tip every 3 weeks (I should do it every 2)

    Mani/Pedi – $35, but I have an at-home gel system and a bunch of polishes that I’ll do myself sometimes

    Laser – about $300 to get everything done maybe 2-3 times a year, sometimes less often (I’m on maintanence – and I have to go back to NY to get this done)

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    I get my hair treated about twice a year and cut twice a year. The cut is about £40 a pop, but the treatment is £70 a go! I also get my brows threaded regularly, because it’s only £5 and the girl who does it is really good. Nails, hair removal, facials etc I do myself. I am a hairy man beast, so I try to do a bit of hair removal every day… just 5 minutes or so a day does the trick.

    I got semi-permanent eyelashes for my wedding and would definitely do it again. They were £25 and lasted for about 5 weeks. It’s bad for the lashes to do them too often though.

    I also got botox before the wedding, which I think was about £150? £180? Can’t remember, LOL! It was amazing and worth every penny. I would definitely save up for a few months and go again… even if it is reeeeeeaaaaallllyyy expensive, I looked so good afterwards!

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    I wax my lip and eyebrows, color my own hair, do a cap for frosting my hair. I used to get a pedicure and my nails done but I’m too cheap now. I will pay for a good massage at a spa. 🙂 Last winter I bought an acrylics set (like the nail salon uses) to put on my real nails but they kept popping off.

    My mom was a beautician so I grew up watching her slap color on someone’s head so it’s kinda engrained in my brain. She cuts my hair.

    I do my own eyebrows bc my Jr prom in high school, I had Pam Anderson eyebrows from getting them waxed at a salon. Haha.

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    In the past year I’ve had two mani/pedis — for my wedding and then for my best friend’s wedding, LOL.  Well, technically it’s over a year now but I haven’t had anything else done.  I typically have my eyebrows waxed when they’re out of control but I tweeze to maintain the look until they rebel and can’t be tamed o_o;;….usually a haircut or two a year…usually one time o_O….I paint my nails all the time tho =) by myself, lol.

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    @MrsPanda99:  I do absolutely everything myself, except my hair. I’m really big into makeup (I have about 7 drawers full!), I don’t paint my nails because I don’t like it (except my toenails every once in a while), I do my own eyebrows, I shave, etc. My grandma is a hair dresser so when I see her I usually just get my hair trimmed so I don’t pay for it. I just don’t see the point in paying for things I could do myself. 

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    the only thing i pay for is my hair usually 2 times a year because my highlights are peekaboo and all over color matches my natural roots, and then tanning monthly. I do facials, sugaring, and shellac. I do my own toes and eyebrows too. I do my nails every 2 weeks its just a hobby!!

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    I do most things at home except for cutting my hair. I try to only get my hair cut on days when I have another event going on since my cuts also include styling. That way I don’t feel like I got my hair done for nothing. I do go for manicures and pedicures occasionally but I’ve cut back on that recently.

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    I get my haircut maybe once or twice a year. As of right now it’s been 17 months since my last haircut… I have cut mine before, when I was living in dorms in the middle of nowhere. I only get my nails done when my friends invite me with them, otherwise I prefer them natural or paint them clear or light pink or champagne. I got my eyebrows waxed 3 or 4 times but never liked them as much as when I pluck them myself. I’ve never gotten waxed, a facial, or other skin treatments. I’m kind of a tomboy who likes to throw on heels and a dress every once in a while.

    I also help my SO cut his hair. We’re total DIYers anyway. We’ve built computers, furniture, planters, and fix the majority of the issues in our apartment ourselves. Oh, and he’s a great mechanic. I only have to pay to get my car worked on when it needs to be lifted on hydraulics.

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