(Closed) What do you think of smoking around children?

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    I agree with PPs that as far as it being LEGALLY called child endangerment, it isn’t. There’s no way to enforce it and, as one PP said, you’d have to enforce laws against everything that is out of the child’s hands that could cause it harm (fatty foods, not exercising, etc). It’s only the business of the caretaker/responsible party for that child. The govt. shouldn’t be regulating every aspect of our daily lives. Do you really want the govt. telling us what to do/eat/drink/etc.? Nah.

    With all of that said, it is absolutely hands down unacceptable in my opinion to smoke around babies or small children because they can’t tell you no, they can’t get away from it, and they are developing and this is obviously going to affect that. On that same thought–I do think it’s unacceptable to constantly feed children fatty, junky foods and to not encourage them to be active. I’m not saying the kid can never have a happy meal or a cookie, but healthy habits start early. When they are adults and want to choose to smoke, or want to choose to eat fatty foods or not exercise, that’s fine and that’s their right. But until they are old enough to decide what they feel is right for them (in all aspects of their life), isn’t it the parents’ job to make sure the child is as healthy as possible?

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    Here’s the issue, for those saying it should be illegal, where does it stop!? 

    I smoke **gasp** ( cue flame throwing ), and I have a child. Actually my husband and I both smoke. It’s not something I’m proud of at all, but it’s a bad habit that is very hard to quit. 

    We have never smoked in our home, and neither of us smokes in out car (with or without anyone else in there with us). We just don’t smoke in those places.

    in Ontario, it’s illegal to smoke in a car with a child, as well as most pulic (enclosed) establishments. I also believe they just made it illegal to smoke near a public playground. I agree with all these laws, I don’t think anyone needs to be smoking in any of those places anyways. 

    But, even having said that.. There are times when my son has been “near” me while I’ve had A smoke. For example, if we are sitting in our backyards, we will have a smoke in the back of the yard and be will be playing in the front, It’s probably 20 feet away. Or say we are on a road trip, we will stop at a rest stop and have a smoke and stretch our legs while our son is maybe 5-10 feet away. 

    its not perfect, but we smoke and we have a child, we do our best to make sure he’s not exposed, but he certainly knows what we are doing (and doesn’t like it) and he can see us do it sometimes.

    i also recognize that smoking is “nasty” and “stupid” but unless you’ve been a smoker and have successfully quit, you don’t know how hard it is to stop. 

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    My BFF has severe asthma while my sister-in-law gets bronchitis aboaut 4-6 times a year.  Both of their mothers smoked around them as babies and as kids.  Neither one has ever smoked.  What a miserable way to live and to think their mothers caused these lifelong and life-threatening problems.  

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    I think it’s unacceptable, inconsiderate, selfish, and disgusting. I would never say anything to anyone doing it (unless it was a family member smoking around my child), but I get so frustrated seeing people smoking around kids, especially in enclosed spaces.

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    @Summer_Rose:  +100000000

    I work in around RT’s and my job is closely related to RT. It blows my mind. 

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    It’s actually illegal to smoke around kids in some counties in CA – it is considered child abuse. Hopefully that’ll gain more nationwide traction.

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    I’m in the category of old enough to remember a time that more adults smoked than didn’t, so I know my viewpoint is different than some younger bees.  I do think that cigarette smoke is unpleasant and can be harmful, but I think that random smoking in the vicinity of children is not a crisis or a criminal act.   That courts and police have more important things to worry about than smoking.  

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    I don’t see it that much where I live but I think it’s unacceptable. I’m a smoker and I won’t smoke around adults who don’t smoke because it’s just a courteous thing to do. I also don’t really smoke anywhere other than outside my own home and sometimes in my car if I’m driving a long way.


    Just because I smoke doesn’t mean everyone else wants to be around it. 


    I have known people that smoke around kids (as in baby in one hand and cigarette in the other) and it pisses me off. We chose to start smoking, the kids didn’t. 


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    @Missbliss:  I have to disagree here. Have you seen the chemical compositions of cigarettes or the stats on secondhand smoke health issues and death?

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