What do you find annoying about your home?

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Our living room is on the smaller side, so we have to put the TV above the fireplace and arrange the couches only one way, because it’s not big enough to have the furniture any other way. Also, our office is in the back of the house with only one exit, so like if you want to get to the kitchen (which is next to the office) you have to walk all through the house to get to the kitchen, instead of it being more like an open loop. Our garage is detached, which is kind of a pain in the winter or when it’s raining, although we are very happy to have a garage. Also it’s on a back alley which never gets plowed in the winter. Our bathrooms are all pretty small, with not much counter space (but there’s 3 of them so we don’t need to share… we each have our own!)

We do, however, love our older house that has so much charm and our nice big fenced-in back yard.

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I don’t want to whine since we live rent-free but I really wish the house was bigger. Once we have a child, my work area will be moved to our bedroom, so we don’t have any room to spare. I know that having a house at all here is luxury but I grew up in a house with a huge master bedroom, good sized kids rooms, a huge study and a guest bedroom, so no matter how much I feel like an entitled brat, I still miss having room to spare.

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Nothing annoys me about our house. We did a full renovation and we designed and spec’d everything ourselves so everything is exactly how we want it. It’s a Victorian property full of period features and a big garden considering we live in a major city. The location is literally perfect, 1 minute walk from several cool bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

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Blushing bee

My house was built in 1930. It’s a two story, and the second story doesn’t hear or cool very well. Other than that, I love my house. It has a lot of cool built ins and we are updating it as money permits. Haha. 

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The size of the laundry room and the fact I have to walk into my house from the garage via the laundry room! The room is just tiny and I hate that it’s the only access point to the garage.

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We rent an old townhouse. It’s got a number of issues, but the main one is the front stairs. 

The main house is 1 storey, but it was built on a slope from front to back, and so the front stairs are about 15 steps high, narrow, and tall, and end with the front gate and the concrete footpath; and the front screen door opens outwards (onto the stairs, so you have to lean back on the top step to get to the front door). The number of times I’ve nearly gone headfirst either going in or out of my own house is scary, and getting furniture in or out is a nightmare!! We also warn any guests or deliverymen haha

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The way my house is positioned combined with big trees outside, means that one half is shady and cold, and the other is warm and sunny. xo

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JsDragonfly :  at least your dogs only get riled up when the get attention! I bike to work down my road, and rile up dogs along the way merely by existing…

On the original subject, I’ve been annoyed by corners cut and poor DIY work by the previous owners, but that’s mostly relatively straightforward to fix. The heating system was crazy (wood fired boiler, for a house built in the 90s) and that was expensive to fix, but at least we could get a top-of-the-line modern heat pump as a result. We want to redo the bathroom at some point, but with 1.5 baths that’s tricky. It would have been great to have two full baths.

But overall it’s a nice house in a lovely and convenient location, and it’s neither too big nor a manufactured home. Most acreage homes around here are one or the other. We’re lucky.

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We just moved from the home we own in Idaho to a rental in central NY because my husband has been temporarily assigned to a work project here. We will go back to our house next year and I can’t wait. I am going to appreciate it so much more when we go back!  

I hate our rental here – but we had limited options because it’s a small town, we have dogs, and we needed something quickly. 

So our kitchen doesn’t have adequate storage. We don’t have enough drawers to have a silverware drawer!  And we put an industrial metal shelving unit in the corner to act as a pantry. 

The first floor (open concept kitchen/dining/family room) is big and roomy but very poorly lit. We’ve put in a bunch of lamps and that helps, but I’m worried about what winter will be like here. 

No central air conditioning!!! (Which is, I know, a regional thing but I’m from OK and have lived mostly in the south and in the west, where people love their air conditioning!)

And the closets are tiny. 

Our Idaho house is new and big and has a huge pantry and giant walk in closets and a soaking tub in the master bathroom. I miss it so much! 😂😭😭😭

But there is one thing we don’t love about it – the floorplab is odd. The bedrooms are split – the master and one extra are on one side of the common areas. The other bedroom is off the kitchen. But the bathrooms are both on the other side of the house, one is en suite with the master and the other is right outside the master bedroom door. So if we have guests in the bedroom that would give them more privacy on the other side of the house, they have to walk across the house (through dining, kitchen, and family room) to get to the bathroom and that seems like a trek, especially if they need to go in the middle of the night. 

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RaccoonKitty :  +1 the wrong orientation thing…

I find this in so many Australian Houses and it’s such a stupid oversight. Our previous house had a verandah that wrapped around 3 sides of the house and left THE WEST SIDE EXPOSED! It was disgusting and hot on summer afternoons and freezing on winter mornings…

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Bee Keeper

We built our house, so for the most part I love it. It’s breaking my heart to have to move, but now that my husband is retired we don’t want to pay the absurd property tax of 30k/year. That’s a problem with the state, not the house itself. Right now what’s bothering me is the pool. There’s a leak somewhere that we’ve tried to fix unsuccessfully. And there are poles in the garage that get in the way of car doors. We didn’t realize this would be an issue. Getting rid of the poles was an option that cost money we didn’t have at the time.

The house that we just bought has some carpeting which I detest from a cleanliness perspective, so we’re ripping it up and having red oak wood floors put in to match the existing ones. The rooms are all painted it a dull, cold gray color so we will get the house repainted. I’m looking at nice warm white colors to start. Cabinets are a nice cherry wood, but they all need refinishing….the former owners who custom built the house 9 years ago had 6 kids so everything has been used hard. There’s no pool, and it’s in the South, so that’s another project. It has a killer mountain view and a really nice 2 bedroom guest house, so I’m trying to be positive about the move. Like our current house it’s very private, on nearly 40 acres, which is important to us. Plus we will be close to my family which is a good thing, as my parents are getting older. I just spent over a week down there because my mother was in the hospital with a uri and a–fib.

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loden :  

Never realised when moving in that being on the ‘wrong’ side of a one way street would be such a pain. There are always random cars parked right out front, especially at weekends . All the street’s rubbish bins have to be put out on our side  so once a week is massed bin time. 

Inside it’s a nice house but being long and narrow, and our bedroom being at the front end, cooking smells kind of funnel down and stay there , and the ac is at it’s weakest there too. 

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Reviving this thread; we only have 2 closets. There is no pantry, no linen or coat closet that we have seen evidence of without taking walls down. It really irks me but I’ll live with it for now-because at least we have a house! 🙂

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Helper bee

I hate that when you enter our front door it is a sharp turn then down the hallway. When we brought furniture in we had to go down the side yard and through the back sliders. 

My house is also very cold. It’s insulated well, has new windows, and it’s great in summer but in winter it sucks. Not sure why the house is like this. 

Overall for the hundred things I love about my house, I’ll take the few negatives!


oh also PS, I love dogs. But we just got new neighbors and they leave their dogs outside 24/7 and they bark non stop. I feel bad for the dogs but really am starting to get annoying with the neighbors. My advice would be to really make sure you check a home out many times before buying in order to get a feel on the neighbors 

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Blushing bee
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We have a 1920s craftsman.

Things I love/hate:

Large foyer. We don’t even really enter through the front of the house, always use the back door. I feel that it’s just a wasted space. Although I’d prefer that over having no seperate entry area at all.

Our front porch is also large, but half is screened it, the other half is open. But you can only get into the screened in part from outside. I wish there were a door in the living room to the screened in part.

Our large pantry. Most of our cabinet space and sink is in the pantry. I like having the extra storage but sometimes it’s just a pain. Plan is to open it all up eventaully, but I do like the charm of it.

Things I just love:

Tall ceilings

Formal dining room. We rarely use it, and I never thought I’d need a house with one, but there’s just somehthing about having a dedicated area I can have a nice table set, our bar cart etc. We will use this for dinner when we have a family

All hardwood floors.

Stained glass windows

Things I hate:

Unfinished basement


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