(Closed) What do you love (and not so much) about your furbabies

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My cat is the sweetest lap cat, gets aling with my dog and he follows me around which I love. He just hacked up a hairball which I do not love. He is a rescue and a bit of a compulsive groomer. My dog has the sweetest nature of any dog I have ever had, gets along with the cat and she doesn’t need a leash for walks in the woods, which I love. But she is god-awful on the leash which I hate. And I can’t correct her at all because she has a spinal disorder. Trip to vet = NSAIDs for my shoulder. 

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Sugar bee

I agree with the farts. Those things can be toxic. Not only that but they have horrible manners. These dogs burp and fart all the time. They hijack the sofa, beds, stairs, and anything comfy.  They dig holes, they shed, and they steal food which is kinda funny when it’s not mine. But i love these fur balls.

SNOW just protects us. She is our alarm and doorbell. 

GINGER is so needy and craves attention but she will body slam you like no other lol

TANK oh tank where to start with him. He will talk to you the minute you walk through the door. He climbs on you to give you kisses. 

SKY is just straight lazy and feel privileged. The minute he see’s that you are eating his red rocket come out. He puts his head on your lap like he is gonna get something and is a persistent little fur balls. 

All very different with their pros and cons but the love that these dogs give is amazing. 

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My dog Parker is seriously the sweetest–and I think he thinks he’s human (sleeps on his back with his head on a pillow, etc). HOWEVER, he also thinks he is entitled to all people things. He discovered his stocking a few days ago and has been insistant that we give it to him early (no luck) and has been trying to find ways to get to it/get it down. He’s smart and his problem solving has been pretty impressive–it’s a good thing he’s little. 


But really, how can I be mad at this face?

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I will begin with Karma, my almost 12 year old, pure bred rescue poodle.  She has been with me since she was about 4 months old.  A snowbird either abandoned her or left her behind.  She is my girl.  She is loyal, always has to be in the same room as me, and sleeps with me in winter. Karma talks smack to me.  I think she is cussing me out when I am gone too long.  She demands attention and will either paw at you or sticks her cold, wet nose under your hand until you pet her.  Now for the not so good side of Karma.  She literally walks behind me all the time.  I have stepped on her so many times because she is up my arse.  She is a yapper but out of our 3 dogs she will be the one to save us because she does bark – at everything. She is also a Houdini.  My mom lives a few houses away from us.  One day she showed up at her house.   One day my mom was dog sitting Karma and sure enough she showed up at home. Love my itty, bitty girl. 

Dino is my boy that I adopted from another family.   His original name is Damasaurus Rex.  He didn’t grow into his name.  I changed his name to Dinosaur because I didn’t want my 3 & 4 year old saying Damasaurus.   We call him Dino for short.  He is a 7 year old black lab / pit mix and he is a lover boy.  When he sees me for the first time in the morning he needs a hug.   A two arm, wrapped around his body, and my belly on him type of hug.  Dino is actually a wuss.  He is scared of trash bags, won’t walk past something if he doesn’t know what it is, and escapes to the backyard as soon as the girls wake up.  He hates loud noises of any type.  His favorite spot is between mom and dad, or on mom and dad.  He weighs 78# and is such a lap dog.  Dino is also a Houdini.  He likes to slip his collar or leash and run.  Give him a chance and all he sees is freedom.   Luckily, he likes car rides so we are able to lure him back.  Just last week my foster daughter opened the front door and he was gone.  I went to look for him and there was a car stopped right in front of our house because he tried to jump in a strangers car.  His only loyalty is to his own freedom.  🙂 

Sandy is actually my FI’s big girl.  She is an American pit / Box rescue and she will be 5 on New year’s day and lives her life as if it is all about her.  I call her “Chunka Lunka” since she weights 108#.  She loves me more, or so I think.  I joke with Fiance that she is the reason I don’t  work.  Sandy requires a lot of attention from me.  If I don’t spend enough time with her she will purr at me until I give her enough love.  When we come home if she is not at the picture window wagging at us we know she has something in her mouth that she shouldn’t because she wants to play the “be a good girl, and drop game” as she wags her whole body.  She is really such a wonderful dog and I always say “she hates me” since she is so demanding of me.  I even have to hold up her big head for her as she leans on me. I love her to pieces.  Her bad side is that is that she is pure Alpha.  She rules the dog world here at home.  She is very jealous of Dino.  Karma obviously isn’t a threat to her.   When people come over she turns to attack Dino out of jealousy.  She has caused many fights because of her jealousy.   One month we spent $800.00 in vet bills on Dino.  

All in all I wouldn’t trade my dogs for anything in the world.  They make my life complete and they bring such joy and happiness to all of us.  My girls feel safer knowing they have big brave dogs.  

ETA:  I tried to correct spelling & pronunciation.  I’m on my phone with a sticking keyboard. 

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I have many furbabies ( we have a total of 9 rescue cats we take care of), but my one true kitty love is a lovely little guy named Bippy.  He’s the light of my life (outside of FI) and I love his willingness to cuddle, his sense when I’m unwell and the fact that he just likes to curl up near me.  I don’t like that he sometimes is a poopy because of his IBS, so I sometimes have to start laundry right away because I’ve picked him up and he’s wiped his bum on me by accident.  But, alas, he’s so wonderful I put up with it 🙂

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Aww adorable pets!

The Cat – Riley

Love: How ‘doglike’ she is. She will run to the door and greet every single person that walks in, stranger or not. She loves to be pet and held by anyone. She comes when she’s called, and is a general source of entertainment for us almost all the time. She also loves to catch wayward bugs, leaves, and her blue mouse. She can smell any dairy product from a mile away, and has begging down to an artform.

Dislike: Her meows. She’s quiet when it’s just me and her, but when Darling Husband is home she’s always wandering around meowing. I think she’s trying to tell him about her day, but I blame him because he meows back at her.

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Bumble bee

Our dogs are truly our babies. I love that they love us. They always welcome us home, they like being with us, playing, cuddling. I don’t know what we’d do without them!

The thing that I haven’t been liking so much lately…all the mud they’ve been tracking in the house! They’re worth all the cleaning, though <3

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Anamagana: we have a dog. I love the greeting I get when I come home! Whether I’ve been gone all day or for 10 mins I get treated to a big display Of twirls and jumps and squeaky noises!

i don’t like having to stop every 2 seconds for her out walking to sniff stuff! I swear she should have been a sniffer dog!

i love her loads though 🙂

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I have two cats, and a step dog.

Boo, my first kitty and techincally mine is my buddy. He demands that we cuddle very night before bed, and well whenver he wants it. Also asks for tuna on demand. He used to love going outside, without a leash, but after two events with a neighborhood dog he isn’t a fan anymore.

Hate: his need to be loved on his watch, and his bowel issues. Homeboy has a sensitive stomach which leads to some nasty gas.


French Fry; my second cat. Extremely talkative, legit we have conversations. He came from a bad life before us, scared, under weight and other health issues. His head never grew, i like to say his butt took over. Little head, BIG booty!

Hate: his love of wrapping paper, and creamy products. Cannot wrap gifts, or eat yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream or chip dip around him.


 (French Fry on the left, Boo on the right)

The step dog, Link. We have a love had relationship. He is overall a good boy but man he can drive me nuts. I love that he cannot run like a normal dog, he frolicks.


Hate: when he wants attention he feels the need to bite my hands. the Fiance has him trained (by mistake!) to do so when he wants a treat.

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Helper bee

My furbabies are absolutely delightful– though we all have our flaws:

First there is my pure bred black lab Onyx (seen that name coming didn’t you?) who is our oldest and though she is so so so sweet she can be so derpy/distructive for her age (she is 10) like the derpyness is adorable but she still will occasionally (not always but like if Fiance and I are out for the day) she destroys stuff– the last thing she destroyed was my address book. Which I don’t know how she’d even get it other than Lola (our kitty) knocked it off the mantel. 

Which brings me to out main coon Lola who though she is very loving and doesn’t annoy me at all other than knocking things into the dogs reach she annoys everyone because she’s mean to everyone besides me!

Then there is Moe our husky lab mix who is just incredibly noisey and chases poor Lola  but absolutely loveable none the less. 

And then Cerberus who is our second oldest but is so incredibly well behaved like he doesn’t annoy me at all but is petted on and is very needy when it comes to Fiance so he’s the only one that gets annoyed with cerbs! 

And lastly there is Kilo who is my big baby and our youngest there for he’s a bit mischievous still and likes to get into the garbage but other than that the only really gross thing he does is kill birds or moles in the yard (yuck!) but I make Fiance deal with that!

and the over all thing that annoys me about ALL of them they are such beggars when it comes to food lol xD

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I have two dogs. They are ridiculous and hilarious. The older one is on such a schedule, she will stomp her feet around 4pm if we haven’t fed her and ALWAYS wakes up right at 5:30am on the weekends (that’s when they get fed during the week) it’s amazing how their bodies have internal alarm clocks! 

The younger one is still in her puppy phase and is so clumsy. She jumps on people, paws at your face. She needs more training!!

but I love it when they are ao cuddly before bed.  after we feed them breakfast on the weekends they’re allowed to cuddle in bed with us, thats definitely my favorite. They’re our little heaters!

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My kitty Oliver is the best. He loves to spoon in bed. When I sit on the couch to work (which is almost all day since I work from home) he sits behind me and taps my shoulder with his paw to get my attention. It’s super cute. 

On the annoying side, he sometimes gets so underfoot while I’m carrying things that I’m afraid I will trip/step on him. Also, he doesn’t understand how to retract his claws properly. He doesn’t scratch people, but sometimes he just gets stuck on things. My couch looks like crap, lol. 

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Both my dogs (Molly 11, and Lady 7) are very loving and loyal dogs and I love them like they’re my children. Lady gives hugs if you sit on the floor, as in she will stand on her hind legs right up against you and put her paws on your shoulders. Molly will happily sit on your lap if you are cross legged on the floor or will sit on your knees and watch tv with you if you are sitting on a chair/the couch. 

However both of them drive us nuts with how they jump up when you are taking their dinner out, and they like to wake you if they think it is high time you gave them breakfast in the morning! They also like to hunt for lizards behind the wheelie bins so if you look like you might be going out the front they will run out there and check to make sure you follow them to move the bins!

The younger one is a bit agressive so will bark and sometimes jump up at (although not bite) anyone stopping by she doesn’t know, be it a courier or a builder, so I try and grab her before she does. The threat of putting her bark collar (citronella spray kind) on usually works. The older one snores really loudly, but luckily it’s only the younger one who sleeps in my bed usually.

They are my babies and I love them regardless, they mean the world to me!

ETA: Another thing my younger one does is that if you are patting her and you stop, she will swipe/tap you with her paw to get you to start patting her again, it’s so funny! She also (which I find adorable, others not so much) likes to go between your legs and the bench if you are cutting up their dinner. She’s our little herder! And if you are sitting down she likes to go behind your legs and between the chair. Occasionally she rubs against you like a cat!

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