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    I don’t like her.  I can’t even fathom how she hasn’t been indicted by the FBI yet.  

    She does not respect, or even like, our military–just like Obama.  I think she will be just like Obama and continue dwindling down our military.  In a time like this, I think we need our military to be strong and prepared for war against ISIS.  Our military protects our freedoms, without them, none of the social issues even matter anymore.  

    I don’t like the whole “you should vote for me because I’m a woman” thing.  Being the same gender as me does not qualify you as the best choice for president.  If you legit agree with her policies and like her…then fine, that’s your opinion, but if someone is voting for her strictly on the basis that she’s a woman, and “wants to see the first female president” then they’re stupid. Sorry, not sorry.

    I don’t agree with her foreign policies, and yes, I can even not like her as a person.  She showed no remorse for what happened in Bengahzi, no remorse for victimizing a 12 year old rape victim (but yet claims to be all about the children and women), and apparently the whole FBI investigation is a joke to her.  Claiming that the whole reason she was using her phone for e-mails was because she “didn’t know how to use a computer to do e-mail.”  Seriously?  1.) it’s not rocket science.  2.) Do you really want someone as president who claims they can’t figure out how to e-mail on a computer? 3.) It’s a BS excuse for what she did.   

    Trump has his own drawbacks.  I actually favor some of what he says are his policies, but I also don’t know when the wind will change direction and he changes his stance on things.  I like that Trump isn’t funded by big companies.  I think he could actually build a better economy & bring more jobs back here…but I don’t think he’s the right person to handle foreign policies. I think a lot of what he says is purely for shock value/media attention…bad press is good press, right?  I think Trump *could* be successful with the right VP and people in his corner to keep him in check. 

    That said, I line up more as a Libertarian and have been looking at Gary Johnson since the last election.  Ideally, I’d prefer him + a VP with a strong military background.  However, the media has an agenda, and part of that agenda is to keep us all at odds over a 2 party system that’s failing.  Johnson might be able to get in the debate, and if he does, I hope he crushes Hillary & Trump. 


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    I dislike both Clinton and Trump. They’re both terrible and so far to the left/right that it’s ridiculous. I am very moderate. For example, some of the most commonly discussed issue:

    Abortion — yes it should be legal, no you should not be able to abort beyond a certain point (as a non-medical professional I cannot say what that point is)

    Guns — Second Amendment. Period. However, the Orlando shooter should NOT have passed a background check. Gun safes should be required (not sure how to regulate that) and background checks should be stricter.

    That said, I probably plan on voting for Trump because of all of the vacancies that will be opening up on the Supreme Court and in other areas. Hillary has suggested some extremely questionable people.

    Not to mention her being investigated by the FBI.

    Don’t reply telling me I’m horrible for voting for Trump. I plan to exercise my right to vote rather than opting out and these are very two big evils to choose between. Filling in that little bubble will be painful for either of them, but unless something major changes, I have made up my mind.

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    I’d much rather have Sanders get the nod but Hillary has locked it up pretty much..I think she has made a lot of missteps in the past and I sincerely hope she takes up some of Bernie’s stances cus its impossible to ignore the amount of votes he has gotten and she needs to recognize there are a ton of people who agree with a lot of his views (I myself dont agree 100% with him but the man has made some salient points)… with that said if she is on the ballot I’ll vote for Hillary come November because you know ANYTHING BUT TRUMP.

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    I said it before on here, but I think there is a lot of smoke for very little fire on Hillary.  I think that Republicans have been very focused on tanking her for years.  There has been 8 committees on Benhgazi that found nothing that they could pin on Hillary. That is more than any other US related terrorism insident since 9/11 combined including 9/11. The e-mail server seems to be wrapping up with a “Well, people probably should not do this in the future, but she didn’t do anything wrong.”  The flipping on gay marriage and the 90s crime bill is changing with the American public.  

    In 2008 more than half the country did not believe in gay marriage.  A lot of Americans have grown on the issue, and its stupid to deny someone in the public area the same thing.

    A lot of us are too young (20s/30s) to remember the 90s very well, but a lot of stuff was done to deter crime that the public was on board for that turns our stomachs now.  I know my city’s cheif of police had some conterversal steps to stop gangs in my city, but was reelected again and again and again.  A lof of white people felt the same way she did then, and it is with the clarity of time we understand how bad that was. 

    Also, the 12 yearold rape case, she was doing her consitutional and legal job as a defense attorney.  Her line of questioning at that time was completely open to her, and would have been legal mal-practice for her not to pursue.  The way our legal system is set up, the defense attorney has a job to defend their client.  It is not in their hands to be on the look out for victims rights.  That is the prosecuters, the courts and the legislatures jobs.  It isn’t perfect, but it is what we have. 

    Also, personally, I want a pragmatist instead of an idealist in office.  Pragmitistis get things done.  Idealists don’t get as much done.  We have seen what idealest do with the current tea party congress that can’t get anything done because 40 people whold the rest of the body hostiage. 

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    Trump is such a joke I’d vote for a tree stump over him. So I guess that means I’m voting for Hillary.

    I’m a Berner. I’m really disappointed in the way the Democrats have treated him.

    I don’t care for Hillary because I think she’s smug and sloppy/lazy. The whole e-mail thing. I don’t think it was illegal or she should be indicted, but it’s sloppy. Every single person who works for the Feds know you use their e-mail for anything work related. She didn’t want to carry another device. Sorry, lady, that’s lazy, and that’s a major hit against someone who wants to be President. However, the GOP makes it easy to vote for Hillary because they chose a racist mysoginist to represent their party. It’s my belief that this is what the GOP has been like since Reagan, but they’ve tried to keep it quiet and talk around it. Trump has slit open the underbelly of the GOP and laid it out for everyone to see. And their voting base loves it.

    Anyway, Hillary. There is no doubt she is a very intelligent woman (she was a well regarded lawyer at a time when women had a hard time breaking in to jobs like that), she is clever and a hard worker. But I think she lets her ambition get in the way of her beliefs, and I think she will say and do anything to be President. I do not believe she will be a bad President, like Trump will be. But I think she will be mediocre. In this day and age, mediocre is about the best we can expect.

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    cbgg:  Okay, fair enough….Hillary is a bit of a flip flopper (think the war in Iraq, the border control issue, etc.)…as a result, I dont have the confidence in her as I should have in a President.

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    I don’t think much of her but I think even less of Donald Trump. She’s the lesser of two evils in my opinion.

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    BalletParker:  ALL OF THIS. ALL OF IT. Every damn time someone comments on her personality and how she’s always reserved or not as genuine or not as happy/nice, it’s because she’s a product of having to work three times as hard as every other male politician for her whole career. Absolutely nothing she has ever done or said has gone without scrutiny- and yet she perseveres. How many times did they hold the damn Benghazi hearings and she has never once been found of wrongdoing? The woman has to wear a coat of armor every day to get done what needs to be done- so can she come off as cold or rehearsed? Yeah, because she’s never had a single day with the luxury of getting to be “off the cuff” like Trump or a lovable uncle like Bernie. 

    She’s never given up being an advocate for women and children, and is 100% the most qualified. Madame President. 

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    MissCountryGirl727:  you summed up my thoughts perfectly, although I dont plan to vote for trump and can see him doing something possibly stupid. 

    one thing that really angers me is the situation with the 12 yr old rape victim. I think everyone is totally giving her an out with it because she “had to.” But I could imagine the shit storm had this been Trump who was the one in her shoes & everyone would use it against him and say he is the devil, but Hillary is hailed as doing so much for women & children.. I cant imagine how that poor girl felt.

    & honestly she should be able to do a basic function on a computer that a lot of people’s grandmothers have been doing for years now. It also appeared as though she had no cares when she was in proceedings about the email. She was almost falling asleep. I would like someone who could take a federal investigation seriously, it makes her look childish. I think she is such a fraud & I will def not vote for her just to get the first woman in. 

    being the first woman president would be an immense honor and should be given to someone that will actually make women proud. She should not be elected just because she was the first woman who has made it this far so we defaulted. 

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    MissCountryGirl727:  I am also happy to see Gary Johnson has gained a lot of traction this election because no one likes the R & D nominees. I hope it  has gotten people interested in broadening away from just two options. There are, however, some things in the Libertarian Party that need reforming for people to take them more seriously. 

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    She’s OK. Trump is not. Clinton will get my vote.

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    Can’t say I trust her, but she is a politician after all and they are all shady. She is competent and experienced, unlike Trump, who was born with a silver spoon and still went bankrupt over and over again. I think Bernie has some nice ideas but never stood a chance of actually winning, so I’ve always been Team Hillary. 

    P.S. I love Obama and think he did a fantastic job. I absolutely think the people voting for Trump, even the ones who deny it, secretly agree with his feelings on immigrants, minorities, Muslims, and women. 

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    Normally, I’d avoid these boards like the plague (I haven’t even opened a Trump one, lol!).  But, I like the overall tone here so far.  Respectful but passionate — so kudos to all of you.

    I don’t care for either major candidate, and while I do have respect for Hillary succeeding where she has (it is a big deal that a woman has made it to where she has plus what she’s been through in terms of a very public and contentious life), I don’t care for her as a Presidential candidate.  And I wouldn’t vote for a woman just because either.  So I’m glad to hear most of you are bigger minded than that, too.

    Whether or not people realize, it’s a very big deal to violate security protocol and in the midst of an FBI investigation is not at all where I’d like a Presidential candidate to stand!  Head of our country, Commander in Chief, Top boss in terms of Justice and State Deptartments, plus everything else that a President must be ultimately responsible for?  No.  As unfortunate as it is, and I would like to say “innocent until proven guilty”, there is much too much wrong behaviour and bad associations with Hillary.

    Also, while this may not be fair either, I still remember her husband on TV making a special broadcast and pointing his finger at the screen and saying “I did not have sex with THAT woman!”.  Which, umm, yes, he did.  The President of the United States got on public television and LIED to the American people.  Does what happened matter in itself–ehh, I don’t really care his personal/sex life.  BUT, it’s a huge deal to me that he sat there and lied and was almost impeached for lying to us, the citizens.  So, I really don’t want him back in the White House and while I feel badly for Hillary to be married to a liar, I think that I don’t want her either if she’s still tied to a man who lied to us all and thought he’d get away with it.

     ETA:  I know I didn’t really touch on issues themselves, but I am one of those people that does think who a person is is also intrinsically important, so I just focused on what I thought when I saw “what do you think of Hillary” rather than Hillary’s poltics, etc…

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