What do you think of people that post their new house on social media?

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The PP’s saying it’s not good to post pictures of the outside of the house becuase someone could “find out where you live”. You mean you’re worried about your friends and family having your address? Make sure you never mail any letters then! And you do realize once you buy a house its on public record, right? Anyone that knows your first and last name can find out where you live. People can also search an address and find out the last/current owners name and how much it sold for, bedrooms, layout, all that. 

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Busy bee
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I love seeing pics of people’s new homes! I’m happy for them and I think it’s always interesting to see what people choose. It’s akin to looking at someone’s wedding registry for me — I like to see where my friends’ tastes lie.

I think the only way it would be showing off is if it were ridiculously, unnecessarily braggy, like talking about what things actually cost if it was super-pricy, etc.

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Sugar bee
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I think do so with caution.   It is fun to share a big piece of news like that, and I have fun seeing what friends from the past are up to, even ones I may not have kept in contact with.  Plus houses/condos are fun to look at! 

I say post with caution, because sooo many times people post pictures that reveal the address (such as house numbers with cities… it takes seconds to find the exact address thanks to trulia).  You just never know what kind of creepos are on there, and I don’t quite trust privacy settings on fb.    

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Honey bee

Mlim :  I’m usually happy for them and also have some wishful thinking for myself too have a house one day. 

The posts that bug me ate incessant look at what I bought posts and look what I got as a present post. But not always sometimes a person gets a gift so fit to them and they are so happy it’s fun to see. The ones just to brag are always annoying no matter what it is. 

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Buzzing bee
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Why do people have to rain on other people’s happy? Sheesh. Yes, social media is for sharing and we tend to lean into the happy news instead of negative. Buying a house is a HUGE accomplishment. You do as you please girl, I love see people’s new homes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee

I LOVE IT. I think it is so interesting and so inspiring! And I love posts about shopping etc too! The best thing i know is to watch unboxing videos on youtube…….

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Bumble bee
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Sharing good news or a milestone in your life isn’t tacky to share with your friends and family

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Busy bee

For people with large groups of more distant friends including coworkers and clients, it can be very awkward when there are obvious gaps in wealth.  For people with a limited circle of close friends and family on social media, I think it’s less likely to lead to any awkwardness or pettiness. 

(I’m not sure why sharing photos of your home with people you’re involved with on a peripheral level is actually considered normal.  It’s absolutely a security risk.)

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Busy bee

Mlim : I agree with you and your thought process, OP. I didn’t necessarily judge other people for doing it, but I felt exasperated that they can post the exterior of a huge 5 bedroom colonial house, gushing about being property owners and not be deemed as bragging. Why does that post get 80 likes, but my selfie gets 2 because people think selfies are vain? I didn’t understand why showing off is okay for some people and not for others. When it was finally my turn to announce we bought a house, hell yeah I took that opportunity, because I saw these posts for 5-6 years before it was my turn, and if they can do it, I can do it. So I did it. I also empathise with your rush of adrenaline, much like getting engaged, that just makes you share, and perhaps overshare, right away. Totally normal flood of emotion and human nature. 

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Busy bee

soontobeelaccyyy :  exactly!!!!! No one is more paranoid about personal safety than me, but if you’re the owner of the property, it’s public record. One major hurdle I had to get over before signing the deed. 

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I have this coworker who, in the past few months, has posted about buying a new LV neverfull bag, a Mercedes SUV, and posted the fact that she purchased (she explicitly clarified that *she* financed it) a trip to Vegas for herself and her mom. So that’s what tacky looks like LOL. Posting a pic of your first home is not. 

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Blushing bee
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Whenever people in really life talk about stuff like this being tacky I just think to myself: how jealous/unhappy are you that you can’t be happy for others?? ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿป‍โ™€๏ธ  Go for it. Congrats! 

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Helper bee

I made a whole Instagram account for my new-to-me house! Lol. It’s a flip so I’m documenting the transformation. I have almost 200 followers, so it can’t be that tacky. 

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Busy Beekeeper

I think it’s a bit tacky, but nothing crazy. I also don’t really like birth announcements on social media. I felt this way even before we were TTC, but now that we’ve been trying for a few months and have had a loss, I feel even more conviction about it. I dunno I just think news like this is better to share directly with your friends and family – why do you need to let your entire social media network know? Does Suzy McJones from the 7th grade really need to know that you can afford that 4 br colonial? It does feel a bit braggy to me, although I can totally understand the impulse to put that stuff on social media so I should try to be less judgy lol. I did post our engagement announcement on social media, which is kind of the same thing in a way, but later on I felt a bit icky about mysellf for having done so.

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