(Closed) What do you think about kids sharing bedrooms?

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Buzzing bee
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I shared a room with my sister until we were about 4-7? It wasn’t so bad. Honestly, it helped later on when I got to college and lived with a roommate in the dorms. The worst ones were the ones who’d never shared a room and didn’t know how to.

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Busy bee
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When my sister and I were kids, we thought it would be SO COOL to share a bedroom, so we moved all of her stuff into mine. That lasted for like 2 weeks tops.

If it has to be done, I don’t think it would be detrimental to the child, but it’s certainly not ideal. I enjoyed having my space, especially as I got older. However, I know some siblings who shared rooms that were so close, in a way that could probably only come from sharing a room.

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Bee Keeper

It really just depends. Some people don’t have the luxury of choice,  and if it came down to it and we had to adjust some living arrangements where people had to share a room,  I’m sure they’d survive! 

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Bumble bee
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i think up to age 3-4 its okay but most kids start to be more independent 5+. Having brothers growing up i always valued my personal space so yes i think a personal room is really important for a child. 

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Buzzing bee
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Actually, I shared a room most of my life. I absolutely hated sharing a room with my younger sister (she was a terror). I had to endure that from the time she was born (I was two) until I was around 14. As a teenager in high school, sharing a room with my (2 year) older sister (bunk beds, tiny space) was actually pretty fun. I was more messy and she was a bit OCD, so we had occassional arguments, but aside from that, it was pretty nice. We’d each get a copy of the same book to read before bed, and then we’d squeal and race and go “ohmagersh” while waiting for the other to catch up (and vice versa) I guess it just depends on how kind your children are to each other, and whether or not they are at ages where they can get along.


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Busy bee
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I only have a brother and we never shared a room unless we had guests.  I don’t plan to have my children sharing rooms.  I can justify for a few reasons.  I have twin nephews (they are 2.5).  They share now, and they are terrible at night.  They get out of their toddler beds and together tear the entire room apart.  I bet if they were separated they wouldn’t be enticed to do such things.  I know for twins it is very common for them to share a room but not sure I could handle the antics they pull.  My brother and SIL have a 4 bedroom house and only the twins, so they have a spare room they could use, so it’s not for lack of space.  I could see good reasons (like not enough bedrooms) to have your children share, but it’s not for me either.

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Busy bee
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I shared a room with my sister until I was 16. Worked for us, though I must say we get on better now that we live in seperate houses!!

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Honey bee
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I think HELL YES. If I have same-gender kids, I plan to MAKE them share a room, at least for a while, even if they don’t really have to. It’s important to break kids of that whole entitlement thing while they’re still young. By the time they’re teenagers, sure, privacy is important, but for smaller kids, I think it’s more important that they learn about sharing and not being all ME MINE all the time. I shared a room with my sister for years and it didn’t hurt us a bit.

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Busy Beekeeper
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My DH shared a room with his brother and he turned out fine. My SIL/BIL have their two boys sharing a room. I see no harm in it. If you don’t have the room you don’t have the room. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My brothers did (twins).  They seemed to love it as children.  Though I think by high school they had their own rooms (I started college when they started high school so I’m having trouble remembering when it was).

Pretty sure Fiance shared a room with some of his brothers at some point.

I think it’s perfectly fine for children, it probably helps them learn to live with people better.  I think by the time you’re a teenager you probably need your own space though.  I don’t see any harm in it certainly, people survive just fine.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@MrsPanda99:  I think it’s ok when they’re little, and it can be a good thing. I shared a room with my sister at various points in childhood. I think though that when they’re older.. maybe 11-13, they should definitely get their own rooms… or if it’s a common theme that they’re really not getting along vs. normal sibling childhood bickering.

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Sugar bee

I lived in a four bedroom house with my parents and SIX siblings. We did a lot of sharing. Now that I look back on it, it wasn’t ideal but I didn’t know it at the time. I had always shared a room. I loved having my own room though. Sharing with DH is okay too.

My nieces who are three and eight share a room because the eight year old is too scared to sleep in her own room. They go so far as to sleep in the same twin sized bed even though there are two other beds because it’s fun for them. At least they love each other is what I tell my sister.

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Honey bee
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I shared a room with my sister (4 years younger) until I was 17. It was fine when I was younger, but once I was in my teens, I really needed my privacy. As soon as we had our own rooms, we had a better relationship. Having friends spend the night was also a nightmare.

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