What do you think is the most overrated…?

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

1. Ed Sheeran (sounds like elevator music to me) and Eddie Murphy (I really dislike characters who are ‘funny’ because they never stop talking).

2. Dubai. One of the places I’ve enjoyed the least. Too hot, awful traffic, to much building work, too fake.

I agree with your partner re Barcelona too. I saw several pick pockets at work there,including one man who just grabbed a woman’s handbag in broad daylight and ran off! Also know someone who was stabbed outside a nightclub there.

3. I guess New Year as it’s never lived up to the hype for me.

4. Nandos. Why is it so popular?!?! It’s so mediocre!

5. Engagements needing to be a surprise. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: January 2012
  1. Entertainer (name one singer and one actor/actress): Beyonce and Meryll Streep (great performers, just not the God people make them out to be)  
  2. Place for vacation/visiting Hawaii, (perhaps because I’m from the tropics and not a beach person).  
  3. Any annual popular event, holiday, etc.  New Year’s Eve.
  4. Food — Gluten free anything 
  5. One random wedding related thing — Large parties, I think Covid has shown the large celebration is nice, but really unnecessary, at the end of the day its the union that matters.
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Sugar Beekeeper
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@socalgirl1689:  Oooh I’ll play

1. Michael Jackson (don’t come for me)

2. Myrtle Beach

3. Valentine’s Day

4. Avocado

5. Matching bachelorette outfits and robes for getting ready


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Blushing bee
  1. Arianna Grande or Post Malone
  2. Myrtle Beach- I had some unwelcoming experiences there, so I didn’t enjoy it much.
  3. Holidays centered around heavy drinking are tied for this spot 
  4. Pork belly
  5. Getting cake smushed in my face 
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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2019
  1. Entertainer (name one singer and one actor/actress):  Steve Carell
  2. Place for vacation/visiting:  The Vegas strip.. Love the surrounding area and hikes etc. though!
  3. Any annual popular event, holiday, etc.:  Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day
  4. Food:  Tofu
  5. One random wedding related thing:  This may be a midwest tradition, but the bridesmaids stealing the groom or vice versa.  Oh, and the mindset that the grooms peeps must be guys and the bridal party must be girls.
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Honey bee
  • Wedding: November 2019 - Canada
  1. Entertainer (name one singer and one actor/actress): The Kardashians… Seriously, what are they even famous for? They’re just annoying
  2. Place for vacation/visiting Disney… I enjoyed it as a kid but I don’t understand those that go every year. It’s so packed and hot.. the ride lines are insane, everything is crazy expensive. I enjoy Disney movies & characters as much as the next gal but I don’t get the obsession
  3. Any annual popular event, holiday, etc.  Mardi Gras… Eww, why?
  4. Food — Cauliflower… Not a substitute for anything except maybe broccoli
  5. One random wedding related thing — Favors, unless its a candy bar because CANDY!
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Busy bee

1. Taylor Swift: I find her music super grating though I’m sure she’s a lovely person.

2. Florida/Vegas: Tacky tacky tacky.

3. Valentine’s Day: Extra hard to get decent reservations on a day that’s generally overpriced. Why even bother? 

4. Food: French cuisine. Great wine, fantastic ambience, paired with food that’s at best underwhelming, then followed by amazing desserts. So bizarre! 

5. Stressing over little details that no guest really cares about. Focusing on things being overly rehearsed and Instagram-worthy rather than warm social family gatherings. 

As for the SF hate: I love SF, live a short drive away, and think it’s easily the most beautiful city in the world. Unsurprisingly, the bits of SF I’d avoid are the touristy bits. The homelessness is definitely a problem, but sadly there are no good solutions. It’s just how it goes with big desirable cities, they all have their dark underbellies. 


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Sugar bee

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@socalgirl1689:  Haha “Queen” Bey can take a flying leap as far as I’m concerned. yell And her acting? Oh man…

Girl, you’re always asking us questions. Let me see your answers!! tongue-outkiss

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Helper bee
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I’ve only read a few responses and already I’m going into fighting mode.  How dare people talk badly of J-Law, avocados and cauliflower!!!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2016
  1. Taylor Swift- totally agree on this!  I liked her early music but the newer stuff I just don’t enjoy.
  2. Nowhere- everywhere I travel I really enjoy even if there’s things about it that aren’t great.  Even Florida which has been popular forever I still enjoy going to.
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. Seafood. Bleh!  
  5. Engagement photos/parties- just seems a bit over the top, excessive to me.
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Bumble bee
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@bluecutie00:  Haha You’re welcome! I love every other fruit, but hate it so much that fruit salads are mostly watermelon.

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@ladyjay418:  Thank you!

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