(Closed) How do you feel about your partner traveling?

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Helper bee
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My new job requires me to travel a lot and be away.. We thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, but we both hate being away from each other all the time. So, I am leaving to go back to my old job after a year of being in this job.

As far as vacations, we travel together for the most part.

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Helper bee

We prefer to travel together because we don’t get much alone time.  However, we wouldn’t have any issue with the other taking time with a girls or guys trip.  We just have more fun together than we do with friends.

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Honey bee
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We prefer to travel together and usually do. He goes away for a weekend every year (although in the last 5 years, he’s only made it 3 times because our travel plans have created a conflict) and I don’t mind.. I’ve been away for a night or two without him but.. Travel is one of our favorite things to do together so doing it seperately isn’t a priority for either of us.

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Honey bee
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This will be me, as I love to travel and Darling Husband likes it but would rather stay home. So, I can see myself taking girls weekends, or trips with my sister in the future versus him. I would love if he wanted to go on some of them… but that’s just not him.

Heck, I am usually gone more than he is – either visiting family or friends.

I mean, it was some big trip – that I would plan with him. But, a few days away here and there or to a place he could care less about seeing, then OK.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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we generally vacation together.  but every now and then Darling Husband does a guys trip.  maybe 1-2 nights out.  let’s say they go to atlantic city or something.  i have no problem with this.

but i also might go away for a few nights without him as well, a girls trip to the beach or whatever.


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Honey Beekeeper
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For work?  No problem, we’ve both travelled independant for work to some interesting places.  (Him: Taiwan, Kuwait, Poland, Me: Turkey, Munich, possibly UAE next year).  We’d never turn down traveling for work on someone elses time and dime.  But when it comes to personal trips using our own time and money, we will go together.  We both love to travel and would not leave the other behind to explore a new place knowing the other would love to go too unless there was a good reason to…. which I can’t think of any.  It also depends on the destination  If he wanted to go on a camping or guys trip an hr or two drive away, nothing exotic, sure, no problem.  If they wanted to go to Europe for a week, problem.

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Helper bee

My fiancé went on a guy’s trip a couple months ago and said he really wished I was there. I am totally fine with him travelling without me though. I go on trips without him whenever I want haha.

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Bee Keeper
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We don’t really get the opportunity to travel for fun at all. I would be pretty jealous if my husband got to go on vacation without me, just because it’s probably at the expense of me getting to go on vacation with him at all. I understand that many couples travel a lot and go on several trips per year so it’s not as big of a deal to go separately sometimes, but that is not the case for us. In fact, we’ve never even taken a vacation that wasn’t to visit my parents out of state or for work. 

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Helper bee
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My husband and I both land up travelling far more than we’d like for work. We’re both engineers so when we travel it’s usually to the midddle of nowhere and it can be for quite excessive and variable (in that we don’t know exactly when we’re coming home) periods of time. As a result, when we travel for fun it’s almost always together (the only exception to this that we’ve ever had was DH’s bachelor party). However, I think that if we didn’t travel for work neither of us would mine doing a fun trip here and there alone. 

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Helper bee
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warmsoul1101:  My Fiance just got back from a weekend away in California for one of his best friends promotional ceremonies. 

Um…it was magical. I was able to clean without him being in the way, binge watch all my trashy reality TV shows, eat food without worrying about him coming home and eating it…I loved it and kind of wished it lasted three more days lol

Now, I missed his company and lovin’, but those few days I had to myself were pretty awesome. I think we can all use a mini detox from our partner. Gives us a chance to miss one another and appreciate the times we do spend together. I had a holiday party that I went to without him and that sucked, but other than that, it was a great time!

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Busy bee
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I encourage him to go on trips with his brother and friends although he hasen’t gone on one yet. Just because you’re in a LTR, engaged, or married doesn’t mean that all of your fun has to be shared with one another. He has a life outside of me and if I tried to repress it I’d be selfish. 

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Sugar bee
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We usually travel together, but we take weekend trips with friends separately sometimes. I think its good for us! He is going to London alone this Christmas (we go every year to be with his family) because it will be too late in my pregnancy for me to fly. He is also going over for a friend’s wedding in April soona after I have the baby. Am I bummed I can’t go? Sure. But I wouldn’t want both of us to be bummed! 

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Bumble bee
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He’s gone on a couple trips without me. It’s cheaper and easier that way and it makes him happy, so it’s worth it. There’s a limit to how much I’d be comfortable with, but the more time we spend apart the more he misses me too, so I’m not worried 🙂

The trips I’ve gone on without him have all been short and to visit family.

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Helper bee
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My Fiance goes on snowboarding trips like 4 times a year from 1 week to 2 weeks. I generally don’t really care. It’s what he likes to do and I trust him. Why not? I’ve also gone to Italy with my male best friend, my Fiance didn’t care. He was like I trust you, you’re grown and I trust him.

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