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I had Mirena for two years and as contraception it was brilliant. I put on about 13kgs though, which was the only horrible side effect. It came out and I made the decision to keep it out because I was so unhappy with the weight gain. I’m now on a progesterone-only pill and it’s great. I’m losing weight and my periods are manageable. It has a higher failure rate than the combination contraceptive pill, but it also has fewer side-effects. Works for me.

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I have PMDD, irregular periods, and hormonal issues similar to PCOS, but not as severe. Avianne is an absolute godsend for helping me deal with my hormones! My gynocologist/PCP and I talked, and chose to put me on a regimen that gives me fewer periods a year, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made to consistently and temporarily prevent pregnancy and regulate my hormones better. 

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I’ve been on birth control for the past decade. I started with the Ortho Tricyclen pill and took that for about 9 years. I never had any side effects and never had a pregnancy scare. I was in a long term relationship to most of that time and never used condoms either. I just got the Mirena IUD about a year and a half ago. I was just sick of remembering to take the pill and I had heard that many women don’t have a period on Mirena. I love it. I haven’t had any side effects and aside from the pain or the insertion and some cramping for a couple days after, I’ve had no ill effects. I also haven’t had a period since I got it, which is probably the best part. 

Birth control doesn’t ruin your insides. Any approved method is overwhelmingly safe and effective. Sure, occasionally people have side effects, but serious issues are very few and far between. Because you have hormonal issues already, it might be worth it to try a non-hormonal method, like Paraguard. Really though, this is something to discuss with your physician and not your sister, who clearly has no idea what she’s talking about.

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princessbee1991: I’ve been using a copper IUD for the last 2 years and it’s been a Godsend! I was on hormonal birth control for 3.5 years before that and I was an absolute mess. I’m hypothyroid, so i don’t know if that affected anything, but I know that any kind of hormonal birth control did not work for me. I tried a new pill every 6 months, and they all came with side effects that I couldn’t deal with: weight gain, emotional instability, huge boobs (not a side effect I enjoyed), zero sex drive, even hair loss. The only side effect I had with my copper IUD was heavier and more painful periods, but even that lessened over time. Now it’s pretty much normal! My strings vanished after about 6 months, but my IUD is still in place and my doctor told me not to worry about it. When I was able to feel them, it never got in the way, and my boyfriend couldn’t feel it. I lost 10 pounds and 3 cup sizes within 3 months of going off the pill, and I changed nothing in my daily routine. I do have irregular periods caused by a hormonal imbalance, but I still feel 10x better than I did before. I know my side effects are not normal for most people, but that’s why I had to go the nonhormonal route. Go talk to your healthcare provider and discuss the options with him/her. I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you! 

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nonablu:  princessbee1991:  I use the arm implant, Nexplanon.


While no birth control is ‘one-size-fits-all’ and all women may experience effects differently, I LOVE my Nexplanon. I had it inserted into my arm nearly a year ago (October) and it is good for 3 years; it’s basically the same hormones as the pill. For the first 2 weeks I had a decrease in natural lubrication during sex but this was because I was instructed to finish off my pill packet (there were 2 weeks left of the pill when I had the Nexplanon inserted.) Additionally, I may have gained weight from the implant (10-15 lbs) but because it was over the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) and I moved to a job where I am less active it’s hard to say. When I increased activity levels and started watching my calories my weight returned to normal. That’s the ‘bad’, now for the good –


I LOVE this birth control. I do not have to stress about remembering to take a pill everyday which is the number 1 benefit for me. Additionally, my periods are practically non-existant. I used to have a heavy flow with severe cramping/PMS leading up to it and now I have not had a period in 6 months. Woohoo! My skin is clearer, my sex drive is not negatively impacted by the implant and overall I feel more confident in myself and in my birth control. 

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princessbee1991:  Well we decdided we wanted to TTC after the wedding. And when my doctor did a blood test to check heart health my Cholesterol was great but my C-reactive protien was crazy high. So I did some research and hormonal bc can cause this. So I have gone off of it, in hopes to see if the number comes down so I can have peace of mind that was the cause and not some other health issue. 

So because I REALLY don’t want to be pregnant AT our wedding we are doing Fertility Awareness (checking near ovulation prediction dates with Wondfo LH strips and limiting P in V contact durring that window, using a cervical cap and adding pulling out) but regulaarly using condoms and spermacide lube. Can you tell I am paranoid? haha 

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princessbee1991:  Condoms.  Technically it’s only been a year, though we used them when we weren’t having real sex too, just as a backup.  So far, so good, though I do plan on having kids starting this year if all goes well, so I wouldn’t know how long it would work in the long run.  My best friend was on some pill 10 years ago that gave her ovarian cysts.  She could barely eat, was in pain all the time.  I don’t need that kind of hassle in my life when a tube of latex can basically do the same thing.  Husband is anti medication whenever possible (I think he’s nuts but that’s his problem) so he really couldn’t argue with me over that one.

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I have the Mirena IUD. It stopped my periods completely. No babies + no periods… sold!

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BCP. I’ve been on the regular, combined pill for most of my adult life. It’s been great and I’ve never had a problem remembering to take it. I might have missed it by 12 hours once in the past 10 years. Periods are lighter. I know when I’ll have them. I continue to the next pack if I need to move my period. I never get headaches unless it’s the period week, and even then the headaches are much less than what they were. I don’t really know why this tried and true method isn’t as popular these days, unless it’s only because people can’t remember to take it.

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I’ve been taking the pill–Reclipsen for at least the last several years–for almost 13 years. I haven’t experienced any notceable side effects, but am suspecting more recently that my sex drive would be much healthier were I not taking it. I was also always using condoms in addition to the pill, but now that I’m married (and I was having some pH issues), no condoms anymore. Birth control has been such a normal part of my life for so long, it wil be very weird when we TTC and I don’t take it anymore!

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As someone who almost died from a low dose brith control pill, I don’t trust blindly when it comes to my body. Look at Essure, the metal coils, they are now finding horrible risks and its not being pushed as much. 


I know now for a fact my side effects weren’t reported to the drug maker, and most aren’t. My best friend is an ultra sound tech and finds perforated uterus from IUD’s all the time. Like every week. Nope for me! Lol. 


Im sorry but after having no risk or family history for blood clots, and having to go on blood thinners. Never again. Not to mention the hormones made me cry all the time, and feel depressed and uninterested in even touching my SO. This side effects melted away after I went off for the blood clots (I thought the emotions were related to work stress, nope.) 

You know your body, and honestly it’s a gift to have good health. I don’t blindly follow what doctors give me, or my friends are one. 

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I’ve used different variations of the pill for about 15 years and never got pregnant. I changed brands whenever I changed doctors mostly, and sometimes because I noticed that my libido was lower on some rather than others. I ended up on the mini pill in the end. I got off BC in February and got pregnant in April. 

I never worried about forgetting to take my pill each day. I didn’t forget to brush my teeth, so why would I forget to take my pill? It was just a part of my morning routine like peeing, putting in my contacts, or brushing my teeth or hair. 

Birth control doesn’t “ruin your insides” so you don’t need to worry about that. 

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princessbee1991:  What do you mean when you say that many forms of birth control will “destroy your insides?”

I used depo for 2 years.  Main side effect noticed was no period.  I ended it after 2 years because of the risk to bone health.

Then I used the ring for 2 years.  Got period back (boo) but other than that it was pretty good.  Had more slip ups with forgetting to change it on the right day but always used condoms as a back up as well.  Got off that after 2 years because my periods became erratic which was annoying.

Now I’ve been using the Mirena IUD for about 6 years (am on my 2nd one).  I really like it.  It was uncomfortable for maybe the first month but since then it’s been so low maintenance and again, no periods.  I’m really happy with it.

Of course, I don’t know at this stage what might be different if I were on no hormones at all (would I be skinner?  Have a better sex drive?  I have no idea!) but I’m adicted to the ease of not having a period and not being pregnant, so there you go.  It doesn’t seem to me that I’ve had any other signifigant side effects.

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Mirena IUD for 2 years and LOOOOOOVE it!

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