(Closed) What do you REALLY want to say to your bridesmaids?

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Oh G-d…. it’s all going to come out now… hopefully I’ll feel better afterwards…

BM#1/MOH I love you, but you have to realise that my wedding is going to be very different from yours. You had an almost unlimited budget, and mine is very limited. I will have to do a lot myself, and we will all just have to manage and pull together. Sure, I could ask my family for money to make my budget bigger, but it is important to me to pay for it all myself, as my gift to my family for supporting me. I’m throwing them an awesome party… I don’t want them to pay! I know you don’t get that, and that’s fine. But you will have to respect it.

BM#2 You are driving me MENTAL. MENTAL. You hear me? ******* MENTAL AAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t like blue? You prefer red? Well, my wedding will be blue, and I’m sure that you can try on clothes in all of the thousands of shades of blue out there and that you will eventually find a shade which suits you. What’s that? You want to wear red shoes? No, the shoes must match the dress. Oh, and you don’t want to wear man made fabrics? You want cotton or silk? Well, I’m not wearing silk because I can’t afford it. And I’m not spending almost as much on your dress as I am on mine. If you would like to pay for your own dress or shoes, fine. But I only have a very limited budget, and I’m not spending more on you than the other girls.

Sorry… what’s that? You don’t like real ale? Well, that’s a shame, because we are having a real ale free bar. You think we should have a cocktail bar instead? No, because we want our wedding to reflect who we are as a couple, and we both love real ale. Why don’t you have a cocktail bar for your wedding? Oh, I see, you want something to drink which isn’t real ale? You think we should provide another free bar serving only drinks that you like? Well, there is an additional pay bar… if you leave our reception hall, turn down the street, and look on your left, the pay bar is there. It’s called “Oddbins Wine Merchants” and you are welcome to buy as much as you like to take back to the reception with you. They even accept Visa.

Ah… the bachelorette party. No, I don’t want a stripper. No, I won’t be wearing L plates. No, I will not play any of those degrading games people play on bachelorettes. No, I am not a prude. I’m just British. We Brits are generally uncomfortable with people invading our personal space, and also with public nudity. I see no reason to try and overcome this discomfort for the sake of a trashy party. I also have a Bridesmaid or Best Man who doesn’t drink for health reasons, so we need to have a bachelorette which features activities other than drinking (although obviously we will be drinking as well). NO YOU CANNOT SECRETLY SPIKE HER DRINK TO MAKE HER “MORE FUN”. Why? Because my idea of a good party does not involve visiting her in the A and E ward of the local hospital! OK, so you hate all of my ideas for a bachelorette. That’s fine… in that case, could you share some ideas of your own please, preferably ones which were not recently showcased on an episode of Jeremy Kyle?

………………….. and now I feel a little better. Thanks guys…

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Maid/Matron of Honor: I really do love you. You are like a sister to me. But you also need to seriously get your shit together. Not just because your financial distress is affecting my wedding, but because you are draining your Dad of all his income making it impossible for him to retire and come to my wedding! You are almost 30 years old, its time to let go of the dream of running your own business. You are crafty but you don’t have money or time management skills to really make it work. Get a regular day job. Secondly, I know your RSVP your boyfriend but I can’t honestly think that he is coming. I just don’t think you have the money for it. I don’t think you will realize this till the day before my wedding, because that’s how you are. Planning really isn’t your strong suit. You need to find a man that can compliment that part of you. I have a feeling your current pot-smoking guy just isn’t it.

Bridesmaid or Best Man1: I should have picked you as Maid/Matron of Honor, because you always have your shit together. I didn’t pick you because you are younger than me so for some reason in my silly head that put you in the Bridesmaid or Best Man catagory. I’m stupid and sorry. By The Way you are awesome and really the most dependable one there. I guess I still just see you as my little sister-cousin. I love how you have grown up and how stubborn you are.

Bridesmaid or Best Man2: I’m really sorry Maid/Matron of Honor is driving you nuts. You really do have your life together. Thankyou for answering the phone and calming me down when I thought Maid/Matron of Honor sent the bridal shower invites to THE ENTIRE WEDDING GUEST LIST and then wouldn’t answer her phone. Thank you for being a go between. And thank you for somehow getting Maid/Matron of Honor to answer her phone. You are awesome and everything a Bridesmaid or Best Man should be.

Bridesmaid or Best Man3: What would I do without you? Thank you for always being both calm,responsible and sweet. You rock. Also thank you for wearing orange at my request!!!

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I’m glad this post came back. I was lurking around here a few days ago, silently wishing I could add to it, without looking like some burt out, crispy bride, anxious to rant and rave! But heres my chance!


Maid/Matron of Honor: I’m so glad I have you! You know I have the most important relationship with you and the most love. You are my younger sister and we’ve grown up doing everything together. We even share every single friend in my Bridesmaid or Best Man line with exception to 1. But I’m so sorry it’s hard to see me go seperate ways with my fiance. It makes me sad sometimes too. But then I just call you or come see you. You’ve been a bit mean to me sometimes, for various reasons. But I feel like one of them is that you hate losing me. I’m really sorry sissy. I feel like you feel so left behind in our group. And that makes what I do have so much more impact. But I hope you hang strong and stop being mean to me. You have to have faith. I know we’ve argued a bit over my way of being with him. I didn’t say this the other day, and without sounding rude, you don’t understand because you don’t have a fiance/serious relationship. I’m very serious with my fiance, and we are a team. I know you and I were once like that, and maybe thats why this is so hard for you. But I don’t go off without notice or do as I please without letting my husband know the deal. Please stop making it out like he’s some keeper of my soul. He trusts me 100%, but damnit, he has to know where the kids are? If he should pick up dinner? If I need him to help me do anything while I’m out or if he needs help from me before I take off. Please know I’ve not moved past you lil sis, just moving in a different direction, with my fiance now. I wish you wouldn’t resist it so much sometimes. It makes me so happy that you and him get along as good as you and I do. I just hope you have some faith that we all will have a new kind of friendship that will be better than before. Thanks fr everything you do and how great you’ve been about the wedding. I do wish you saw my point of view with Mom. But I know you’ll never get that. I don’t even bother, I do just wish you would though. I love you ten tons.


Bridesmaid or Best Man1: You are an amazing friend, we have a very old friendship and you saved my ass quite a few times. We’ve had our own quarrels, and even one over my wedding. But we always pull through. I’m glad we can put our differences behind us and be real with one another and do this damn thang! Lol. I’m sorry the dress has been a financial burden, I want to tell you, without making you feel wierd, you’ve been doing great trying to pay for it!! You’ve come up with some really great ways to come up with the money and it means a LOT to me. It’s been nice to have the favor returned, this means so much to me. I feel like I dropped a clue to my finances on the wedding and the strain that comes with it. The only thing I ask is please don’t make me feel bad for how much we’ve spent. (I know your looking out for me, but it does hurt my feelings sometimes). I really love my wedding, and I work too damn hard to feel guilty about something so important to me. Aside from that, I’m so excited for your wedding in Feb.! But word of advice, start planning! I don’t know how ya’ll do it since ya got so many childrens and my wedding that your helping with! But you already know I’m totally down to return the favor. And I hope I can be one of your BM’s in return.


Bridesmaid or Best Man2: Aw you are so darn cute! I always think you are just such a pretty and cool chick. I’m sorry I have to put you on the end of my line. We’ll I don’t have too. But your the shortest, and I know you don’t like hells/wedges. So it’d look funny to have you choppin up the middle Lol. I know you know what I mean. Lol. I was worried about you for awhile. I thought you were dodging me over the dress. Please don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me something, ecspecially over my wedding, I need to get a move on with things and I was worried you were tieing us up cuz you were ignoring me. I know your a new mama, so that might be the case, just my worst case scenario part of my brain kicks in and gets me freakin! On the mama note, you look great. I wish you wouldn’t worry about your extra baby weight. There is seriously like nothing there. I’m sure you notice the little changes, but you should see how good and healthy you look from outside your biaism. Can’t wait for your wedding here in the next year! I secretly hope I can be a Bridesmaid or Best Man to yours!


Bridesmaid or Best Man3; What a great sport you are for hanging in there so much while your preggo with #2! Like you didn’t already have your hands full you lil single mama. You go through so much crap sometimes, but you have a great attitude for it and I promse you’ll find your perfect match! You’ve been a great help in all of this and I love that it brings us back to being close again. I worried about you and missed you so often you have no idea. But you’ve been doing great and you’ve been so fun to shop with and very open during all my wedding obsessing! And thank you and Bridesmaid or Best Man1 for the Bachelorette party ya’ll are planning. Please make sure Bridesmaid or Best Man1 doesn’t bring strippers. I really hate strippers. I know you feel the same. Please just convince her of that!


Bridesmaid or Best Man4; Like WOW! Bridal Shower wouldn’t have been the same without the games you planned. Thank you for that! You are always so overly helpful and kind. But I’m really glad. And for good reason, when Maid/Matron of Honor starts cutting into me, it’s nice to know somebody else knows what I’m talking about. I know your her BF more than mine, but you make a great friend to the both of us for dif. reasons. I really hope you figure your situation out with your man. I know we’ve talked if he’s the right one, but if he was talking about marrying you please keep me posted! I don’t want to pry, but I thought he said he was finally deciding that marriage was a thing for him. He’s very unconventional, but I’m glad he’s been thinking about coming around. But please, you haven’t given me any follow up info! I need to knowwwwwwwww I love wedddingssssss Lol. I hope I’m a Bridesmaid or Best Man at your wedding if everything works out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and guilty confession; I forget to put you in my original bridal party until I was told I was in the planning of your bridal party. DOH that sucks, but I feel better now that I’ve admitted it.


Bridesmaid or Best Man5; You’ve got your dress, which was hard to do since you live the farthest. And you made it to the Bridal Shower, and you’ve keep in touch! Yay! Just don’t fall off the band wagon again, like ever! Your man scares me too a little. With his wild lifestyle I’m scared you’ll lose yourself. Just be careful damnit. I know you hate when I go all mommy on you. But thank you for all your cooperation during the wedding. Youv’e been the easiest to work with. Your a perfect Bridesmaid or Best Man. Your a “point and go” kinda gal. If I point, you go and take care of it. Not in the bossy way though, just I tell you were the dress and how to ge it, and you do it. No complaining, no issues, nothing. I hope you decide to come get ready with us the day of. I know you live so darn far, but I’m a lil scared if you don’t get ready with us you’ll be out of loop when we meet only an hour before the ceremony!  


Well thanks for that ๐Ÿ™‚ I love all 6 of my girls and I don’t think my wedding planning could ever pull any of us apart. We’ve all been through way stickier situations. Even more sticky than some of the ones I read about here in the hive!

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Bm #1 Thank you, thank you, thank you, you were the best choice for Maid/Matron of Honor thank you for being sweet kind, helping me to remain calm, validating my concerns, and  actually listening to me and not asking me a million questions about wedding planning every five seconds I’m so glad you will be with me on the wedding day. You are the only person who could actually let me enjoy the ups and downs of how this moment feels for me without making it into something else and giving me space to feel whatever I feel I owe you a debt of gratitude!

Bm#2 I’m sorry you have been dating this guy for 2 years that you are always bragging about who doesn’t seem interested in getting married but can you please keep your negative attitude in check just  long enough to make it through the wedding I don’t need the constant reminders of how something might go wrong , your complaints about the dresses, and if you will even show up on time.. I have enough to worry about

BM#3 it’s NOT your wedding!!! Stop playing childish games to start drama everyone’s wedding doesn’t have to be what you would do and how you want it i barely even know you! i thought this would be a fun time to bond but i was wrong so when you have yours plan it anyway you like and stop stirring up crap behind my back, If you weren’t a relative you wouldn’t even be in my wedding to begin with!

Bm#4   I wish you would have just left it alone that you weren’t a bridesmaid instead of making me feel bad and crying when you are the one who took a sabbatical from our friendship… wasn’t it forgiveness enough to rekindle and invite you to the wedding. Yes I’m to blame I should not have let you guilt me but I really thought you had a better handle on your emotional issues…sucks for me now that you won’t stop acting all weird

BM#5 thanks for only agreeing to being in my wedding because you are the mom of my niece, thanks for ignoring all my text and not participating in anything or acknowledging receipt of any correspondence about the wedding plus I really appreciate the roller coaster anxiety of you threatening all summer to my bro not to come or let my niece be a flower girl every time you got mad at my brother.


 Shout outs : Assorted guest, vendors, and relatives, Thanks for also making my day about getting as much money from me as possible or offering sub par services, Thanks for causing undue stress with rudeness, inappropriate request, catty behavior, unsolicitited advice, constant badgering, negativity, calling my wedding a vacation or family reunion as if you couldn’t possibly be any more inconsiderate to minimize the fact I invited you to witness me start the next chapter of my life. Thanks for the constant one-upmanship and trying to figure out every thought or idea I have so you can try and out do it , it’s not a competition it’s my wedding would it kill you to let me just have it?

 Thanks for making it all about you and what you need for the day as if your presence or absence would make any difference at all, thanks for not having enough respect to RSVP timely and costing me extra money, thanks for the sarcastic comments about marriage and unwelcome feedback. But most of all I want to thank you all for confirming for me how rude and selfish ppl can be when they have to actually participate in witnessing someone else’s happy life event !

 I know now that possessing the ability to be an objective supportive person when it’s not about you for the sake of another person is a skill and not a common sense mindset that everyone has.  In closing, I will do my best to focus on the beautiful man standing at the end of the aisle and not on any of you selfish, greedy, nosy, backstabbing, catty, narcissist standing in the chapel because when its done I will be married and you can all go back to whatever you were doing before my engagement and marriage became your reality TV show.

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Maid/Matron of Honor: you rock. Thank you for always making me feel special and acting excited at every little detail of my wedding. Thank you for trying to make me feel better when I feel guilty about the expenses. Just thank you. And you are so beautiful. I know you want to lose weight for my wedding, but honestly you don’t need to lose anything. You look so much more healthy with curves!

Bridesmaid or Best Man 1: what would I do without you? I wish you lived closer, and I so appreciate all the time you take out of your busy life for me.

Bridesmaid or Best Man 2: I know I am putting a lot of pressure on you, being the only Bridesmaid or Best Man in this city. Thanks for always being willing to help. I don’t mean tosound ungrateful but it would be awesome if you could actually remember when you have to work before making plans with me. Maybe a daytimer would help? I still love you though!

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Ok I am going to mix these up so they don’t know which one is which in case they ever find this…

Bridesmaid or Best Man #1–You have been a great listener.  Although you haven’t helped much, you have been a great person to go to for advice.  Thank you so much!

Bridesmaid or Best Man #2–I wasn’t going to put you in my wedding originally.  I never saw you as one of my bridesmaids.  But it was important to you so I did.  In the beginning, I was kicking myself for having you in the wedding, you weren’t helpful and I hardly talked to you.  BUT, you have been amazing during the home stretch so thank you!

Bridesmaid or Best Man #3–YOU HAVE BEEN AMAZING!  Plain and simple.

Bridesmaid or Best Man #4–I haven’t been able to have you help much but again, you have been amazing.  I love you!

Bridesmaid or Best Man #5–I have had issues with you in the beginning but you seem to be getting better so thank you!

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@lrwedd:  HAHA

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BM#1 please realise that i dont have the same taste as you, and as much as i know you are trying to be helpful i dont want my wedding like yours. yours was beautiful for you. Also please stop spamming FB with wedding ideas i dont need facebook friends im not close with, asking questions or seeing things. But thank you for all you advice and realising that Fiance and myself arent on a limitless budget like you and your husband were / will always be. I love you

BM#2 please please please leave your drunk, pathetic, abusive, irresposible boyfriend. he is stealing your money, using your daughter against you and breaking you down. I know you think he loves you but he doesnt, true love doesnt lie, steal and beat their partner. I know its hard financially and emotionally to be there for me and deep down i know that you are supporting me and thats all that matters. No matter where you are, who your with or what you have done you will always be my best friend, and i love you and E (her daughter) unconditionally. Thank you so much

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oh, my gosh, I need to do this.

Bridesmaid or Best Man #1 – I have nothing to say except I love you, little sis ๐Ÿ™‚ and I know that Bridesmaid or Best Man #2/probable-MOH will plan an underage-friendly bachelorette party if I insist on it, so please stop worrying that you will not be included in the fun. You’re my baby sis! I could never celebrate my impending marriage without you.

Bridesmaid or Best Man #2 – Even though you moved far away and started a new life, I’ve never felt like our friendship suffered for it. Sure, we might go several months without talking, but when we do connect, we pick up right where we left off. Your genuinely excited reaction when I asked you to be a Bridesmaid or Best Man made my day! I’m so glad I waited for the chance to ask you in person, because that reaction was soooooo worth the wait ๐Ÿ˜€ You’ve been so supportive and helpful since the very day I got engaged, and I am so happy that I can honor our 12-year friendship by having you stand beside me on my wedding day ๐Ÿ™‚

(Potential) Bridesmaid or Best Man #3 – I know an ocean separates us (why did you move so far awaaaaaaay? I miss you!) but I really, really hope you’ll be able to make it to our wedding and stand beside me. Our friendship means so much to me and we have stood by each other through some pretty hard times – and some awesome ones, too! We’ve always had faith in each other and it means more to me than I can say. I know you have another bride to stand up with here in the states just 7 weeks before my wedding, so I really, really hope you’ll be able to afford two trips that close together. It would mean so much to me!

Bridesmaid or Best Man #4 – No, you can’t be Maid/Matron of Honor. You’re lucky you’re my sister, because that’s the only reason you’re even in the bridal party. You’re evil to our mother, our little sister, my child, and your own child, and you don’t care about anyone or anything but yourself. NO, you are not planning a stripper bachelorette party for me. That is NOT my comfort zone and NOT something I want to do. Not to mention, it is horribly inappropriate for Bridesmaid or Best Man #1, who will only be SIXTEEN when I get married, and you’re flat broke all the time anyway from spending all your money on ridiculous shit you can’t afford to have. You’re irresponsible and lazy. There is no way in HELL I would ever let you be in charge of planning any type of important event for me, least of all anything to do with my wedding. And please, please shut up your whining about our beer-and-wine bar. YOU are the reason we are not offering hard liquor to our guests. I have SEEN you get trashed on numerous important occasions and make a total fool of yourself. You don’t like beer or wine? AWESOME. Maybe you’ll be able to stay somewhat respectable at my wedding. Please, just wear the dress, sit down, shut up, and smile, and try, for one day, to think of someone else’s happiness instead of your own misery.

Wannabe-BM #5 – I seriously cannot believe you think I would ever make you a bridesmaid. I guess the fact that I play nice with you, for the sake of my Fiance and your husband’s close friendship, has confused you as to my real feelings for you. When we had that blowout fight months ago, I saw your true colors, and trust me when I say, I will NEVER be your friend. I shut up and put a smile on my face and deal with your utter bullshit because of how uncomfortable that fight was for my Fiance and your DH. And, just FYI, your husband is a good man. You treat him like dirt. You condescend to him, mock him, and make him feel inadequate constantly. Fiance detests you for what you’ve done to his best friend. I detest you for what you attempted to do to my relationship with Fiance. I’m sorry, but when you said to me, “You better watch what you say to me, because all I have to do is tell (FI) that I don’t like you and he will dump your ass so fast your head will spin,” you completely lost any respect, trust, or potential friendship we might have had. Quite honestly, you disgust me. Oh, and just so you know, I told Fiance about that comment and he said he would dump your “friendship” a million times over before he’d EVER leave me. So you can be as jealous and possessive and pine after a man that isn’t yours as much as you want, but the reality is, he’s marrying ME. Shut up, sit down, and deal with it like a grown-up already!

Oh, my gosh, that felt so good. I really needed a rant today!

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Maid/Matron of Honor: I know you have a 7 month old son. Remember when I told you NOT to get pregnant when you went to SoCal. Yeah. THAT. Not my fault. Yes, I love you. I will always love you and support you, but it was YOUR decision to get married. You need to honor that commitment and STAY married, and DON’T let your current seperation prevent you from helping me with MY wedding. Yes, I don’t want it to be stressful, but seriously, I borrowed money for gas to be there for you for the ENTIRE three days of frantically putting YOUR wedding together, and you didn’t even have me IN your wedding. I know your little sister is getting married in a month and sucks at wedding planning, but seriously! I asked, you said YES, and you said yes when I asked if you would step up to the Maid/Matron of Honor position when it opened up again, and PLEASE be there for me!!! I appreciate it that you are still so willing to give me a shower for the church ladies I grew up with…I hope some of them actually come. Thank you thank you thank you for doing that work.

Bridesmaid or Best Man 1: Really, dude. YOU ARE MY SISTER. BE MY SISTER FOR ONCE!!!!!! I asked you to be my Maid/Matron of Honor, but you turned me down. I asked you to be in my wedding, you acted as if I asked you to dumpster dive in a nice dress. Seriously. It’s not my fault that m&d are giving you crap about how weird and secretive your relationship is! So you’re now refusing finanicial assistance from them for your wedding. Fine. That’s your choice, but stop going crazy on me for my asking you to buy a pair of TOMs for my wedding. I know you’ve been dying to get a pair for years now. Just get them! I told you I would help you, or buy them for you anyway! Calm down. And I’m not asking much! Thank you for taking 2 days off your barista job to be in my wedding. I appreciate it. But I’m really not having that many parties. and you have NO idea how much it REALLY takes to actually plan a wedding. Your idea of a simple hipster wedding is actually a LOT more complex and expensive than you realize. And please make sure your 29 year old, still lives with mommy, fiance gets his drivers license before you get married. and also? it’s not very far to come visit me or help me!!! I make the 80 mile drive to visit you ALL the time. Stop complaining about it and come down here and be my sister!!! I need you to be my sister!!! I’m getting married! This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing!!! only ONCE!! never again!!! I’m not even asking you to really pay for ANYTHING!!! NOTHING at all!! I’ll buy you shoes, I’ll even pay for your GAS money to COME DOWN TO MY WEDDING!!! I’m just asking you to get your BUTT down here, an hour drive, and STAND next to me for 20 minutes. You can’t even stop complaining when I ask you to do THAT??!??

Bridesmaid or Best Man 2: YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!! Why did I not ask you to be my Maid/Matron of Honor, I have no idea. You have seriously been one of my best house/roommates ever, and I love you so much. You are so fun, light hearted, and encouraging!!! Thank you to the end of the world for planning my bachelorette party and for coming to my bridal shower that my MIL’s church friend gave me for all their church friends that I don’t know. I am so excited for you to stand next to me at my wedding, and I can’t wait for my bachelorette party. I know it’s going to be a blast!

Bridesmaid or Best Man 3: I asked, ASKED you to be my Bridesmaid or Best Man. I didn’t make you, and you got REALLY EXCITED when I asked. Were you faking? You seem to be siding with my sister on EVERYTHING. I know you guys are roommates, but really!?!? Do you have to ACT all witchy like her too? My bachelorette was NOT put on by me, I am not making you come, but I would like you to be there. Don’t get all mad at me for making it on a mid-week night. I know I would make it to your bachelorette if it were HOURS away. Mine is ONE hour from you. That’s too far for you??!?! REALLY!?!?! Sorry I can’t do everything for MY wedding in YOUR house!!! And don’t make such a big deal about wearing TOMS in my wedding. I know you love them, and yes, I did tell you that I wanted you to wear them, you just misread it because you are incredibly concieted, narcisistic, and don’t believe in change!

Bridesmaid or Best Man 4: I don’t know you. Seriously. I don’t. Were I the overtly snarky type, you would be standing on my FI’s side, because you are his sister, and your mother MADE me have you in the wedding party stating that “a sister will be around forever, but friends come and go.” And, in case you have forgotten the constant teasing you do to me for being shorter than you, making you no longer the shortest in your family, I am SHORTER THAN YOU!!!! No, you may NOT wear heels in MY wedding if I’m WEARING FLATS!!!!

Friend 5: Were I having a larger Bridesmaid or Best Man party, you’d be my first choice. Jumping in to help with EVERYTHING wedding related, helping plan my bachelorette? you ROCK!!! I love you! and I love that you took me to get my first pedicure! I had so much fun during our visit! I miss you, and I’m so sad that you can’t be at my bachelorette party (that you even helped plan and fund!!!). You are an absolute DOLL! Sure, you had a weird spell, I am sure, when you realized you’d not be IN the wedding itself. But if I could go back in time, you’d be in it FOR CEREAL.

Friend 6: I really appreciate all your help and encouragement. You are amazing. And you’re flying out to my wedding! You are amazing. I love you so much. You can be a downer someitmes, but I really appreciate all the love and scripture you have poured into me over the last few months. Really, I can’t say it enough!!!

Friend 7: You are a godsend for all the help and encouragement and venting sessions you’ve put up with!!! and now you’re helping with my bachelorette? you deserve a GOLD MEDAL!!! I wish we were closer friends, or that I could go back and ask you to be in my wedding without you being that close of a friend, because you are SO stinkafreaking FUN!

Friend 8: you are awesome. I love every single last one of our cookie and cake baking/decorating sessions. And our thai food dates. And our coffee dates. And our coop house rant sessions. WHY i didn’t ask you to be in my wedding will haunt me for a long while.

*sigh* feels SO MUCH BETTER!!!

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Dear Maid/Matron of Honor & Bridesmaid #3,
I did not want/ask for a shower or a bachelorette. I did not want/ask for you to help me plan or attend any meetings or review any vendors. I did not want/ask for any help with any DIY item, or with anything at all really. The reason I asked you to be with me on that day is because I love the pants off you both.
Your ONE JOB was to give me your measurements so that I could order and pay for the dresses YOU picked out to wear. You got to choose the dress! You got to choose the shade of green! You didn’t even have to PAY for it! And I have to ask you 5 effing times EACH for your measurements, over a period of 4 weeks??? And in the end you were both too lazy to do it…and gave me your generic clothing sizes! THIS IS THE REASON THAT NEITHER OF YOUR DRESSES FIT YOU! The other girls gave me measurements and their dresses fit them like GLOVES! And now I get to be stressed out and called upon to help fix things because you’re both lazy, thoughtless, cheap morons! Fix the dress, don’t fix the dress….but don’t ask me to pay for it for you! I ALREADY BOUGHT YOU DRESSES! If you don’t have a dress it’s your problem – walk down the aisle naked, or don’t walk at all!

Love ya! XOX

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I’m going to keep mine simple and speak to all of them at once:

Ladies, just try to get along and compromise!! And please leave me out of the drama between the 5 of you. Getting text messages from you telling me “there’s a lot of things you don’t know about” isn’t helping the stress I already have related to the wedding. I’m grateful for whatever “surprise” you are planning for me next weekend, but remember, I didn’t expect any of you to throw me anything since I’m having a Destination Wedding and coming to the wedding is enough for me. You all accepted being my BM’s – just bare through it for the next 29 days for me at least? 

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