(Closed) What do you have in your house to protect yourself?

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I have nothing!   I’d like to think that I can turn into a mean fighting machine if I was ever in that position.  

when I was 20 my sisters and I came home to find someone had broken into my parents car…… And he was still in it….. I ran inside while my sisters cornered him in the car and I grabbed a broom handle, whacked him a few times, and we finally let him go.   Hahaha.

i live in a pretty safe area though now, I used to live in one of the worst areas of the city and I still never contemplated a gun, but in Canada it’s stricter to get one Anyway, which I’m glad.  I wouldn’t feel as threatened of someone breaking into my home as I would if I knew all my neighbours had guns or people freely walking around the streets with guns.   


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I wouldn’t say I live in an unsafe neighborhood, but the city I live in, itself alone, has a high crime rate. I keep mase on me at all times, live with my Fiance, who has two guns, the big, shotgun kind, not loaded, because it makes me nervous, but the bullets are close-by. Although I’ve never shot it, every time he goes away, he asks me if I remember how he taught me to load it, and I do.

I also have a pit bull. He’s the sweetest thing in the entire world, and likely wouldn’t do any damage to any intruder (although, my pug would try to rip ’em to shreds, because he’s fearless), but he LOOKS tough, so that makes me feel safer. And who knows, he could very well defend his momma! 

The guns make me feel the safest though, just holding one of those giant things should be enough to scare away some thug. 

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@tranquility:  It depends on your state (my state has the castle law). 

We have several guns, loaded, in our house at all times.  We never plan on having children, so that isn’t a concern of mine.  We live in a very safe neighborhood, and the guns are heirlooms that my FI’s father passed on to him.  I feel that gun safety/knowledge is essential if you plan on keeping firearms in the house. However, if someone tried to break into my house to harm me, I’d have no problem shooting them dead.

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I have a house in a nice neighborhood? We do have a 90 lb dog that appears scary but would be of no use if anything ever happened. We also have a phone right by the bed to dial 911.

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Nothing. It’s not something that I ever think about because, as PPs have said, break ins here tend to happen when people are out (which really shows a tiny bit more intelligence on the part of the burglars, really) and firearms (if you are one of the few people who owns them) must be kept locked away and unloaded.

I don’t live in an area where I feel unsafe, but even in “unsafe” areas I’ve never felt the need to constantly carry anything to protect myself other than a rape alarm I got from work.

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@housebee:  just out of curiosity, at what point would you shoot them??   


i would never have a gun in my house to begin with and if I did, I can’t justify for myself killing someone just for breaking into my house.  

At what point do you decide to shoot someone with your gun?

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I lived in an upscale town in MD growing up, Senators/Congresmen and judges lived in our neighborhood.  One of the judges came downstairs in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and found three people eating food out of her refrig, and had bags packed of things they were going to steal.  They hit her, knocked her down and ran out to their waiting car.  Police were there in less than 3 min, but didin’t get the guys.

After that, I became more aware that things happen everywhere, “good” or “bad” nieghborhoods.  My brother is a police officer, and HE has stressed that we should all take responsibilty for our own safety.

We have few guns that are loaded.  It is imperative to take the safety classes. We live in a good safe place, but should anyone come in to our house, no problem shooting them. 


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I have a big 100 pound dog 🙂 

I feel like we live in a safe neighborhood and safe little town in general though!

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Bumble bee

An American Bulldog – basically 70 lbs of muscle!

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A doberman and some signs warning to beware of the dog. I figure that robbers will choose another house. You would be surprised at the number of men who are frightened by big dogs.

My husband has many guns, but they are all locked up.

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I keep a baseball bat under my side of the bed. I feel more comfortable with that than a gun. The odds are still greater that your home will be broken into during the day when you’re away, however.

We also have a security system and sensor lights that will come on– so I feel pretty confident in that as well!

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Two dogs, an attack cat and a high pitched scream.

Kidding. I am in the military and I don’t even have a weapon in my own home. Weird. Sometimes it scares me when I am home alone. The Fiance and have gone to sporting stores twice to scope out whats available and would be good to use. Him and I are from the country so we were brought up around guns and understand their use and their dangers. I actually have a 12gage at my Dad’s that I just keep forgetting to bring home.

Sadly, if I had my choice I would pick a m-16 type weapon only becuase of my military background…I have been handling them for ten years now and I know how to assemble and dissasemble them (in record time!). I know how it looks – a girl with an “assault” rifle – but at this day and age I am not sure I care. I think I would rather own one then be a news article. We just need to actually break down and spend the money and buy one now…

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My insanity.

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My Husband sends me stories like this all of the time to make me feel more comfortable with having a gun in the house:


This was 1:00 in the afternoon, in a nice suburban neighborhood.  She was on the phone with her husband who had 911 on the other line.   Lord only knows what he would have done to her or her children had she not had that gun.

Sure, 911 can be a good option and should be exercised.  But realistically, they’re not going to get there for at least 5-10 minutes.  And SO much can happen in that time.

edit:  At the same time, I differ with my Husband in thinking that anyone who enters my home should be shot dead.  I don’t think someone who is breaking into my house purely to steal things deserves to die.   Therefore, I’m not going out of my way to find the intruder with a gun unless he goes out of his way to find me (just like the situation above).  Then I would take the necessary action to protect myself.


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A 100lb dog a 25lb dog and about 5 different guns which are intended for hunting purposes only but would use it if need be. And let the gun debate begin….

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