(Closed) What do you think of smoking around children?

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    It’s disgusting and awful and I really do not think you should be allowed to smoke close to children (or especially with them in the car and the windows all closed).

    My friend’s parents both smoke like chimneys and since she’s lived in that house for 20+ years she has chronic ear infections, allergies and bronchitis. Her doctors have contributed it to her parents’ second hand smoke.

    How could anyone be okay with that happening to their kids?!?!?!?!

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    I didn’t vote. I don’t think it’s ok but I wouldn’t say it’s completely unacceptable. I think it’s gross but some parents may need it so I would hesitate to make it illegal.

    I really hate it when people smoke in close proximity but act like I’m not breathing in their second hand smoke. Like in a car…you can hang your hand out of the window but I’m still getting sick back here. Can’t you take it outside? 

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    In Ontario it is illegal to smoke in a car if there is a passenger under the age of 16.  Smoking in the home isn’t much better, but that would be difficult to enforce.

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    My grandfather smoked around me all the time growing up.  There was barely a moment in the day, that guy didn’t have a pipe in his mouth.  To this day, he still always puffing away on his pipe.  Do I think it was a massive issue in terms of my personal health? No.  Do I smoke or have lung cancer or have any sort of long term problems from his smoking? No.  Neither of my parents smoke, but they didn’t feel that is was neccessary to ream my grandfather out for smoking near me.      

    I just don’t think its really anyone’s business but the parents involved in the situation.  My SO smokes and I’ve already told him (and he agrees) that he’ll need to quit if we have kids.  However, that’ a personal decision.  In my opinion, smoking around children and inviting them to emulate the adult smoker is the bigger issue than second hand smoke.

    Either way, I don’t think its anyone’s business but the parents involved.  To call it child endangerment is just, in my opinion, ridiculous.    

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    @pixiecat:  Same in Australia. There are also many “smoke free zones” including but not limited to all government buildings, public transport, airports, schools, child care facilities, enclosed public places, workplaces and restaurants. In some places with really busy high-traffic shopping strips it is illegal to smoke on that street, or in some less severe bans are in place to stop people from smoking under the eaves of the buildings.

    I feel our Government is pretty well on top of it, but I still feel this huge pang when I see a baby with its mother smoking in their face, Ive seen groups of mothers/women with almost every one having a baby in their arms, all sitting outside in a group smoking like chimneys. These babies are stuck right in the middle of that – how unfair!

    I wish it were illegal to smoke at least within 5 feet of a child/not holding a child/not in an enclosed space with a child. Not that friggin hard.

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    smoking around children is horrible… My ex used to smoke in the house with our two children. I was young and thought it wasnt a big deal when my mom would lecture me about it. She used to say it was the reason for their ear infections, allergies and sinus problems. Sure enough when we broke up and he left they didnt get ear infections as frequently, no more breathing tx or bad sinus infections. I feel so bad for those years I exposed them to it. I guess when you know better you do better. 

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    I work in the cardiovascular/pulmonary pathology department of a big city hospital. After what I’ve seen and studied over the course of my PhD, forgive the harshness of my words, but smoking is just about one of the absolute stupidest thing one can do to themselves and I unreservedly say that exposing anyone else to your second hand smoke is reckless endangerment. When it comes to children and babies, it is just unconscionable.


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    @SadieBee:  My dad smoked around me. He never smoked in my room, and if we were in the car he’d always roll the window down, and if I ever said it was bothering me he’d go somewhere else. I’d get frustrated when my middle school teachers asked if I smoked after me telling them numerous times that my dad smokes (6th grade, really?), but I was never mad at him for doing it. I think people tend to forget that nicotine is an addiction and a drug, and you can’t just quit cold turkey. It’s very hard for some people.

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    I think its completely unacceptable. Why would you want to put your children or any other child in a situation that could harm them? Now there is “third hand smoke” which is when you just smell it on people and that can be harmful as well. It’s horrible and anyone who smokes around their children should be ashamed.

    It damages the cells in the childs respiratory tract. I believe it to be child endagerment

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    I think smoking around anyone who isn’t a smoker is rude anyway. If a non-smoker chooses to walk into a area where smoking is taking place/a designated smoking area…thats one thing. But if a smoker is in a place where it is entirely non-smokers and it isn’t a designated area and they light up then that is being rude.

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    Here its illegal to smoke in a car with anyone under age 16 inside. Also illegal to smoke in most (but not enough) public places.

    I believe it should be illegal to smoke anywhere except designated smoking areas and private properties. 

    You really wouldnt be able to enforce the house one though

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    I developed triggered asthma due to second hand smoke. My father also had several heart attacks in one day and almost died due to smoking. I hate being around it, I hate when people smell like smoke, I hate the smell coming into the house. Our downstairs neighbours smoke a lot and we can smell it sometimes and it makes it harder to breathe. So needless to say when I see people smoking around children it makes me sad, mad and sick as I know it effected me as a teenager (parents quit when we were kids).

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    My parents both have emphysema and my mum also has severe asthma due to being exposed to second hand smoke constantly throughout their childhood.

    Go ahead and kill yourself, but don’t put others at risk. Especially not children who can’t remove themselves from the situation. 

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