(Closed) What do you think of smoking around children?

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    I think smoking around kids and babies is one of the trashiest, most low-life things a person can do. 

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    I think it is completely unacceptable. I also think there needs to be more laws regarding secondhand smoke. For instance, only in designated outdoor public areas, not in multi-residence buildings, etc. I’ve become increasingly irritated about this over the years as I have become more aware of health. Did you know if a smoker comes into your house and sits on your couch, that toxic/cancerous chemicals will shed from their clothes (and onto your couch, etc.)?

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    @memo:  actually i think 3rd hand smoke is when chemicals get deposited on clothes, walls etc rather than just the smell….thats whh its considered dangerous

     I think, no one should smoke in a car or enclosed space(ie house) with a kid. If its outside and the child is downwind its not as bad

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    I don’t like it when smokers smoke around anyone without asking first – and if you ask me, “Do you mind if I smoke?” I will tell you that yes, I mind very much. Blech. Babies and small children don’t have the ability to ask you not to smoke around them, so I feel sad when I see it happen. However, I don’t believe that Nanny State is the answer. As PP said, you might as well lock up parents for taking their kids to McD’s or letting them sit for hours a day in front of the XBox. That will kill them too.

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    selfish and gross.


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    I think it’s far too dangerous for children to be around. It’s terrible for anyone.

    The office I work for deals with the same people a lot. There is a mother who smokes incredibly heavily, she must be a chain smoker. My desk is about 25′ from the front door but I can smell her smokiness after she’s been here for about 30 seconds. What’s even worse is she has quite a few kids, and even when it’s just the kids coming in I can smell the smoke on them since they’re so exposed to it. I feel horrible for them.

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    I think it’s disgusting. But then again I also think it’s gross to feed your kid nothing but fatty processed food and sugary drinks. Fine for a treat every so often, but daily? It’s not like your kid really has much of a choice.

    They recently passed a law here that it is illegal to smoke in your car if there’s someone under 16 in the car with you. Cops can pull you over and write you a ticket. I think it’s great. At 16, they can’t drive themselves around, and you’re putting them in a tiny exposed space with all these toxins! 

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    Ughh welcome to my future. My Future Mother-In-Law smokes heavily. FI’s whole side of the family smokes with a few exceptions. The kids are always near by when an adult is outside smoking. Fiance tells me he’s going to be quitting soon *crosses fingers*. I do not think it’s ok to smoke with children present.

    Second hand smoke is no joke.

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    I don’t think it needs to be illegal, we already have enough govt regulation.

    ButI absolutely think it should be common sense and want to throat punch anybody I see doing it.

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    @SadieBee:  I don’t like it, but it isn’t my business either. I don’t smoke and neither does my Darling Husband, and we will not tolerate anyone smoking around our child.

    That includes my mother, who smoked around us growing up. She has been very respectful and will not smoke around me now that I’m pregnant, but growing up she did. Never in the house, but she did in the car. She has recently stopped this behavior and pulls into gas stations or wherever have you to smoke if we are on a long trip.

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    I feel very strongly about it. It is disgusting and unacceptable to smoke while children are present. Inside and outside of your home. Just yuck! My mother-in-law and I had a bit of a go ’round when my daughter was an infant. We have since sorted through our issues and have found a compromise where her smoking is concerned. 

    It is so unnecesary and will never understand how it is acceptable to smoke around children. 

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    I dated a smoker and coming from a non smoker point of view I coughed more and felt sick. And the moment he rolled his eyes when I asked him to not smoke in the car (raining out) window was up, I knew it wasn’t going to work out. But I am fine around people who smoke outside but not in doorways Etc…. So I can imagine how much this harms babies lungs I see many reoccurring asthma babies due to smoking parents unfortunately 

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    I think it’s wrong. While I don’t think people should be arrested for it, I wouldn’t have a problem if people were fined if they were caught smoking in front of children. This would probably be caught most often in the car. Where I live you aren’t allowed to smoke in any public places except bars. We don’t have any friends who smoke, and we don’t go out that much, so I kind of forget that people do smoke really. I think it’s a terrible habbit. I just don’t understand why anyone would ever start smoking now that we know how terrible it is for you. It also smells terrible and makes you stink. 

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    I f*cking hate it when people do it, it is very inconsiderate. Damn at least near all playgrounds it should be banned.





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    @SadieBee:  It’s terrible but it’s not my place to say anything. My stepsisters smokes around her son and has caused him to develop asthma but she still smokes around him. It makes me angry that she is so selfish but shaming her about it doesn’t make her stop so I just keep it to myself.

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