(Closed) What do you love (and not so much) about your furbabies

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Honey bee
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My kitty, Nemesis, is super cuddly and loves to be with us, which I adore. However, it drives me nuts when she “helps” with laundry (or wrapping presents, lately), which basically involves pouncing on my hand when I reach for things or lying down in the middle of whatever piece I’m trying to fold.

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I guess the farts. But even those are super hilarious.

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Anamagana:  I love that the cat we have is a snuggle bunny.  She loves to snuggle and spend time with us.  I hate that she insists on being in the play yard with our child and then gets  upset when our child harrasses her (our child loves to “pet” her)

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How I love the pet ones- and pets. I have 5….

Buckwheat-11 Year old lab/golden retreiver. He’s so sweet and cuddly, shadows you around which is cute but he can really get in the way being 130 pounds. I wouldn’t trade him for anything, but anytime we brush him, its like we get a whole other dog out of him. We brush him weekly.

Lucy-3 year old lab/golden retreiver. She’s my “little bear” as I call her. When I got her she looked like a little black bear cub. She’s extremely loving and playful BUT doesn’t know how to cuddle worth a shit. She tries, but ends up stretching out across you with all 4’s in the air. She’s also “spring loaded”. When she gets really excited, she jumps up and down like tigger on his tail.

Chet-10 month black lab. Oh Chet. I love him, but he’s been going through a “terrible two’s” phase. Chewing up EVERYTHING. Shoes, comforters, plastic rolls for flooring. He’s a very good cuddler, I will say that, but he’s a gassy dog… Nothing worse than a dog fart.

Richard-1.5 year old Bengal mix. He earned his name… He is a VERY needy cat. “Feed me”, “Water me”, “Pet me”, “Don’t pet me!” He’s so much fun though. He’ll play with anything and he’s very expressive with his eyes. Sometimes I think he thinks he’s a dog. He carries stuff around the house in his mouth, and jumps in the shower with me every morning.

Biscuit- 3 year old tabby mix. She’s our “shy girl”. Anyone comes to the house and she bolts under the bed. She’s for sure the best cuddler in the house. She’s EXTREMELY vocal though. If you walk around the corner she’ll scare the crap out of you. “BRAAAAOWWW”.

I do love them all so much! But, I hate all the hair. Honestly…. vacuuming 3x a week is a hassle. But…I still love my fur babies 🙂

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Busy Beekeeper
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My cat Ginger loves to “fake” a hurt paw to get treats!  The first couple of times she did this we didn’t catch on and thought she was actually hurt so she got treats. After she ate the treats her hurt paw gee didn’t hurt anymore and she was walking on it just fine  Now when she wants a treat she will lift her one paw and hubble on it and meow a pittful meow.  We just laugh at her and call her a faker.


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Anamagana:  My dog, Leroy, has a HUGE personality, but he can be a big jerk sometimes. He can’t be trusted not to eat any food left out on the stove or counter. Plus, he rarely comes when he’s called (he doesn’t exactly run away, but if he gets out the front door, he will make sure to stay just far enough away that he can still see you, but not be caught)…sometimes he’ll do the same thing when we put him in the backyard, this summer there was one night where it took my fiance and I almost an hour to get him to come in because he was literally chasing fireflies.

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Busy bee
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I love that my Dora is so loving but when she wants attention, she’ll put her face right up to yours cheek-to-cheek, and claws at you for attention. 

She also hates people other than me and Darling Husband, so it’s hard for people to see how loving she really can be 🙁

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Bee Keeper

I have two dogs and a horse. The dogs are mutts– a pit bull and the other is a boxer/terrier mix. They are so cute but DAMN when they play they get noisy and irritating! The pit is still in the puppy phase and needs a lot of monitoring— he needs to be walked, played with, given toys, etc. Also, he is super curious and will try and put any and everything in his mouth. Inluding things like shards of glass or toilet paper. I have stuck my entire hand down his throat retrieving things before!

My horse is really well behaved and very gentle, but girl has some serious bowel movements. AND she is hard to catch sometimes in the pasture so, that’s always fun trying to grab an 1100 pound animal in the freezing cold weather side-stepping giant mounds of poo.

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Busy bee
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We have a pit bull mix who is getting older so she takes a daily vitamin for her joints. She absolutely loves them (our vet described it like they are the chewable vitamins we took as kids, tasty for dogs!) Well now its got to the point where if I get out my vitamins, or a bottle of Advil, or antibiotics, any kind of rattle, she comes running! We call her our little drug addict! She’s super snuggly too. She loves being on the bed with us and often lays there when we aren’t home (so she can get up there on her own just fine) but when we go to bed at night and don’t lift her onto the bed, she just sits there and paws at it and does this tiny little sad whine till one of us gets up to lift her up. She’s so lazy!

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Helper bee
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My dog Bella is so sweet to my SO and I, the cutest girl in the world! She loves to play with us and snuggle. but a she is so shy around other people! She won’t let anyone pet her, she runs away from them. It’s sad because I don’t like leaving her home by herself for long periods of time if I don’t have to. It also gets annoying when I tell people she is really shy, but they insist on getting her to like them. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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We have two dogs. The older one, a rescue, doesn’t like her precious princess paws to get wet so she will not go outside to go to the bathroom if it’s raining. I swear, one day her bladder is going to burst. She is the sweetest cuddly pup though.

Our younger pup is super jealous. If the older one is getting attention, she tries to push her way in to getting the attention. She’s still so full of playful pup energy that she makes us laugh constantly.


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Helper bee

I have 2 cats. Tinkerbell is the sweetest tuxedo cat in the world. She loves people and to be pet and rubbed on her belly. Shes just so nice and loving. When my Fiance came along she dropped me like a bad habit and completely clings to him now. I get love sparingly these days. My second cat Tupac (aka Patricia Bateman) is bi polar and crazy but i love her to pieces. She hates tink for no reason and hisses pretty much at everyone but me. It took a looooong time for her to get along with the Fiance but now im happy to say they get along. Shes the type of cat thats like i want u to pet me but i kind of want to bite u at the same time. Anyway they are the best my kids! 🙂

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Helper bee
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We have a dog and a house rabbit.

We rehomed our dog from a rescue, she was found as a stray with eye infections and really underweight and terrified of people, we believe she was probably beaten given her reactions to certain noises. We have put in a lot of work with her and now she is the cuddliest and most loving dog ever and she just LOVES people! We think that she might have lived somewhere where there was domestic abuse going on as she has attacked my Fiance if he has tickled-me or we’ve be play fighting, it’s always him she goes for though, never me even if it’s me doing it to him so we just don’t do that round her now.

She still has major issues with cars and Fiance got hit by one when she slipped her leash and started chasing them and he had to jump in front of one to stop her from getting hit. She’s also not great with other dogs until she’s introduced to them then she’s fine. She is the most vocal dog I’ve ever had and I swear, if she had a voice box she would talk non-stop! You always know exactly how she’s feeling because she’ll tell you! If she is sitting anywhere near you she just wants your attention and will paw (in fact it’s more like a slap!) your face if you aren’t giving it to her.

We’ve also got a little house rabbit. She has a cage but it never gets closed she she runs free around the house and is litter-trained. She can be crabbit at times, especially towards people she doesn’t know but once she gets to know you and bond with you she just loves cuddles and will lick you in return. She will follow you around if she wants a treat so you need to watch your feet around her! If I’m in bed and she wants cuddles or petted she will scratch at the side of the bed until I wake up and give her them. Once I woke up in the middle of the night when she landed on my face because she had decided to jump up for a cuddle, she’s only done that twice since though.

I absolutely love my furbabies, and even though they’re hard work, escpecially my dog, I wouldn’t change them for the world! 

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Busy bee
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Let’s see…

The Cat

Love: He is actually very sweet and very social. If we have company over, he always finds an empty seat and joins the party. 

Hate: The 4am wake up when he’s meowing, trying to knock things off the dresser or “sharpening his claws” on my headboard above me. 

The Dog

Love: How delightfully silly and cuddly he is. He’s a big buffoon.

Hate: Sock stealing and jumping on people. He is also twice the size we thought he’d be.

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