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Brody (think of Brady Bunch: Hate it)

Colton (think of the Colts: Hate it)

Trenton (It’s a city: Hate it)

Bentley (Tis a car and the Teen Mom fiasco: Hate it)

Briley (No)

Aubrey (I like Audrey much better

Cali (My mom’s dog’s name – No)

Kennedy (Too many presidents’ last names in here)

Braxton (Toni Braxton – No. – I kinda like Paxton though)

Maverick (Top Gun – No)

Lincoln (Last name)

Kendrick (No)

Jackson (Prefer Jack)

Braeden (Horrible)

Beckham (Last name)

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Sugar bee
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@whoa_its_ash:  haha. This was my exact thought too! Especially since the only time I’ve heard Bentley used as a name was on Teen Mom. 

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Blushing bee

Colton and Cali I really like Laughing


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These are all too trendy and Teen Mom for my liking! Except Aubrey.

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The names are definitely not my taste. They actually remind me of these “hip” or “trendy” names that parents are going for which will completely show their age in five or six years. The only ones I could tolerate and not make a face at were Lincoln and Colton–but those were pushing it. 

I abhor the name Kennedy for girls, it doesn’t sound classic. Briley sounds completely made up. I know all names are “made up” but this sounds like a forced combination of two names that you like and thought this would sound good together. Aubrey is atrociously popular at this point, so the only upside is she won’t be the only one saddled with that name. Cali is fine, but the spelling is odd.

As for the boys names, it’s obviously not my decision, but as you asked my opinion, I would shelve all of them. Trenton is such an odd choice, have you ever been to Trenton, NJ? It comes off as if you are hopping on the “geography” bandwagon and went with a random city. Bentley is just ridiculous. It’s a brand of car–is that what you want to name your son after? Of all things? I also have a strong reaction because a girl I knew named her son Bentley and I always just think of it as “trashy”…sorry. Braxton, Maverick, Kendrick, Braedan…no. No! Just no. Sigh. 

Sorry if it seems like I’m being bitchy, I realize we have completely different opinions on what consitutes a nice, classy name, but these are my honest opinions on your names. Only a stranger will give you this honest of an opinion, I’m sure. 

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Helper bee

Colton, Trenton, and Bentley are nice.

Aubrey and Kennedy I like.  I don’t like Briley at all.

Jackson is becoming way too popular for me to consider.  I like Lincoln and Beckham.

Braxton reminds me of Braxton Hicks contractions, lol.


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Busy bee
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Wow people are so harsh! Lol i love all the comments about how “hip” they are… ill bet you most of these people like sophia, and isabella which is oh so original “rolls eyes”

Ive heard some bad names… And unfortunately my nephew has a bad one but i didnt have the guts to say anything to his parents besides “thats a nice name” and now the kid is stuck with it for life… Maybe hell make it into something spectacular though…

I dont have anything bad to say about the boy names Brody, Colton, Trenton, Bentley. As opposed to everyone whos saying trenton is a place… To me its not. Its a name… Ive never heard of trenton nj, nor do i care about it. Im sure theres a “sophia missouri” somewhere… Who cares?! Its a nice name, and ive met one before. Everyone called him trent though. Bentley is cute, i just cant see a 20 year old named bentley coming in for a job interview, so it may be a little immature.

Briley is this like Brill-ee, or Bry-leigh? I cant figure out how i want to say it, and that may be an issue shell face most of her life, would you consider a different spelling? Like Brileigh or Brilley? I like Brileigh, i think it has a nice sound to it. Aubrey im a canadian who grew up in the 90s so i associate this with the actor who played jimmy on degrassi (now known as drake) its a nice name though.

Cali, i love this name, i nearly names my dog Cali… But would you consider spelling it Callie? Its a bit more appropriate for a human child. Kennedy is cute. I like it!

Braxton, Maverick, Lincoln, Kendrick, Jackson… Not of fan of any of these. Sorry. I think of braxton hicks, mavericks is a sports team isnt it? Lincoln was a president and jackson is way too popular. Your so much more creative than that!

Braeden i dont mind this if you would spell it brayden or braydon. i dont know what it is about Beckham, but i dont like it personally.

good luck! And dont listen to anyone! People (cough my aunt cough) told my mom “Alexander” was a horrible name, so she changed my brothers name after he was born on a whim to Matthew, and 3 years later my aunt ended up naming her child alexander…  people are such hypocrits! And honestly all names will “age” theyre a reflection of the period they were born in, and thats ok! 

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Busy bee

@MrsN14:  I love Aubrey but it’s _super_ popular along with Audrey. I think Bentley reminds me of a car and has a bit of a trashy connotation. 

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Rock which ever name you both love! Seems like you have a good bit of common ground, even if you may have to compromise on some of the middle names.

To me, honestly? They all sound like classic, 1980s, romance novel protagonist names. Essentially slap on the surname St. James or Warrington or Hollingbrook and I’m pretty sure they were in Harlequin bodice rippers.

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Bumble bee
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@MrsN14:  none of these are to my taste. However, that style of name is pretty popular, so I wouldn’t be aghast at them or anything if I met your kid. I would just never choose them.

ETA I do agree with pp that if you go for Cali, to name your daughter Calista and then call her Cali. That way she has a name to grow into as an adult. If you do that, that would be my favorite of these by far. And I agree with pp that of the boys’ names Bentley is the worst.

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I think Kennedy is pretty for a girl, but there’s been a big resurgence in popularity of Jackie O and the Kennedys so I might be more sensitive about that name because of that. I know a little boy named Colton and he’s a sweetheart 🙂

When I coached recreational gymnastics for kids I had some students that I honestly wondered what their parents had been thinking when they named them. I wish I still had my class lists, there were also some lovely names. Naoh was one that stuck out to me, some people get stuck on the biblical connection with the name but the little boy was so sweet and so that’s what I think when I hear Noah.

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Helper bee

@Feist:  +1 on Calista, I happen to think it’s such a beautiful name and it would fit so nicely with Cali for short.

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Well… My future son’s name has just been pooped on by all of the bee!


and my kids name is Beckett. I guess he will be called Becky!

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@MrsN14:  I think Aubrey/Aubree is so popular because of Teen Mom, but Conall?  Conally?  I have never heard of either of those!

I don’t really like any of your choices – to me those names all sound trashy.  Except for Jackson but there are a million Jacksons now.

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