(Closed) What do you have in your house to protect yourself?

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@crayfish:  This is exactly why I refuse to have a gun in my house.

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Oh jeez. I’m reading other responses and feeling a bit like a girl overdressed for the prom. My guy is a bodyguard though, so my house is set up like Jason Bourne lives there.

We are both trained to use a variety of weapons and have done dry fire “approach” drills to time real-life approach vs trigger timing. I’ve been to gun ranges too for real firing at targets. We probably have 3 guns, and well.. who knows how many knives and whatnot hidden in each room in the house. When he moved in, I was like “okay, but as long as the weapons aren’t visible, I’m fine with it” He hears a noise (which is usually one of our cats) and he is immediately armed and casing the perimeter. Yep.

I also have a house alarm that I set when I sleep so if I do hear a noise, I know that it really IS the cats and not someone coming through the back door.

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We have a 95 pound dog that is typically a sweetheart but will be aggressive if she is defending her territory and us.  He definitely is protective.  Otherwise a cell phone..  We have several knives/swords around the house that we could use if necessary lol.. 

DH is a police officer but leaves his gun at work.  He wants to get a personal rifle though and a gun safe.  I have my gun license too so I can use it if I wanted.. We are looking at possibly getting outdoor security cameras..  No alarm yet.  (But we live in a good neighbourhood though).

However if someone invaded our house then I would probably crawl under the bed and call 911 haha.  I know muay thai but I never used it for actual defending against myself (other than light sparring) so I’m not sure how I would react yet to a confirmation.  DH on the other hand is completely trained and would take the person out easily and fight them.

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I have a dog and a cell phone.  Dog is the friedliest thing ever, unless she thinks you’re bad news, then she has a big bark.  Real big.  Bite, I don’t know – I’d be really surprised if she actually acted out against someone she thought was a threat.  There is also a pellet gun in the basement, but that only gives you one shot and would really just piss you off. 

I’m just not confrontational, none of my stuff is worth my life. 

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@vorpalette:  someone from my college actually killed an intruder with a katana while we were there, so it’s not a bad plan

I don’t have anything. We live in a really nice neighborhood, but in a smaller house with less enticing stuff inside. I figure someone will rob the neighbors before us.

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I have gun at the bedside. It doesn’t have a clip in it though but it is nearby if I need it. My boyfriend is out of town frequently and I live out in the country. I would not feel okay without one since I am alone most of the week. I have been around guns and have taken classes so I know how to use it. I also have a dog, but i think she would be more likely to lick someone to death than anything ha!


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My husband. He’s very strong. And a very protective corgi.

We’re probably going to get a gun soon. For those times when I’m home alone. I don’t really want to but I’m open to it. We live out in the country. Its very safe. The houses all have a bunch of acreage. Not many “strangers” around our house.

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A 1911 .45 ACP. In our house we fully utilize our 2nd amendment rights and while I hope we never have to use them against another person I trust.myself and my husband to protect ourselves before the cops can get here. Also Texas has pretty broad stand your ground laws. 

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We own guns, but when DH is not home I have a product from http://www.damselindefense.net/

It is an alarm I stick under the door (I live in an apt so it works great). If someone opens the door it pushes on the pedal and makes this awful high pitched alarm.

They have a ton of other great products on there too.

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Several loaded weapons we keepin our room in our bedside tables.  My husband has a few knives and I keep a mag light flashlight in my drawer as well. we will get a safe once we have kids.  My husband is in law enforcement and carries his weapon with him most of the timwere leave the house.  I’ve gotten used to it. 

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A deadbolt lock on the door and a fearless FI built like a soldier. Oh and a cellphone 🙂 I do feel safe.

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Oh yay another one of these threads…I am not getting into it. A security alarm, a gun, a bat, and a knife.

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@knash004:  I disagree. If I was a burglar, or home intruder, knowing that a home is being occupied with gun toting adults I would be highly less likely to break into said home. I have no issue airing, rather loudly, that I own a gun and can and will use it at any time necessary.

I work at a pawn shop in a very bad side of town. We deal with very desperate people on a daily basis. It’s the desperate people I worry about. I have heard of numerous employees at other pawn shops close to this area whom were followed home by said desperate people and their home was broken into and items were stolen. Some workers were attacked maliciously because they were unable to give this person the amount of money they had asked for for the item they pawned/sold to us. I make it quite clear regularly that I own multiple weapons, shoot said weapons on a regular basis and have no qualms of using them on anyone who chooses my home as their next hit. As one PP stated I will shoot to kill period, but my state allows such acts for self-defense. I have a 15 month old child, anyone who breaks into my home is threatening her life and welfare and I will be damned if they will get away with it, period.

I am also of the mind-set if you own a weapon and are not willing to shoot-to-kill then having a weapon may not in your best interest. Needing those few seconds to ponder wether you are willing to take a life to preserve your own are the seconds that will make that decision for you.

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I have [Illegal] Mace LOL I got off eBay. Its deadly stuff and is actually illegal to have in my Province but I dont care lol Thats about it. My house is alarmed and my dog would start growling/barking if she heard anything anyway.

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