(Closed) What do you ladies use as contraceptives?

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Helper bee
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pretty sure your insides won’t be ruined by any approved contraception.

Mini pill and condoms here, I’m high risk of breast cancer so cant take the combined pill. was going to get an IUD but this mini pill has suited me so well I’ve never bothered to follow it up. However I don’t trust it (less effective if you put on weight or don’t take it within 3 hours of the same time each day) so a back up is necessary 

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Buzzing bee
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I’d recommend actually talking to a qualified health care professional rather than listening to opinions from your sister. Especially given your existing medical conditions.

That said, I’ve used hormonal birth control. I’ve had implanon and I’ve also used a couple of different pills (I can’t remember which ones now). Hormonal birth control does not work for me, not because it ruins my insides but it caused an overload on my emotional circuits. The smallest thing could make me cry. The hormonal birth control we’ve used didn’t just decrease my sex drive, it destroyed it. You’ll hear people say that it’s just a case of finding the right one for you but after two and half years of being an emotional mess and having zero sex drive we decided that hormonal birth control is not appropriate for us. We use condoms. We have successfully used condoms now for about 3 years. Condoms don’t disturb the rhythm or anything. My husband has definitely been satisified in those 3 years. Birth control is something that should be something that works for both of you. All you can do is try different birth controls (after talking to your doctor) and go with what works for you but please don’t assume your husband won’t get any satisfaction with condoms. Condoms are not the evil things that everyone paints them as.

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Blushing bee

I read this thread title outloud to my husband and he said “hopes and dreams?” Lol

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Buzzing Beekeeper

“Which is understandable but he doesn’t know I have the power of God on my side!!!”

Maybe you should include this tidbit of information at your next visit.

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Sugar bee
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Paragard IUD. I’ve had it 1 year. Haven’t gotten pregnant so I guess I’d say it works. Plan to keep it till TTC. So probably four years. It’s safe to leave in for ten. Your sister doesn’t sound very well educated on it.

My experience with it hasn’t been the easiest but it hasn’t been anything that wasn’t disclosed (Longer periods, heavier bleeding, worsening of cramping, and so on). Others Ive seen have little changes on it. So it’s really just an individual experience thing.

My sister had the Skyla put in because she prefers the hormonal birth control and wanted an IUD. She liked it and had no complaints.

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Helper bee
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10-year copper IUD. Once it had settled in, almost no side effect. My periods have gotten a little heavier but they were quite violent and heavy to begin with – all things considered the difference was marginal. I didn’t want anything hormonal and my life was too stressful for NFP at the time, so this was the next best thing. Occasionally, there is some contact bleeding after sex but I never feel any pain, so don’t really care. 

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Bee Keeper
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Uh….pretty sure birth control does not “destroy your insides”. Don’t listen to your sister.

I am sterilized as I had a bilateral salpingectomy (removal of fallopian tubes). Before that, I have used everything from condoms to the pill to the copper IUD. Condoms were fine (and my husband was more than happy to use them if it meant no babies). No hormones, no side effects. The pill was not my favourite for long term use as it causes my sex drive to get a bit low etc but I did use it for 10 years, and another 2 year stretch. The light withdrawal bleeds and ability to also control their timing was awesome. The IUD was great – no hormones, no risk of forgetting it.  I used that for seven years and it did not destroy my insides (my sister has a Mirena and loves it). All had their pros, their cons. So you need to decide what is best for you in talking to your Fiance and your doctor – not your uninformed sister.

Ultimately, I had my tubes removed as I wanted a permanent solution as I am childfree, and that has been my favourite method of all, but that won’t work for you as it sounds like you want kids someday and are looking more for temporary options.

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Honey bee
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Has anyone used the implant (implanon, nexplanon etc)? It would be great to have something you don’t have to take every day and doesn’t potentionally make your periods heavier like the IUD…

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Busy bee

I used to use condoms when I first started having sex, but it kept me paranoid that it would slip off or break and it has actually happened in my 6 years of sexual life – 4 times actually, meaning 4 morning after pills I had to take). 

I went to contraceptive pills and they were fine, I did gain some weight (10 pounds) but it might’ve happened because of other factors. When I stopped after I broke up with Boyfriend or Best Friend, I had my period every 20 days, meaning I was either on PMS or bleeding, literally. I thought I was going to run out of eggs by 27 with that speed… Anyway I started dating a guy so I went back to condoms, which as I said I don’t like, but since it was becoming long term I went back to the pill, but stopped after 2 months, I really wanted something else. So I went to the docs to make the IUD appointment and I have Mirena in now for almost 3 years. My period is very very light, although PMS, which is usually quite heavy for me, is still there as always. Apart from intense cramps sometimes there’s nothing else to complain about. I love how it’s completely stress free and you can just forget about it, really. 

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Helper bee

I’m on Loestrin 24 Fe. I was prescribed it at the time because it had the lowest amount of estrogen on the market, and I would get hormonal migraines. It works great. My “period” is basically spotting and lasts maybe a day or 2, or is non-existent some months. It’s killed my sex drive though, My Boyfriend or Best Friend is on antidepressents for anxiety too, which has killed his drive as well, so we have to work really hard and plan out alone time, or it just doesn’t happen. I still get migraines sometimes too, but it’s nowhere near the amount I was having. 

I’ve started looking into the implant, but my OBGYN is not really on board with it yet. For some people it works perfectly and they stop having periods, other people, they bleed constantly for months until they get fed up and have it taken out. I’m hesitant about the IUD’s as well, mainly because some people say they or their partner can feel it, even after some time. Plus, it’s a hit or miss with periods there too. My OBGYN basically said to just stick with what works for me now, since I’m having no problems doing what I’m doing. 

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Bumble bee
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I have Nexplanon and I love it. I heard a lot of horror stories about IUDs and I was not comfortable with the insertion process/having something inside my uterus. I also didn’t like that there would be strings hanging out that could be disturbed/felt by my partner. I use a menstrual cup and it was not recommended to have an IUD with that because you could dislodge it or pull it out accidentally while removing the cup. I’ve always hated condoms and would never remember to take a pill. I had Nuvaring for about a year, but the monthly visits to the pharmacy were hard for me with my wonky schedule.

The Nexplanon insertion is in your arm, so it’s much less painful/traumatizing (to me anyways) than an IUD. I can feel it under my skin so I know it’s working, and I barely notice it. I’ve noticed a decrease in sexual desire, but it’s not too bad and I just have to work a little harder to be spontaneous and work myself into the mood a little more. It’s not world-ending, and my SO is still very satisfied.

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nonablu:  I have the nexplanon implant.  I have had it in for almost 3 years. Due for my new one in november. I love it.  It does not make me gain weight like the depo shot i has before that. I do not have periods at all and its been 5 years. It took me a year to lose my periods completely.

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Busy bee

I originally thought you meant a permanent solution. For that I use my natural infertility!  Wee!! Highly recommend. 

For years before that I used the traditional pill. Not as effective if you’re forgetful 

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Busy bee

I got a Skyla IUD put in about a month ago! So far loving it! 

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