What do you think is the most overrated…?

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Sugar bee

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@socalgirl1689:  Oh dear…pizza and ice cream?? I don’t think we can be friends anymore. yell

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Helper bee
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Late to party but:

1) Kanye 2) Adam Sandler

2) I can’t really think of a single place I’ve chosen to go that I haven’t enjoyed.

3) Valentine’s Day- depressing when single, too much pressure when in a couple.

4) Ketchup, can’t stand the stuff

5) Bridal showers so dull and just another thing I have to buy a present for.

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Busy bee

1. Not specifically actors or singers but… Oprah : think she’s an amazing business woman and achieved so much etc. I think she’s definitely worthy of admiration, but people worship her like a god, which is the bit I don’t quite understand. Ellen, just think she’s kind of passive aggressive, nasty and not funny. 

2. Tricky because I choose to go places I like and can’t judge places I haven’t been personally. I prefer going to less touristy places though, so anywhere too touristy or “westernised” to cater to tourists is a turn-off.

3. New Years Eve – just because I’ve never really celebrated. And the couple of times I tried was pretty disappointing. 

4. Anything made with choux pastry like eclairs or profiteroles (yuck), macarons (didn’t get the craze a few years ago although my kids loved them), Domino’s  (I’d rather have frozen pizza from Aldi) & smoothies as meals (I like to eat food too much to find a smoothie satisfying)

5. Mmm can’t think of anything

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Honey bee
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1. Singer: Taylor Swift – while I admit I did like her last two albums, I don’t find her to be the best muscian in the world and I think the fevered reaction her “stans” have to her is a little much. Actress: I have to agree with Jennifer Lawrence. I just don’t find her “normal girl” schtick to be all that cute/relatable. 

2. Disney World – It’s crowded and full of children. I get swept up in the magic of Magic Kingdom, but the pressure and expense of having a “magical” time in a hot, sweaty ass theme park stuffed with tourists, where everything (from water to snacks) is a minimum of $15 is just a bit overrated. 

3. Fourth of July – Hot dogs are gross, fireworks are obnoxious, and I’m sorry – this country hasn’t been anything worth celebrating in the last few years. This year, hubby and I totally ignored it and ordered a pizza while trying to keep our traumatized cats calm while our neighbors set off a full set of fireworks until 5AM -_- 

4. Mini cupcakes – As Kevin Malone from The Office famously surmised “Mini cupcakes? As in the mini version of regular cupcakes? Which is already a mini version of a cake? Honestly, where does it end with you people???” 

5. Matchy-matchy bridesmaids – Let the ladies pick out whatever they want! No one cares! 

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Buzzing bee
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1) Beyonce 

2) Disney

3) Halloween (ew)

4) Pies. All pies. Pies in general. 

5) Videography 

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1. Coldplay. I HATE Coldplay. 

2. Any beach in Florida

3. New Year’s Eve

4. Ketchup. Ketchup is disgusting. And chocolate ice cream. It’s good, but there are better ice creams in my opinion.

5. Loooooooooooong ceremonies. Also engagement photos. 

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Helper bee

1. Snoop Dogg (he doesn’t sing or even rap…he talks) and Cameron Diaz (I find her way too dramatic and over the top)

2. Las Vegas

3. New year’s Eve (I absolutely looooove Christmas and find new years eve depressing because it’s the end of Christmas and back to work)

4. Any dessert/chocolates with alcohol in it. I love alcohol and I love desserts…but not together

5. Bridal showers. 

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1. Taylor swift and kim kardashian

2. Las Vegas

3. Cinco de Mayo in the US

4. Zucchini

5. Make up

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Bumble bee

1. Madonna. Her voice is like nails on a blackboard. Her whole career is orchestrated hype.

2. Venice Beach, Hollywood and Vine. Grubby and sleazy.

3. Halloween.

4. Champagne and caviar. 

5. Where to start… the price gouging, bridesmaid “proposals”, Bridal showers…

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I have no idea why my reply shows in code. Let’s try again 


1 Ryan Gosling 

2 Florida

3 Easter and valentine’s day 

4 Lobster (never again) and expensive alcohol 

5 wedding favors nobody cares about and expensive accessories 

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