(Closed) What do you think of a synthetic/ lab grown diamond ring?

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  • poll: Would you buy a cheaper synthetic (lab-grown) diamond substitute or a natural more expensive one?

    Synthetic/ lab-grown

    Natural diamond

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    We were really interested in it, but the market isn’t at the level of sophistication we wanted quite yet. What I mean by that is none of the retailers close to us carried them, and the more reputable online retailers didn’t either. The range of cuts was more muted. We wanted a really high quality cut — basically the highest category– but didn’t find one. I expect all of these things will be fixed soon as they catch on, but it just wasn’t quite soon enough for us. 

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    I have looked into lab grown diamonds, and found that they really were not that much less expensive than natural diamonds.

    If your choice is 100% ethical, maybe it would be for you. I think the comment above me makes some very helpful points also.

    Value wise, I don’t necessarily think they are the best. There are other options like moisannite that would be a better value for the money, or even a second hand diamond.

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    I look at it this way.   Buy what you can afford.  If you have enough money for diamonds no matter if they are bad cut/bad clarity etc.   Then get it.   If you can’t afford it then go for the lab grown ones.   Who really pays attention to the stones any way.

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    It wouldn’t be “mind clean” to me, so no. I probably wouldn’t ever buy one.

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    As a waiting bee, if my SO proposed with a natural diamond, I would be delighted. If my SO proposed with a lab grown diamond, I would be delighted. I’ve also told him that Moissanite could be an option for us, because we picked out a setting together that was on the higher end of our budget. The important thing for me is that the stone be of good quality and eye-clean, so however he goes about picking that stone… I could care less!

    I think it really depends on what you have your eye on, because, like @slomotion alluded to… if you are expecting something and it’s not “mind clean”, you wouldn’t be happy with the alternative. But if you aren’t really set on something, why not save a little if it gives you the same effect? It’s all relative to what an individual wants/expects. 

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    FH and I looked at lab-grown diamonds when we first started shopping around! One jeweler really, really pushed us to get one and the other jeweler did not. After some research and lengthy discussions with both jewelers, lab-grown diamonds aren’t actually that much cheaper and may not hold value down the line. Now, if you never plan on “upgrading,” it would be fine. Both jewelers explained that since the diamond is not natural and can be mass-produced, they will eventually saturate the market and lose value. So, if you pay $2500 now, you may only be able to get $250 out of it in 15 years. As for the ethical side of it, I’m kind of split on that one. When it comes to environmentally conscious, is there anything really better than natural? I understand there’s equipment needed to mine them, but that about equals out to the equipment used to make lab diamonds so there isn’t really a difference there. 

    It really comes down to preference. If you’d feel better with a lab-grown then get that! No shame in getting what you prefer, regardless of what it is!

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    If it were me, I would try as much as possible to buy a natural diamond, and if I couldn’t, I would look at other gemstone alternatives (I used to have my heart set on a blue sapphire engagement ring!). 

    If you are trying to make an ethical choice about your ring, would you consider going antique? Many antique rings hold diamonds that were mined way before the market was saturated by “blood diamonds.” Antique rings can also be absolutely beautiful! Especially the craftsmanship and filigree work, depending on the era. 

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    I have a sapphire but if I had gone the diamond route I’d be happy with a lab diamond. All I care about is that I think the stone is pretty. So if you find one you like then I don’t see why you shouldn’t buy it.

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    I’d prefer a lab grown diamond. I considered other alternatives, including moissanite, but I think I just want a diamond. I would rather have a lab diamond than a mined one.

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    That’s a really hard one! If it was significantly cheaper then yes I’d absolutely buy a lab diamond. It’s 100% a diamond! That’s said (and this is ironic since I have a moissanites haha), I do love the “naturalness” of mined diamonds. That conflicts with the tree hugger in me, since mining is so terrible for the earth. Far worse than lab grown. So I mean it’s up to you: what you value, what is it about mined diamonds you really love?

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    For sure lab grown – more ethical AND more affordable – I find it difficult to understand why you wouldn’t. I find some of the hype over diamonds kind of silly quite frankly. I understand the value of durability and beauty, but diamonds are nowhere near as beautiful and durable as their price tag would imply (to me). It’s mainly symbolic cultural value and that’s not super high on my list of priorities. 

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    I don’t know much about them but my sister has one and it’s beautiful!

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    Fyi synthetic is technically different than lab. Lab made is chemically identical to natural but made on a lab. I was told it takes two years to create. Hence the price is less but not cheap. I know this bc I did research before we got my lab made one. Depends on why you want what you want. I wanted ethically mined which is hotly disputed what makes a diamond ethical. That was the main thing for me. I wanted Canadian  but they are sooooooo expensive. So I picked this  

    If you love the idea of it being natural then get natural. It’s really not a question of what’s better but what you want. There are stimulants too which can be nice but I had no idea how to tell good from bad or if we were being ripped off so ee went lab. And I also thought it was really neat that it could be lab made. 

    To each their own.

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    Sugar bee

    Personally I’m not a fan of lab diamonds at this time, due to reasons previous Bees already mentioned (cost, quality, technology not allowing for a great product). I understand your feelings, and would recommend looking at an Amora gem or a pre owned diamond. I also think moissanite can be a great option. But ultimately, go with what you feel is best for you.

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