(Closed) What do you ladies use as contraceptives?

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Razor blades and chicken coop wire.

Is that just me?

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princessbee1991:  I am on the Paragard copper IUD. I had really bad side effects to the pill (Loestrin gave me a dark depression and about a 20 pound weight gain) so I chose to stay away from hormonal contraceptives. Plus it gave me AWFUL cystic acne… the IUD has cleared up my skin, although I have no idea why since it is just copper. There have been some reports of that.


I have had it three months, just got married three weeks ago and no baby in sight! 😉
It lasts ten years, and it is pretty worth it I think. I would hate to interrupt sex with my husband to grab a condom or worry about something, so it is a nice alternative. The cramps SUCK, it feels like there is a needle in my ovaries and it makes me catch my breath about ten times a day when I am on my period. But besides that, everything else is fine, though my periods are very heavy. I thought they were bad before, but this proved me wrong. All in all, I would choose it again, I like not having to think about it, besides the few days a month when the cramps are really bad. 🙂

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Paraguard- copper IUD. I didn’t want hormones anymore because they had so many bad side effects. 

I like the IUD, but the first months I wasn’t sure if I could keep it long term. It made my periods much heavier and more crampy. However, after about a year, I adjusted well and am fine with it now. You might not feel like you can wait it out that long to regulate, but I had bad side effects from hormonal BC for over 6 years before the IUD, so giving it a year to be fixed worked for me. Plus, I got nine more years of worry free BC in exchange. No faults yet and five years in! 

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princessbee1991:  I’ve been on Mirena for 1.5 years. My periods stopped within 3 months. No decrease in sex drive and no weight gain. I made sure to monitor my calories when I first went on it and actually wound up losing weight while I stuck to the calorie deficit. Fiance is indifferent about it. He doesn’t notice the strings, and loves the extremely low risk of having kids. We still use condoms though, because… messy… lol. 

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princessbee1991:  No. I was literally making a joke about using razor blades and chicken coop wire. It was meant to be funny.

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princessbee1991:  Dude. Douching does not involve chicken wire and razor blades!


Regardless, you shouldn’t do it, it’s not good for your vaginal pH and natural flora. 

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princessbee1991:  “so scary about the cysts…..when you were using condoms did you have trouble keeping up with them: did they break? Did it feel uncomfortable for you at a time? How did your SO feel about it? Did it bother him? Thanks so much for your input. 😀 this kind of info means a lot.”

Using condoms doesn’t feel a whole lot different than using nothing does, as long as you’re ‘ready to go’.  They have never broken, never felt uncomfortable.  If you are dry, then it’s not going to feel as well, though they come ready lubricated. As with any sex, foreplay is helpful for that.  SO wasn’t bothered at all – as I said before, he doesn’t want to take meds for himself because of side effects and his theory that how will you know if it was the med that worked or you just got better (eye roll), so although he mentioned the pill when we got engaged, I shut that idea down quickly – why should I take something with terrible possible side effects when I’m not even ill?  He has never complained, though he can feel the difference.  He did point out that it helps him last longer, so there is that benefit as well.  Honestly, if I do get pregnant with a condom, it’s because we don’t use them all that responsibly sometimes, not because the condom itself failed   Also, as per a recent experiment, the special ones that are ribbed for increased pleasure are bullshit – there is tangible difference to speak of, just FYI

ETA: putting one on doesn’t feel like breaking up the sex for us – it’s just another moment of anticipation is all.

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